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  1. I was thinking teenagers (15/16 yo), I dont have those books, which one would you recommend, dark heresy or only war? feudal world clases with pskyker as magic sound interesting
  2. I was thinking more on rules tips, progression, abilities that can be used while not being astartes, etc. my plan is to tell them we are playing something like dark sun in the old D&D setting with this new system, I want to keep the real game system and gameplay hidden from them for a few sessions so that the players feel the same amazement as the characters when the astartes come to recruit them, I will hint that they are giant gods in imprenetable armor that come down of the heavens once every generation to take the bravest of warriors to fight alongside them
  3. I was thinking in starting an adventure with my group who plays mostly fantasy, my idea was to sort of trick them into playing a new system on a world of sword and sorcery and at the end of the first adventure would be the astartes coming down from the sky to recruit warriors and do one shot adventures with them climbing through the ranks of the chapter beginning as scouts then tacticals and so on until they a recruited to the deathwatch with long downtime periods where they learn behind the scenes more about the universe and decades pass. I'm sure someone must have done this or something similar before, any tips?
  4. This is my Librarian for our monday game. Tell what you think and show your deathwach minis.
  5. do this weapons attack in a straight line or do they use some kind of template? this is in regard to hiting multiple oponents. thanks.
  6. could you post the genestealer and broodlord stats?
  7. can you post the new stats of the genestealers and the brood lord? I'm running Final sanction for my group, or at least the differences from the final sanction version. thanks
  8. Pretty good, a few tips. To paint white you should start painting grey and then build up to lighter greys untin you reach white as a highlight. For the metalic parts like the DW shoulder pad and arm a black wash and a then a dry brush with the same metalic collor would give it depth. (Wash is when you thin down your paint a lot it then paint will dry on the recess creating shadows, Drybrush is when you clean you brush on a paper towel until just little paint is left and brush it over the high parts of the miniature to create highlights) For the black parts you could lightly drybrush the edges grey.
  9. Hi there, In a couple of weeks Ill be playing a Librarian and have some questions, I dont own the book my GM owns it and he lent it to me for a few days but I have returned it. I ws reading the powers chapter of the book and could find references to making a willpoer check each time you activate your power, were Im confused it the part that says that it has a difficulty, It says that the difficulty depends on the psy used and the examples show and ordinary difficulty for unffetered or something like that but I cant find any tables that explain this level difficulty, where is that table or am I reading this wrong? Also the staff gives I believe +15 incantation bonus, is this a bonus to the willpower check? I think the game mechanics are pretty solid but the placement of the rules and chapters in the book are preatty confusing, some rules that I believe should be in playing the game are in the game master chapter and other that should be in the GM chapter are in the enemis chapter, just a thought. Thanks
  10. That brings another question, What is Pen and what does it do?
  11. Thanks for this list, Im planing in runing this adventure to see the system with my friends and this will come in handy!!!
  12. I see where I was wrong they are not separate numbers, the 4,6 of perception is a 46 and the box is just telling you what the modifier is, in this case 4, but you can see why I got confused right? there are two boxes there! lol Still the other questions remain. Thanks.
  13. Hi ive been DM'ing d20 since 2nd ed and recently started playing 40k tabletop, when I heard about Deathwacth I got intriged and downloaded the demo adventure, so far I've read the mechanics of the system twice and cant understand some things, maybe Im missing something obvious or the demo asumes that you have played RT or DH I dont know can someone help me ? Abilities and Skills: I understand that you have to roll under your ability to succed and thats fine for WS and BS but the other abilities are confusing, there is 2 boxes i each ability (3 in Str and T) and the numbers are single digits, now I read in the FAQ that the tihird box in STR and T is the unatural ability of the Space Marines wich makes everithing more confusing since the enhanced Str says it gives the marine a +20 to Str an in all the Marines this box has a 10. I will reference to the Storm Warden in the bonus download, he has a STR of 10 first box, 4 second box and 9 third box, what is his STR, 10, 4 or 9? or they just forgot to put a 0 in there and it could be 100, 40 or 90? the same with the other abilities is the first box or the second box? do I add a 0 to the right of the number or if I roll perception do I have to roll under 4 first box or 6 second box? With skills is the same problem what do I have to roll? and what basic and skilled means? do I get a bonus to my roll? How many times can a character cure wounds using the Medicae Skill? wich leads to how much he cures? the skill says he inteligence modifier wich I know is the 10's digit of his intelligence but in the case of the Storm Warden he has a 4 and a 0. Also if the abilities are modified in some way because the marines have some bonus I cant figure out wich box is the modified ability, the Storm Warden has a 4 in all his abilities and in all the second boxes is a smaller numer wich suggest the left one is the modified one but then you got a perception of 4,6 wich destroy this theory. So in conclusion Im really confused and any help is appreciated If Im missing something obvious here please forgive me. Thanks.
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