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  1. Do you guys still get together at Between Books I live about 40 minutes away.
  2. If you mill someones entire deck is the game immediatly over or do you finnish the round?
  3. Hello All, Looking to enter into the world of Westeros in orginized play. Live in the Chester County area in PA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Githanas
  4. If you are just using cards from the living card game I can see your point but I have been playing this game for a long time and take it from me you need it. Also I was thinking the basic locations fallow fields, roseroad, searoad, etc. Then throw in some old rares to make it exciting. Right now it might seem boring but when you have over ten decks it will not.
  5. What does everyone think about releasing a location chapter pack. I think it would help with deck building a lot.
  6. Yes and no. Some of the old mechanics don't work with the new. Most of my decks are a mix of old and new. Some old cards are rather powerful and for awhile I was playing new cards against someone who played with just old cards and it was not fun. If you are thinking of getting old sets search for a card database and figure out what you want to get. If you are thinking about playing in tournaments make sure to remember that a lot of the old cards are not legal but you can always play highlander in legacy.
  7. Do you have a decklist? I would like to see what you decided on.
  8. I tried but to no success. You are definitly going to need to find a balance. Your right about it being exspensive. I don't know what you play more joust or melee but I usually play joust and it just didn't work. It might work better if you play melee. Honestly I think that the mechanic is horrible anyway. Well, wish I could help you but good luck anyway.
  9. I actually don't have either of those plot cards. My buddy has pentoshi. I will keep that in mind.
  10. I built a Targ Legacy deck recently and included Baelerion. I actually got him out the second turn if I remember correctly. I almost won the game but my buddy was not playing the highlander format so he did have an advantage. It seemed to work out pretty well and I think that I will keep the deck and continue to work on it with the release of new cards. Its seems to me that ffg is just re-releasing old cards anyway with new artwork. Hoping to see new dragon cards with the new chapter packs.
  11. I run all house dayne characters except one. Areo Hotah. What I do is run a lot of locations that take away the icons and event cards that do the same. It works pretty well. Very annoying if your friends deck is house stark and he cannot attack you ( I guess annoying for any deck). Especially if he has the old Rob card where if he is in a military challenge he automatically wins that challenge.
  12. Rob actually answers this question in the rule clarifications section of this forum. Order x leadership cards are order up to minimum 1.
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