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  1. Are they? I'm trying to get back into the "meta" of Armada and when I left, MSU (multiple small units as in multiple ships with no squadrons) was dominating (mainly Gladiators and Raiders maybe with a Vic or ISD) Is it just because there are more of them? Seriously, can you and CaribbeanNinja help me out and show me where this is the case? Okay, the game favoring squadrons because of certain upgrade cards and newer squadrons I can understand, but now it's "unbalanced in favor of large squadrons"? What touranments and events have these new shenanigans made appearances at and gone undefeated (or close to it) at? Basically since MiniRanker stopped getting updates, I have *no idea* where to get info and insight into the meta for each wave and what's currently considered good in Armada (especially with the release now of Wave V). I just don't believe it at all since when I stopped playing it was widely considered useless to take anything other than MANY Imp ships and no squadrons. Any input would be appreciated. Basically I'm asking the same question as OP lol.
  2. I know it's not all that useful of a response, but it's all we've got. Sweet! Thanks!
  3. Nah, wasn't me, it's a friend who just replied to my tournament post saying "I won't be able to make it until round 2." While I do appreciate the heads up, it always irks me that people are like this. I know they want to play, so then why not try to find the time for it? Or, why try to inconvenience people just because you can't make it? If it were me in his shoes (which I've been there hence why I'm saying this), I would just bow out of the event. Hell, when I'm running a non-official, very small and friendly event in any game, I usually step out of it altogether if there's an odd number of people just so that it becomes even again and so that no one gets a bye (obviously as an organizer, for official events I do NOT participate in them as a player since it's pretty much illegal with most other games/companies).
  4. There is a lot of text above, I was just condensing and summarizing for anyone else wandering into this thread. I mean, it was only like a 2 and a half minute read. Someone's gotta be REALLY lazy to need a summary of a single-page thread lol. [Oops! 2nd page now!] But hey, thanks I guess.
  5. Yep, we had already discussed this and it was brought to my attention above. Thanks though!
  6. Thanks for the chat. I think that Bye to their potential opponent is the best way to go, with a 2-8 loss being better than zero for the round for the person who was late.
  7. Jesus, yeah I mean if the player who is physically there agrees to it, that's on them. I mean if a player was just straight up late to a game or a round because of traffic, or whatever (nothing deathly serious), I would be extremely disgruntled with someone telling me I get a "draw" for that round when I was there, ready to play. No other organized play environment I've seen supports that either; it's usually a game loss for the person who's missing (and potentially further action depending on what those circumstances were, and what their attitude is, just like you said) and a bye-equivalent for the person who's there, prepared, patient, and waiting. But back to the topic at hand, knowing this player is going to be absent but the rest of the players will be there on-time, ready to start, should I just give his scheduled opponent a bye for that first round (which counts as a win, and most tournaments do something similar), and give him zero points for not being there on time, or what?
  8. Well that's dumb. Almost every other competently organized event has detailed rules from the parent company on precisely when and where to issue penalties for whatever reasons, and how severe they should be, etc. Sigh. Right, agreed. So, if I post something about hosting a tournament using one of the official tournament kits, and a player says ahead of time "Hey I can't make it until at least [the start of round 2]," how does FFG want that handled? What is the most fair and appropriate response/penalty for that player since everyone else will be there on time and that player entering after the first round totally jacks up pairings, etc? For this specific part, while that is certainly your prerogative in your events, I could never ever in good conscience give a player who was present a Draw and give the player who was late, even for circumstances out of their control, the same score. As the player who was there and waiting, my personal response (while of course understanding that things just happen sometimes) would be "absolutely not."
  9. I cannot for the life of me find in any of the organized play documents for Armada (or any FFG game for that matter) that explains what happens when a player is late to a game, or even misses a whole round. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  10. Just remember that any defending units destroyed by the attacker still get to fire back that combat round before they are cleared off the board. So conceptually the units attack simultaneously but the dice are not rolled simultaneously. Thanks. Yeah, it's apparent we need to re-read the rules in full now.
  11. Apologies, looks like I completely missed that part. Just checked the learn to play booklet (and last night was our first game FYI), and yeah it says as the attacker, I do my first attack first, then my opponent does their attack back, then back and forth, etc. (and of course there's options to retreat IIRC, and then there's ground combat, etc.). We didn't know. Looks like we have some more rules to go through, and thus that would completely negate the purpose of this topic if you were never rolling simultaneously (unless someone just *really* liked rolling digitally instead of rolling the actual dice). Sigh. :/ Looks like it makes attacking and getting that first attack off pretty powerful.
  12. For some it's easy to remember what they rolled. For others, we'd like to leave the dice out to see how many X symbols we have left to use. We prefer rolling simultaneously. It's easier. It would make sense to have the dice in the app for us, and I can't imagine no one else wants it or that it wouldn't be easy to add.
  13. But, again, since you and your opponent have to reference how many symbols you rolled in a battle (to see if you need to use any of the X icons for the tactics cards), why should you not have more than 10 even if the rules said you can't throw more than 10 dice?
  14. All of their other games require at least two core sets worth of dice, so they sell individual dice packs for those games. The app is an alternative to the dice pack. This game doesn't require a dice pack (unless you reeeealy want simultaneous rolling on missions with 6+ per side). This is my point. My wife and I played last night and it was mildly annoying to not have 20 dice in front of us for the simultaneous rolls in combat considering you are supposed to leave the dice rolls out and use the symbols to activate the abilities on the ground/space tactics cards. All of their other games require at least two core sets worth of dice, so they sell individual dice packs for those games. The app is an alternative to the dice pack. This game doesn't require a dice pack (unless you reeeealy want simultaneous rolling on missions with 6+ per side). Isn't five dice the maximum you're supposed to ever roll? I'm personally not a fan of dice apps, when real dice are easily available. They just don't feel right. (YMMY, of course.) Turns out, you're right "COMPONENT LIMITATIONS If players run out of a component type during the game, they should obey the following rules: Dice: Each player can roll a maximum of five black dice and five red dice in each mission or attack.". However, see my above comment (simultaneous rolling is annoying with only one set during a big battle). Thanks. I don't see why people have to rain their tangible dice on my digital parade. I like rolling both physically and digitally, and if we had the dice in the app, I could roll simultaneously with my opponent to make things easier. It doesn't. See my comments above in this post.
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