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  1. Tarthonis said: I'm shocked a dwarf would have used a magic weapon, as opposed to a rune weapon. would you count rune weapon as magic, when a "magic" weapon is needed? Yes...... rune's are dwarf magic ......
  2. all you have to do is finish a basic career first not sure a page do not have the rule book with me atm
  3. well thank you" klaus" is is in my top 3 characters i have ever played and thats saying a lot as i have bin roll playing for 25+years and have had close to 30 characters
  4. I would like to see more of the fighting styles and career specific actions
  5. first impression? A devout fallower of Sigmar who this a lot about himself...ruff exterier and skips all the pleasantrys and get right to the point......no sence of humor.. Motivations? destroy all chaos no mater the cost......help build his family name Von Meyer Conflicts? mostly himself " klaus " has inner demons that haunt him at night,He regrets almost everything he dose but he knows it has to be done for the betterment of the empire Goals(personal and meta game) To become a mighty witch hunter and for people to fear his name........also that no mater the cost he will get the job done even if it cost him his own life Strenghts & weaknesses his faith in Sigmar he know he will be at the right place at the right time to do what must be done klaus sees no gray, its ether black or white,evil or good,,,will not play politics
  6. as i have not the time to lisen to the pod cast any time soon.....what are the new races???!!!
  7. Necrozius said: angrydragon said: IMO overchanneling is anything over equalibreum so if your willpower is 4 for example 5 or more power is overchanneling so you would get the white die more often then not That DOES make sense. It still sucks for me, because in this all-wizard campaign, all of the other characters have the specialization: Channeling (their own Order), so they'd get the white die anyway, while I'd only get it in a specific context. I'll talk to the DM... It doesn't help that my character is the only one who has a Willpower less than 5, but that's another matter... very true as a gm i do not let wizards to specialize in there own wind becouse you can only cast one wind ...magic in warhammer is already specialized in that way.....i would let you specialize in say "rank 1"spells and the like How do you specialize in 1 wind of magic if thats all you can cast anyway..that what i would ask you gm
  8. Necrozius said: I'm playing in a campaign with pre-generated characters (made by the DM). My Wizard has the following Specialization: Channeling: Overchanneling. What constitutes Overchanneling, exactly? At first glance, I figured that it meant that if your Wizard already has more than double his Willpower bonus in Power points, and tries to channel for MORE power, this constitutes Overchanneling, meaning he'd get an extra Fortune die in the attempt. However, what bothers me is that the other Wizards in the party (it is a wizard only campaign) each have Channeling: Their Order of magic. SO, they'd get the extra fortune die in their attempt as well, which makes my specialization kind of sh*tty. AM I reading this specialization correctly? What on earth would be the benefit? Can you have more that one specialization "stack" for each skill? Meaning that if I got another specialization for this skill, I could choose My Order of magic and then have 2 dice for channeling? If not, then I'll politely explain to my DM that this is a terrible rule... IMO overchanneling is anything over equalibreum so if your willpower is 4 for example 5 or more power is overchanneling so you would get the white die more often then not
  9. to clarify i have 10 xp total (rand 2) i used 8 career advances and 1 non career(cost 2 advances) so i have 2 more open advances and then the dedacation bonus ......so rank 2 still in 1st career sry didnt think it was that canfusing of a question just wanted a 2nd opinion before i put a second dot in a skill
  10. true will is 3 with 1 fortune atached to it im leaning for resilience .... just realised i cant take both tho i can only take 1 more skill per career card hmm..
  11. lol yea it for klaus was thinking of taking a second dot it ether discipline or resilience not sure yet maybe both i still have 2 open slots left before i can change careers
  12. yea thats what i was thinking but wanted a 2nd opinion thx
  13. so if your character is 2nd rank but due to non career advances is not in his 2nd career can you still train a skill for the 2nd time or do you have to wait till the new career??
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