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  1. I think a Fallout game in the style of Descent might be rather interesting.
  2. I'm happy to have a good one then, my only issue comes from the case like everyone else the metal case won't keep itself shut to the point I've been tempted to buy a set of small simple hinge locks and padlock to keep it shut. The actual book has done well, no trouble with it, and I've been carying about a fair bit for reading (Without the metal case, **** thing so heavy and the cops asked to search me because my bag was bulging so much they suspected nefarious deeds.)
  3. I love my DW Collectors but no one else gets to come anywhere near it. IF they want to play Space marines in the RT game we have, they can buy their own **** copy. I pay for enough of the books we use as it is.
  4. Oh wow, I thought it hadn't sold well at all because of my number. I have 0044 Space Wolves Dedication!
  5. Honest opinion, cram as many of the Otional rules into the game as possible and grab yourself Shard of the Throne. I know it'snot great to be told tog et the new expansion but I found with the added Preliminary Objective cards, the new extra objectives and using the Replacement 3 and 8 from Shards of the trhone has pushed the game to roll on faster. I personally always hated the 2vp part of n8 which always led to the infuriating situation of everyone having to work together to keep n8 from repeatedly falling into the leading players hand.
  6. I've only ever had 1 game of Twilight imperium actually ruined by the action of another player. And I am part of a group who do a lot of back stabing and spitefull warmongering tactics. The game is still fun because everyone knows it's going to happen. We expect as part and parcell of the game that if we let you just grow your empire and you aren't going after Vp's then he's out to crush your race into the floor. Letting someone else climb up the Track and win the game. The only game that was ever ruined was a game where 3 hours into play one player had decided he wasn't winning and his local region of space was too devoid of resources to be worth playing anymore and actually left the game. Actively telling a person they aren't invited to the game because they can turne into a rogue element seems to actually miss the realism reflected in that type of strategy. If you are playing without the Idea a person could just turn into a rogue element and try all he can to suicide his race against you because he would rather have someone else be declared New head of the Empire it's more about your expectations that aren't matching up. The one reaction that really ticks me off though, is the player who "gives up" because he isn't winning. At least the rogue element is still in the game and playing and affecting things, instead of sitting there bitching he isn't wining can't win and just tools around wasting time complaining about the hours he spent playing this **** game.
  7. I doubt TI needs a 4th edition, the rules don't step all over each other that much, everything works quite well. And if anything I found the game to run faster with all the expansions and variants stuffed into it (Well 80% of them.) While Descent (as mentioned) had this incredible amount of rules that looked sideways at each other and caused conflict at the drop of a card. COnsidering descent was 7 box heavy of cross rules, it needed a new edition. ANd with the upcoming release of Rex, I think TI is still going to be going strong for a few more years. (Yes I know Rex is only Thematically related to TI and has nothing to do with it's mechanics or pieces. Still it's nice to see some TI related stuff. Plus Dune is a great game to re-release even if it is getting a new coat of paint.)
  8. Wuffy


    To those who find this game plays to slowly, try popping a couple of scoring cards early, see what happens. I really like this game, Catan drove me nuts with it's random diceroll system. In this it's more about thinking what the other players will play and trying to make sure you benefit from it as well.
  9. Wuffy


    One thing about playing this game a couple of times is that this strategy gets pretty visible, It means at least one other player will stay neck and neck with you for terraformers to stop you from really cashing in on it. At least that's how it's worked out with the games I've played
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