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  1. MaxieTPB

    You asked for it....

    Very nice - I'll definitely get one when it's available.
  2. MaxieTPB

    Tabletop Rumours

    Aren't the Tabletop rules going to be a free supplement for Dust Tactics? If so, will it really have that big an impact? Truthfully, and I love tabletop minis games, but I just want more 3D terrain and more figures to play with and I'll be happy to play Dust Tactics on the boards.
  3. MaxieTPB

    The Ludwig and a Question about knife fighting

    The MCWs are Medium Combat Walkers, so Pounder is equivalent to a Sherman Firefly. I hope we see Heavy and Light combat walkers eventually.
  4. MaxieTPB

    The Ludwig and a Question about knife fighting

    Has anyone tried doubling Ludwig's point cost and then using 14 attack dice? I'm curious as to what might happen.
  5. I really enjoyed reading your review, thank you for the work you put in on it. I'm so looking forwards to playing Dust Tactics, my set will be here tomorrow!
  6. MaxieTPB


    Excellent work on all of these! I like your walker with Sigrid in the hatch, and the pea-dot camo you did on your soldiers is superb. I hope my soldiers turn out half as nice as yours. My set will be here tomorrow!
  7. MaxieTPB

    German warehouse in the Antarctica

    Very cool indeed! I'm getting all kinds of ideas and inspiration from this - thank you!
  8. I'm a new player too. I just ordered ToI and the Designer's book - be here Wednesday! - and will buy Normandy and DotF next month. How important is it to get the Map pack?
  9. MaxieTPB

    Save me

    I know what you mean, but I'm definitely buying this one - I think Dust Tactics may finally turn my best friend into a wargamer!
  10. The painted figures look great - you've inspired me to paint mine! Thanks for the vinegar tip,too.