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  1. I'm actually based in Singapore where we have a fairly regular group of players, but I do travel to Manila quite often for business. Where do you buy your cards from and are there any stores where you would play? I'm always happy to pop by and play a game or two in the evening after office hours, provided its near the EDSA neighbourhood (I'm most familiar with the area around SM Megamall). If I recall, Neutral Grounds used to support the AGOT CCG but I didn't know anyone played the LCG in the Philippines. That was the place I got a couple of boxes of Sea of Storms back in the day…
  2. "Fewer but more important". Absolutely agree. Having played several games with constructed decks out of 2 core sets, I will say that deckbuilding becomes more important on a macro level since every choice has 6-cards' worth of significance (10% of a deck). A poor choice means an inefficient objective and 5 dead cards in hand which do not interact well with the other cards. A more well thought-out deck will also consider uses for what may be deemed sub-par cards, whether they be for Edge battles or to support a secondary theme in the overall strategy. I'm already starting to sense a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock hierarchy in the way the various factions engage with each other and when you throw in the neutral pods, there is actually a tremendous amount of variation between various builds, which did not seem apparent to my play group initially. Some tools are great against certain decks, but may be useless against others but you'd still want to pack it in there to be safe. But that means you'd have to take everything else in that pod. So knowing your meta and what's available to the other side becomes more important, since you don't have such a flexible approach to dealing with all possible threats.
  3. Adding a second core set will greatly improve the experience (although we really enjoyed the core set decks as well!). For the Jedi, Luke Skywalker is a monster and is amazing with a Lightsaber and two Trust Your Feelings dropped on him. In one game, he managed to wipe out my entire defensive force of 5 units and 1 undamaged objective in the same turn. His combination of Targeted Strike and being able to remove a Focus token on the DS turn makes him very powerful in attack and defence. Don't always feel as if you need to declare defenders or attackers in every conflict phase. Sometimes, you may want to allow an undefended attack in order to allow your forces to strike back the next turn while the attackers are all focused out. Also, outside of Targeted Strike, units can only damage participating enemy units, so if you see too many blaster icons against you, you may want to just sit out the fight. Also, it's never a bad thing to lose to the wife… Keep playing, present themselves solutions will!
  4. I just want to give props and a shout out to forum member SeismicShock as a nice, honest guy and who really did me a solid with his spare Dust Tactics models. It was a pleasant and easy transaction. Thanks!
  5. @Seismic Shock: I'm interested in getting the Joes (with or without cards is ok), the Sigrid and the Rosie off ya if you're still keen to part with them. Cheers.
  6. The main problem with having prequel-era ships would be that their stats would be poorer than those of the OT. Or at least that's how it would feel more correct to me and be more representative of technology having improved over time. Looking at the way FFG marketed and sold Wings of War, I believe they may simply reissue existing ships with different markings and give us new character cards for what are essentially the same sculpts. Just based on the Battle of Yavin alone, there's at least a pile of Rebel Pilots that have not yet been given their own cards: Red Leader - Garven Dreis *done* Red Two - Wedge Antilles *done* Red Three - Biggs Darklighter *done* Red Four - Jon D. Branon (who replaced Cisi "Doc" Eiriss shortly before Yavin - another character option) Red Five - Luke Skywalker *done* Red Six - Jek Tono Porkins Red Seven - Elyhek Rue Red Eight - Bren Quersley Red Nine - Nozzo Naytaan Red Ten - Theron Nett Red Eleven - Wenton Chan Red Twelve - Puck Naeco Gold Leader - Jon "Dutch" Vander *done* Gold Two - Tiree Gold Three - Ryle Torsyn Gold Four - Lt Lepira Gold Five - Davish "Pops" Krail Gold Six - Hol Okand Gold Seven - Keyan Farlander Then there's the Battle of Endor, with the A-Wing and B-Wing Squadrons too. I can see myself getting at least another 10 X-Wings to properly field Red group/Rogue Squadron and another 11 Y-Wings to complete Gold Squadron. Thanks to Stackpole's books and the X-Wing/TIE Fighter game series, I'd say that there's still some distance left to cover before you could say they'd run out of stuff to release.
  7. *Stands and applauds* Very, very well done! I love how you have managed to bring something new to the SSU forces and to the game (i.e a heavy troop carrier) but at the same time maintain the Soviet walker concept and philosophy of building what are basically big humanoid suits which sport super-thick armor. If you have a go at statting it out, please post for us to see!
  8. Here's my entry. The first of what will be a whole British-themed Allied force. The main concept was a fast-moving, hard-hitting medium walker which epitomised the British cruiser tank approach to armored cavalry, hence the Desert Rat iconography. Recipe includes: Tamiya 1/48 Cromwell (mainly for the turret and bits and bobs) Tamiya 1/48 Jerry Cans and Stowage set Academy 1/144 M113 GW/Citadel IG Sentinel Walker GW/Citadel Epic Emperor Titan Imai Robotech Armored Valkyrie Airfix 1/72 BAe Harrier Bandai 1/100 Victory Dash Gundam Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to replicate this again, LOL! The hatches are only glued down with white glue and I'd made up some crew members but didn't have time to finish them before the deadline. Now that the rush is over, I'm re-basing it and adding the crew members and more stowage in true 7th Armoured Division desert-veteran style. Thanks for the great entries - you've all made me inspired to set about bashing together more kits! And thanks to FFG and Dust Studios for a really fun contest. Next up: the walker version of the Tetrarch to support British paras! Cheers Byron
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