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  1. Thanks! I checked your troopers and that's the look I like more for the troopers. That method you describe is similar to how I painted the eyes (basecoat black / silver layer / actual eye color).
  2. Core Set: Probe Droids Tried to some line highlighting on top of the heads and a tiny bit on the legs.
  3. Thanks! I forgot to wait for the wash to dry, I immediately applied other colors on top of it. I painted three more stormtroopers and let the wash dry for 30minutes before doing some very minor highlights (I re-painted the helmet in white and didn't like the contrast with the body armor). Core Set: Stormtroopers
  4. Hello! I've recently started painting and the Imperial Assault miniatures are my first painting projects. I'm using some cheap brushes from a dollar store and a couple of higher quality from Rosemary and Co (sizes 0/2, 0, 1). All paints are Vallejo Game Color. Miniatures are posted in order of painting: First set: Heavy Stormtroopers from the Twin Shadows expansion Second set: Tusken Raiders from the Twin Shadows expansion: Hero: Biv Bodhrik (Twin Shadows) Hero: Saska Teft (Twin Shadows) Core Set: Stormtroopers Core Set: Royal Guards As you can see, I only do a basecoat of the mini and its details. I currently do not have Nuln Oil and I tried (multiple times) to make my own but that failed (e.g., the Royal Guard with a black/red color). Thanks to Sorastro, 54NCH32, and many others for their color schemes/ideas.
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