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  1. I have been thinking about using one of the Sabol ArmyTransport bags. The pluck foam would make it rather customizable, and by removing more of the pluck squares, you could expand the storage as needed. It is just a matter of getting an appropriate size bag and the correct depth trays. I need to make a few measurements to make sure the boards and large cards will fit in the side pockets.

  2. I did roughly the same thing with my group. Hit points are always 2x toughness bonus + d5 + origin bonus. Doing some quick math revealed that the sound constitution talents are still far more economical to upgrade then toughness even for the classes with cheap toughness bonuses. The reason I did this was so that a character with 39 toughness isn't penalized so badly for being 1 point short of 40.

  3. The "Forsaken Bounty" adventure briefly covers gun cutters. There are many variations as they don't represent a single ship. The one in "Forsaken Bounty" is crewed by 1-2 pilots, 1-2 gunners, and and engineer. It can carry 30 passengers and is armed with "several weapons systems". For the drawing it looks to be about 15 meters long and armed with to small caliber gattling style guns, one large caliber gattling gun and one twin-linked heavy stubber, but you can make your own judgements.

  4. My goal was to encourage the players not to use fate points. I see your point though that using fate points can allow them to perform some impressive things that may otherwise be missed. My party has so far used FP mostly for healing which isn't all that interesting. To be fair though, in most of the cases they needed more healing because they had failed another test which lead to their predicament. Perhaps they just need to think about the consequences of failing a pilot (spacecraft) by 5 degrees and re-roll that.

  5. That's what the second part was for, so that players with fewer fate points aren't at a disadvantage. Technically the whole group may lose some experience if one character has used all their fate points, but that doesn't really matter as the group is still equal and encounters are scaled to the group. Plus it will add some motivation for teamwork to keep that from happening.

  6. I am thinking about adding a rule that allows players to trade unused fate points at the end of a session for experience. It would work something like this:

    At the end of a session, when experience rewards are being given the players may trade one or more fate points for 50 experience each. If this is done all players must trade in the same number of fate points.

    This rule would be to encourage the players to try and save fate points. It would reward a party who was particularly clever in achieving their goals. The second part is so that players with fewer fate points are not penalised by having less opportunities for experience. What do think of this rule?

  7. I could see most ships carrying 2-4 guncutters, 2-4 lighters, and 1-2 large transports (cruisers would have a bit more). The large transports are slow, lightly armored, and bulky making them a death trap if you ever wanted to land one in a combat situation but can carry a lot of cargo or about 200 men. A lighter bay would carry maybe 30 or 40 lighters. They are much more maneuverable due to their small size and powerful engines, and therefore may be able to land under light fire. A single wave of these could transport 600 troops + equipment making it actually useful in an attack.

  8. The hand weapons of Stargate are similar in scale to RT weapons. Maybe not the top tier RT weapons but the rest can be matched. Ships are on a completely different scale though. Consider that most human ships have a crew of around 200 while even RT raiders have 20K+ crew. Small RT ships may match up with the largest Stargate ships. Perhaps Ori motherships would be a bit smaller than raiders and may match up. Somethings from Stargate, such as replicators, could provide a challenge to any party.

  9. I like your solution and explanation. Murder servitors are very simple minded and single purpose. Bringing one with you runs the risk of it going crazy and trying to kill everyone. Only with someone trained in tech-use and capable of speaking in machine giving it orders will prevent this. Basically useless and a hassle unless in a combat situation where you can unleash it and enjoy the fun.

  10. You could have some component break down on their ship. Luckily they are near a space hulk where they may be able to scavenge up a part. Next comes then fun part where they begin to explore the dark halls of the space ship. They begin to hear sounds and see movement out of the corner of their eyes. They finally find the part they need. Their suspicions that they are not alone are confirmed when they are then attacked by several gaunts. As they haul the  (preferably heavy) component back to their ship the Tyranid attacks get more ferocious. Just as they get back to the ship waves and waves of Tyranids start pouring out. They have to hold them off for a short period of time for whatever reason you come up with (probably with some help from the crew and heavy weapons). As they attempt to fly away several bio-ships may break off the space hulk and engage them. Have fun.

  11. Thanks for the responses. I like that explanation that unless you have a specific component, you can only do a task on a party scale. Perhaps "Into the Storm" will cover some of the details of vehicles.

  12. I have several questions regarding smaller ships in Rogue Trader. What types of smaller ships do RT vessels carry and in what number? Obviously a lighter bay carries lighters but how many? Ships without lighter bays must carry some small craft to get to and from planets and transport goods. Lexicanum has an article on lighters but doesn't say how much they can transport. I'd assume it is the equivalent of about a modern cargo container. What about gun-cutters? How big are they and what armaments do they carry? Kind of a lot of questions, but this is an area that doesn't have much information in the books yet can be very important in game play.

  13. I thought it specifically said in the book NPCs don't get Righteous Fury but I can't seem to find it again. You can of course play however you want but remember, adding randomness almost always hurts the players. Each NPC only suffers a few attacks before they die but the players get attacked thousands of times so even if there is only a small chance of getting extra damage, the players will get hit with it many times.

  14. You lose one population point and one morale point for each point of hull damage taken. It's on page 221, left column, last paragraph before the example.

    Edit: The long journey penalties are on page 227 under "The Deep Void Run" essentially you lose 2 morale for each month spent without resupply beyond 6 plus som misfortune, of which several examples are given.

  15. So here is the situation so far. With my players ship I am giving them a skilled Navigator because they don't have one in the party. This NPC will be fully fleshed out (I created a full origin path for him) so that he is actually interesting to interact with. The Navigator will rarely be leaving the ship so he wont interfere with most of the players actions. 95% of his job is just to get them safely from point A to B. Anyways, the two most important parts of his origin path are Tainted (deviant philosophy) and Press-Ganged (jealous freedom) and he is from one of the renegade navigator houses.

    His back story goes roughly as followed: At a young age he was captured by the Ecclesiarchy from his navigator house. At the time he was showing signs of his strong navigator potential as well as his mutations (Inhuman Visage, and Unnatural Presence). He became a subject  of study for several years, essentially tortured by the priests. The priests gave up on learning any more from him and were planning to kill him when a rogue trader came by and requested the release of the navigator into his custody. The navigator learned under the rogue trader and his crew for several years and is now being given to my players. He has sworn vengence on the priests that captured him and hates the Ecclesiarcy in general for allowing such events to occur.

    This is where the fun begins. On of the players is a Missionary (although he is currently at odds with the Ecclesiarchy to some extent). Besides the obvious hostile attitude towards the Missionary player I am looking for some other ways in which to bring his background into the adventure. Ideas are appreciated.

  16. The description for the Special Use: First Aid does not mention any sort of limit on Medicae tests. Can you keep using it until the character is fully healed? Can you use it ounce per day on a character? Can you only use it once per injury? I (and my group, I'm the GM) aren't fans of how slowly people heal so I may house rule this a bit differently, but I would like know how it is supposed to work.

  17. I am considering adding a sort of very weak version of righteous fury to NPCs. If they role a 10 on the damage dice, the character hit makes a toughness test (+0). If they fail they take a minimum of 1 damage. This is to represent the attack hitting some weak point in the armor/character. This will rarely do much other than when a very large number of grunts are full autoing into a heavily armored character and it wont affect anyone who has less than 10 + other damage bonuses in damage reduction.

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