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  1. Mr_Q

    Protectorate dial

    Why does it have two speed 2 Koiogran Turns?
  2. It's in local stores too: I grabbed mine from Games Empire (who are often a few weeks behind) on Saturday. It looks great!
  3. I've seen this mentioned before. Where in the rules does it say routed units can't move?
  4. Yeah... but that doesn't have anything to do with the game. I use an 8x3 surface, but that doesn't mean the game requires 8x3. The OP mentioned not wanting a 6x4 surface so I was pointing out that he doesn't actually need one quite that big.
  5. It's not movement based. If a squadron is within distance 1 of an enemy squadron then it is engaged. It doesn't have to be the one that moved there. The rest is correct though. I'm surprised this is now on page two when it is quite clear in the rulebooks.
  6. The squadron isn't being engaged again. It is continuing to be engaged while it has enemy squadrons nearby.
  7. Just to clarify - the accuracy results on the dice don't exhaust defense tokens, they just make them unable to be used on this attack.
  8. I think the wording is clear enough: one attack against each squadron which are resolved separately (p.15), and concentrate fire adds a die to one attack (p.12).
  9. The effect of cancelling your defense tokens has already happened. Re-rolling the dice doesn't change that.
  10. Kage13 has it correct. Yes, Engagement is a "While" effect. So "while" a squadron is at distance 1 of one or more enemy squadrons it cannot move, shoot at other targets, etc. - even if a squadron command is played on it. The engagement effect doesn't end until there are no more enemy squadrons at distance 1. The Squadron command changes to activation order of the squadrons (so they activate in the ship phase instead of the squadron phase) but it doesn't bypass the fact that they're engaged.
  11. So what happens to the existing Silver Twilight cards? Do they stay with their current faction or move to this one? If they're moving will there be replacement cards?
  12. Three Headed Monkey said: Mortarion's ability reduces the rank of non-traitor units by one, to a minimum of one. So Imperial Army units will not be instant killed. They will not be affected by the ability at all. Ah ok - so it's only units that are already 1 wound away from death - eg. Space Marines with 2 wounds - which would die from this? Still a nasty power.
  13. Page 40, under Attacker also says "in coexistence combat the Imperial player is always the attacker", which puts the conflicting rules 2-1 in favour of the Traitor player always being defender. Where's the FAQ? *EDIT* D'oh - you already said that.
  14. Does that power also outright kill any rank 1 or wounded units with 1 wound remaining at the start of the fight? So six Imperial Army units attacking Mortarion would all just die at the start of the fight? Or does it just affect the number of combat cards you'll end up getting?
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