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  1. Ignore the "I intend" at the end of my last post. I meant to write more but posted it before I completed the sentence.
  2. TehNuffster said: SC_Andy said: The thing is that they're playing Radicals, even the Grey Knight. Every PC seems to be having some issues withing, such as failing faith. Now, I don't have any issues with this but they just polished off a Herald of Slaanesh in one round - having 4 players with psychic abilities, as they are allowed to take Sorcery powers. Fortunately, I have something of a greater challenge (esp to the psykers) and I'm not sure to spring it on them in the next session. I had planned for them to come into the story when they have done sufficient investigation. Unfortunately, they happen to be a big fan of 'Tell us/do as we say or we torture you', even after they frighten the plebs with psychic powers. Any suggestions on how to make the fight last longer than just one or two rounds, short of flinging untouchable extra tough & high damaging titans. Thanks. Andy You're guy/girl is playing the Grey Knight radical? So, he's not doing what he's meant to be doing in killing everyone for even thinking about dabbling in sorcery? Grey Knights CANNOT. BE. RADICAL. it literally goes against everythingt hey are and everything they stand for. You must punish this player for his/her poor roleplaying skills by sending a squad of his order to murder everything in a 20 mile radius. If one of my players tried such cheek I'd ***** slap them so hard the handprint would never leave thier face. The Grey Knight is not exactly a radical but more about having a slight faith issue / or with his order's creeds - one or the other (at least that's what he described his char). The players are, however, can be described as power players. I heard from one of my players (who's GM'ing in another game with the same players) that they took on 2 daemon princes and won, and they're not even Ascension-level. In fact, the way they're playing, they tend to skip/ignore the less battle-side of the campaign ie. political, social aspects. I intend
  3. The thing is that they're playing Radicals, even the Grey Knight. Every PC seems to be having some issues withing, such as failing faith. Now, I don't have any issues with this but they just polished off a Herald of Slaanesh in one round - having 4 players with psychic abilities, as they are allowed to take Sorcery powers. Fortunately, I have something of a greater challenge (esp to the psykers) and I'm not sure to spring it on them in the next session. I had planned for them to come into the story when they have done sufficient investigation. Unfortunately, they happen to be a big fan of 'Tell us/do as we say or we torture you', even after they frighten the plebs with psychic powers. Any suggestions on how to make the fight last longer than just one or two rounds, short of flinging untouchable extra tough & high damaging titans. Thanks. Andy
  4. It's a little late for that since the players have already created their characters and we've had our first session. The players are well-seasoned DH veterans but I'm treating the party as high-level acolytes to make things easier for myself. Unfortunately, most of the PCs have psychic abilities, though only one true Pysker excluding the Gray Knight, and no really talky chars. They shoot first and ask questions later. And their attitudes (the PCs) and actions tend to piss people off. Well, I get to plan the backlash later, which isn't too bad.
  5. The group agreed to be Ascension-level characters. I've never GM'ed Ascension before, so I'm not too sure how to run a campaign with such high-level PCs.
  6. Hi. I am starting a game in a couple of week and the players have agreed to start as acolytes (not Ascension) but one player wants to play a Grey Knight. Any suggestions on how I can fit him in the party and try to equalise the power levels? Thanks.
  7. I just took a look at the Tech-Priest talents and I believe what my player is referring to is "The Rite of Pure Thought", where the tech-priest with this talent is immune to fear, pinning and emotions. However, as this is a level 8 advancement and the last time I checked, the players are not at level 8 - they are at most level 5 or 6, I wondered how he got this. And, no, I did not permit him to get this as an elite advance. He didn't even ask me. The thing is, this player does not show any respect for me as a GM and tends to do things, like getting this implant, without consulting me. Assuming I let him keep this implant, is there any way for me as GM to introduce a situation where he might be affected by insanity & corruption (without a fear test), in effect by-passing the immunities of the implant? At the moment, the players have just encountered a logi-daemon-possessed tech-priest, though they don't know it yet. I might use this as an excuse for them to test for insanity/corruption, and I want to include the tech-priest. Thanks. Andy.
  8. Hi. I would like to know if there are separate rules regarding fear, insanity and corruption for tech-priests. I am only asking because I have a player who is playing a tech-priest with left-half of his brain replaced by bionics and he says that it has been "Emperor-blessed". Every time, I ask the players to roll for a fear test, he says "Tech-Priest", meaning he's got cybernetics & half-bionic brain (I really didn't know about his half-bionic brain until recently) and is immune to fear. So, from my understanding, he says he's immune to fear, insanity and corruption. Also, he's been replacing body parts with cybernetics & bionic versions. Should I make him roll to see if he gets the replacement (as if buying equipment, armor or weapon)? I'm actually getting a little annoyed because he keeps on saying "Tech-Priest", whether I get them to roll a fear test or not. The thing is that he knows more about the 40K universe than I do, so every time he power-plays (that's the word), I just have to take his word for it. However, I have my doubts on certain things he says, especially about the fear & insanity issue. I also think that he shouldn't be immune to corruption, just because he has an "Emperor-blessed" half-brain. Do "Emperor-blessed" body parts, artificial or otherwise, exist in 40K? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. Andy
  9. The player has admitted to cheating in the previous campaign and says he's stopped in this campaign. The ex-player only came for one session, didn't like what he saw and just didn't turn up anymore. But, I have no reason to doubt his credability. In any case, I've already canned the RT campaign as I felt it wasn't leading anywhere and it was getting ridiculous on the amount of 'railroading' I had to do just to bring them back to the campaign and I have a feeling the other players didn't like it, too - I'm starting a new DH campaign. As for the 'cross-gender' issue, this player has been playing female characters since the first DH campaign - he was a female psyker in that one. Just don't ask me why he plays female characters cuz I don't know. For this new campaign, which should start this week, he's playing an Adepta Sororita. As for discouraging cheating, I might ask all players to roll their dice towards to the middle of the table. There is another player, the annoying kid, that is being a little difficult in terms of rolling dice. He has a 'tens' (percentile dice) and a 'units' (d10) dice and insists that the 'tens' die is his 'units' die, and vice-versa. Should I tell him that what ever he rolls is what he got, or just ignore it and let him keep this order? I'm actually fine with this, it's just that this player has a history of changing which die is his 'tens' and which is his 'units' after he makes his rolls.
  10. Bilateralrope said: 1 - Did you have him roleplay how all these cameras were acquired ? Does the RT know enough about technology to install them and the systems required to monitor them ? What do the ships Techpriests think about this ? If this was done without asking them, you could be looking at tech-heresy simply because that isn't an approved modification to the scared designs of the armour. Good luck repairing damage if the ad-mech refuse to help, assuming that they don't just kill the RT. [ /QUOTE] Nope. I didn't know about it until after the items were acquired. I should have null & voided the modifications when he first mentioned it as he didn't at the start. But I don't wish to be a joy-killer, so I let it go. Bilateralrope said: 2 - Are the scanners aboard the ship that detailed ? 3 - Was it an Imperium world or not ? If it was, then trying to destroy it without an order from the Inquisition would be a bad idea. By bad idea you are looking at being marked as a traitor to the imperium, meaning that it could cause the entire dynasty to be purged (at the very least the RT's life is forfeit). Though the Inquisitor may decide to keep this secret until there is a reason to use blackmail. If it wasn't, then the RT is free to do whatever they like. Have a read through chapter XII of the core rulebook. Basically when they are outside the Imperiums borders, unless they move against the Imperium or break a condition of the warrant of trade, they are only outranked by The Emperor himself. Just remember that this is the official stance, the reality is a lot more complex. (2) I don't believe so. The ship is an average frigate with normal scanners. (3) It was a hive world with an inquisition bureau Bilateralrope said: 4 - Assaulting a navigator like that has major complications: - The Inquisition, if they hear about it, will want to know why she tried to aid that unknown entity by trying to kill everyone except the navigator. - By going for the navigators eye, she risks making the navigator unable to navigate the warp. Good luck getting anywhere. - The navigators house might not stand for that kind of mistreatment. Since they would supply all the navigators to the dynasty, and navigators are essential for warp travel, having them refuse to supply navigators be very bad. As for the command to kill everyone on the ship, there is no way that the ships techpriests would allow that to be installed. As for cheating on dice rolls, make all your players roll their dice in clear view of everyone. The RT has been at odds with the Navigator, who has been annoying everyone, both in character & out. Considering that the one playing the navigator is a 16-yr old and the others are 18 & above. Not that I'm dissing 16 yr olds, since I have players of the same age in my other games, and I (and the other players) have no problems with them. As I think about it, the RT has installed a stealth field & a time stasis field. I allowed the stealth field as part of their desire to stay hidden from enemy ships but I don't remember the time stasis field (and how the RT happened to get it). I think I'm being too nice and he's (the player) being ridiculous by having equipment/stuff on the ship that goes beyond what's in the core book, and role-playing in the same manner, and has been taking advantage of this. The RT has all the fields active at the same time. My knowledge of the 40k universe is still at a basic level, so if I had known, I wouldn't have tolerated all those inane requests. She has kept the inquisitor 'locked' in the time-stasis field for her to do research on information on some data-slates and intends to continue to keep the inquisitor within the confines of the field. I'm not going to allow this, and this wouldn't put the RT on the good side of the inquisitor (and the inquisition). But I plan to have something drastic happen to her and her crew, like being chased down by the tech-priests for tech-heresy, or something less direct. Equipment can overload & fail. There's no way I'm letting her keep this ship. I getting tired of all the nonsense he's being trying to pull off. As for dice rolls, I'm going to make them roll their dice towards the middle of the table, so I can actually see the rolls myself (and to discourage cheating). I hate to do this but I don't trust this particular player in terms of dice rolling.
  11. Hi. I've been running a rogue trader game for some time now, and I'm quite new to RT myself. I'm enjoying GM'ing, except for one little issue I'm having, and it's nothing to do with the campaign. Among the few players I have, there is one that is proving to be difficult. He's playing a female rogue trader who is ultra-paranoid and xeno-phobic. I've nothing against his character having these traits and at first, I found these traits to be an interesting addition to spice up the campaign. But, lately, I find that he's using the paranoia issue to try to do what can be called dumb acts. Before anyone should accuse me of being 'picky' and Ihat 'I should let him do whatever he wants with his character', let me point out some of the stuff he's done in character: (1) Installing spy-cams on all issued armor (except her own), including on the PC arch-militant's. Is it really possible to install them on armor? (2) Have complete scans on everything, including whole scans of planets, people who come on board her (he's playing a female character) ship. I'm actually quite okay with this as it fits in with his character but I want to know how much is too much, in terms of game rules regarding scanning. (3) Almost destroying a planet over-run with xenos, and probably would have if not for the inquisitor she had on board telling her that it's not up to her to do so - there's protocol to be followed. (4) The latest (and most prossibly his dumbest idea yet): After one of the PC's (the navigator) had been possessed by a powerful but unknown entity - he tried to open his warp eye on all in the room at the time, including the rogue trader, but failed. Her attempts in killing off the navigator failed, Her final attempt was to issue a command to caused everything on the ship to malfunction and then, explode, causing everyone to die on the ship. But, I just couldn't let her go through with what I believe is an inane plan. Normally, I don't approve of rail-roading, and try not do do it myself as I am usually patient with my players and let them do (mostly) whatever they want, within reason, of course. But, lately, I find that my patience is wearing thin with regards to my RT game and this player. I'm also running two other games, a DnD one & a DH one, and I don't have any of the same issue I'm experiencing here, in either of the other games. Also, I also found out that he has cheated on his dice rolls from an ex-player (from the previous campaign) and I'm worried of how much he cheats in this one. His brother is also playing and he's nothing like him. Any advice or suggestions, or thoughts? I feel sometimes that I'm losing control of the campaign (and the game), and that I have the urge to 'rail-road' (a little) in order to regain control.
  12. Hi. I'm having some trouble with thinking of fresh ideas for my campaign. Basically, I know what it's about but I think I need some ideas/suggestions on how I can flesh this out, It's my first rogue trader campaign and I've been playing in another rogue trader game for about 5 sessions, so I don't have much experience with Rogue Trader. I've been playing Dark Heresy for more than a year. Here's the roundup so far: The whole campaign is based on a bunch of xenophiles and xenos waiting and planning for the return of an ancient xenos deity andf the explorers got themselves involved by agreeing to ferry some of the inquisition's acolytes to an unclassified planet where the cultists were seen heading to. They've already discovered xenos cultists in their crew and got them arrested. Needless to say, the cultists (on the planet) knew who the acolytes were and their purpose and had them in custody..I don't want to go into detail on what happened next. Let's say that it invloved a very, exciting space-ship chase. Anyway, they managed to escape and are currently on a hive planet, getting their ship modified. I'd like to point out that the Rogue Trader is very paranoid. So far, I've had about three space combat encounters (and we're about 4 sessions in) and no ground combat. I don't want to have all or most of the combat in space. I'd rather have limited space battles. Oh, the explorer's ship has a teleportatrium, so they can teleport out of trouble in a hurry (I don't want to have them use it all the time). Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andy
  13. H.B.M.C. said: Leave halfway through a session? What happened? And my 'That Guy', as some have started calling him now, did say that he had almost walked out during a number of sessions. This is interesting as he gave no indications of this whatsoever, and the rest of the group are considerably unimpressed by him right now, especially as he chose to tell no one but me. BYE Nothing. The RT team, including his arch-militant PC, was enroute to pick up another arch-militant (PC). I was asking the navigator to roll for navigation tests when he (the player) just picked up his stuff and said "I'm not playing." and left the gaming table. He went over to another table where there was another RP game going on. I must admit some of the other players were a tad too noisy and I had to speak over their heads to be heard and the only exciting thing at that point was a space battle with an Eye of the Abyss inside the Warp. It wasn't very exciting, and the navigator's poor rolls kept getting them lost/thrown off-course. . This is the first time that I have a player quit half-way through a session. But, I let it be. Fortunately, the other players in my game aren't like that. They weren't impressed with him, either. And it was quite sudden, too.
  14. Players come, players go. That's a fact of life. There's no point in trying to bring the resigning player back. If there's one thing I've learnt from my (fairly short) DM/GM experience is that when a player leaves, there's always another that takes his/her place. I've had players leaving and new ones joining in my current DnD campaign (it's a massive campaign in three parts) such that there's no PC's left that originally started on it. One player who recently left, wrote a fairly polite PM via a forum (not this one) that he didn't want to come in anymore. At least, it wasn't 5000 words long. Back to DH/RT, I had a new player leave halfway in the first session (of a new campaign) and his first session - I am currently running Rogue Trader. My last campaign was Dark Heresy.
  15. Well, I gave them a choice of either a Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader campaign, and they voted for Rogue Trader. I don't think I want to bother too much about equalizing and managing character classes from both sets. So, I'm going to run a purely Rogue Trader campaign for now. However, I may be able to use some (or all) the suggestions (thanks to all who commented & gave suggestions) for my planned Dark Heresy homebrew campaign, if I can get it off the ground (and get players).
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