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  1. yeah the encounter deck wont work very well. I know i would sacrifice a few turns to try and delplete it if it was close to being gone so it gets reshuffled.
  2. so i fount out my local store Lied to me... they never had it in to begin with.. i have no idea what incentive they had to lie... I guess ill be waiting for the mystery date like everyone else
  3. yeah. i feel it is a little early to start moaning about the card selection. Honestly, we dont even have one AP yet!!! (although we are all yearning for it). plus we shouldnt compare this to a CCG as they make about 170 different cards per block.
  4. yeah they still could come out with a gandalf the white..
  5. Your right!!!! Ill have to buy another core set so i can keep a copy in my wallet too!
  6. it crossed my mind that fantasy flight should offer a print and play thing for cards from the core set. that way we can by another set of gandalfs instead of a whole core set (pr two) like i did. just a thought
  7. Just a though. In all the deck experimentation i have done, i have yet to consider not including gandalf in the deck. SO is there anyone out there that has or doesnt use gandalf in their decks?
  8. man i agree with both sides logic. however the rules dont make any such reference to not engaging, therefore ill have to lean it can engage you to. these are orcs and such and arnt the smartest of beasts...?
  9. im in canada. he told me they were sold out on the event day... boooo
  10. Im wondering if they will change it up for the lord of the rigs game. I wager they might have one delux to start off each cycle. I say this because we have the core which gives us the base for the quests. If they are to give us a delux witha few different quests, doesnt it seem logical that they will be the first ones of the quest like the core set..? thoughts on that idea?
  11. Kiwina said: Galadhrim's Greeting is a very powerful card in solo play, but it's affect is weakened as more players join the game. Because it gets weaker with more players it may not need to get restricted at all. The same applies to Will of the West, considering it doesn't get shuffled back into the deck when it's played. it doesnt get shuffled into your library but previously played ones do.
  12. im not so sure about the contents of where the quest might go, but what are peoples thought in looking at the other LCG's. DO we think that the 6th one that has not been anounced will be a larger expansion?
  13. wandering took is awesome in a deck when your playing with a friend whose deck is spirt and leadership. They have tonns of ways of lowering their own threat, but it could get to a point where they have it to spare. You can pass on Your Wandering Took, they can get rid of that new threat, then pass him right back. kinda neat idea but only really works in easy quests i think?
  14. Bryon said: I would greatly prefer a fix to the scoring system over a restricted list. To (mis)quote Aragorn: A day may come when the cardpool of the game fails, when we forsake the cards that break the bonds of this game. But it is not this day! agreed! Well done *tip of the hat*
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