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  1. Lack of as many token stacks. Change to evade and reinforce mechanics. Those are the big ones. Basically you can push damage through in the early game by volume of attacks.
  2. FGNRayJ


    We might expect to see generic bombers lose one missile slot. You have a ton of points to fit Jonus + 4 generics, so points adjustments don't look like they'll have much impact.
  3. I was kind of hoping my Imperials would be able to use those upgrades without chasing the other faction ships from first edition. I'll bite the bullet and get them, but it's a little disappointing.
  4. They also didn't include any bomb/mine tokens in the conversion kits
  5. Quality game related goodness for 18 years. Keep up the great work
  6. I don't think it's been mentioned as to why FFG has included these new systems to rely less on errata. Every change they make to the game that results in printed values being different has to be approved by LFL. This means arguing a case to non-gamers and a much more involved workflow. The changes to points and upgrades no longer being printed was done to solve this situation just as much as it is to keep older ships relevant as new things come out. This was mentioned in the original press release for second edition, I think.
  7. If they build it as a progressive web app, the card database could potentially be made available offline. It can also be supplied with a home button deployment for mobile devices, so that the web app runs in a browser with no url bar, making it function just like a native mobile app.
  8. I'm hoping 2-3 interceptors and 2 phantoms will be viable. Definitely want to run Soontir, but every interceptors will play more like him in 2E. I love arc dodging.
  9. I'm very disappointed we don't get generics to match dials on a couple of ships. This won't affect me personally as much, at least on rebels. I can definitely feel for others who were looking to run lots of Z's or need to pair unique pilots on ships. Maybe we're gonna get lucky and it'll be pilots on multiple ships get opposite sides of a ship base. That would free up some ability to run mutiple uniques with less overlap in some cases. Probably won't work out for all ship types. While disappointed, I'm not upset. The value on these kits is still great.
  10. The picture from the rebel leaks shows that the cardboard for the wave 1 content is not part of the totals for the conversion kits. How does the math line up if you don't have to account for the X-Wing and Y-Wing cardboard?
  11. The A-Wing ability comes from the 2.0 challenge matches commentary. You can watch those games on FFG's twitch stream. We weren't shown a picture, just told what it does.
  12. That's backwards. A-Wing can red boost after any action (with barrel roll on it's action bar), so it can barrel then boost, but not the other way around.
  13. FGNRayJ

    Soontir Fel

    In a world where they can dodge turrets and action bombs don't exist, Interceptors are great, even at similar costs to current. It's a ship that's going to rely on the player flying extremely well, and I think that's ok. Let's not forget they basically get a second EPT and possibly a second mod in relation to how they operate in 1.0.
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