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  1. A lot of stuff I'm seeing online indicates that, besides die hards for Stronghold, Skirmish is being received super well. From that, I see them transitioning to NewL5R 1.5 with a proper set of starter decks, all in Skirmish format, as a kind of new starter. Then they may also start printing cards as Skirmish or Stronghold only, to avoid bloating any errata documents with card lists.
  2. Well, what are your thoughts on it? I haven't touched this game in some time, but skirmish has me interested in trying it again. I suspect FFG will want to make it the dominant format over time if it improves sales. In a year or so, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a skirmish oriented deluxe expansion.
  3. It's a broken mess, give it a month or so before buying.
  4. As per the title. If you play The Jungle Awakens and your starting tile is the Crumbling Plaza, end the game and restart the scenario. There's an easy to hit bug late into the scenario that will make it so you can't win. Posting here for emphasis. Already created a detailed bug report, and posting here as a warning.
  5. Summary: Path of the Serpent - Jungle Awakens - Crumbling Plaza start - Clinton Freeman's character token is never placed in on the map, resulting in non-progression. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start Jungle Awakens scenario 2. Select Leo Anderson, Norman Withers, and Ursula Downs 3. Ensure that Crumbling Plaza is the first tile, and that the hut is placed in the top right of the map 4. Progress, until 3 relics are obtained, and the hut is revealed but do not explore into it 5. Wait for the text saying that the struggling/screaming goes silent from inside the hut 6. Explore the hut on the following round and progress through all story and instruction text 7. Observe the space where the Clinton Freeman token should be Results: On exploring the hut after Clint is "dead", the app will show text indicating the Clinton Freeman is still struggling in vines, and will tell players to place Clinton's token in the hut. However, there is no such token on the map to interact with once all instruction text is done, blocking progression. Players cannot get the last relic. Repro Rate: `100% Attached is a save folder where I very easily replicated this issue. This ruined a night of gaming. My day job is software QA, you're part of a billion dollar company, I shouldn't be doing your jobs for you. SavedGame.zip
  6. I know the game officially doesn't support 5-6 players, but my group has 5 players, and potentially a 6th, that are interested in trying Arkham Horror LCG. I have more than enough cards to assemble all the decks we need to play, so that's not an issue. The main thing is choosing which campaign to play that won't have issues with the player count. From what I've heard, the scenarios will be easier due to the the higher player count, but I recall some scenarios do weird things when you're drawing 1-2 more encounter cards.
  7. They'd involve meat space more. The fluff of Android/Netrunner has a lot more than just Runners in it, even though runners are a major part.
  8. Since 10/10 is the announce date for whatever new product. I'm still thinking it's something that will be casual focused. So if it is a story campaign thing, it'll allow for PvE play, and a faster victory objective. I wouldn't be surprised if you could bring that new faster victory objective into the base game as a new format.
  9. I suspect they'll do a hard turn on L5R where there's an entire co-op or multiplayer set with cards restricted to that format. But not just cards, but entire objectives and play styles. If they can figure it out, a new faster playing format. After Netrunner, a game that was absolutely hurt by an inability to get new players, they'll want to have as many ways to play as possible. Intro decks is a good start, but they'll have to do more earlier for L5R since it's already a niche game within a niche market.
  10. I think how they'll do it is a larger game, with card sets or other decks that are only useful against one type of adversary. They can also play with multi-purpose cards in a base deck. Then a Systems Deck when dealing with hackers, and a meatspace deck for fighting other corps or mercenaries. But considering the time they're putting into L5R's multiplayer rules, and the need to provide more casual play options for whatever Netrunner successor they develop. And the existence of GoT introductory decks. All signs point toward them making more and better ways to ease players into whatever game picks up the mantle left by Netrunner.
  11. Some responses are getting overly pedantic. Suffice to say, I meant LCG, but that really should go without saying considering it's probably been an LCG longer than it was an active CCG. Netrunner is good, but always had issues, Just as Android Netrunner improved on the Netrunner CCG formula, a future Android "Runners" game could easily take everything they learned from A:N and A:N Revised and bring it forward into a new game. Game mechanics cannot be copyrighted anyway. Netrunner had already hit a point where it had difficulty bringing in new players due to its rules and card density. A new game could do a better job of onboarding.
  12. FFG poured a lot of money into the game, and just like Terrinoth, the Android setting has been fleshed out enough to start standing on its own. I suspect we'll see a new Android CCG in the very near future with as deep mechanics as Netrunner, and perhaps some new mechanics that will allow for things like multiplayer and cooperative. With all the money they've poured into this, it will continue in some form.
  13. I usually hate it when people say this... but maybe you're not using enough terrain? If you have to rely on straight white defense dice for rebels for most of a game, then you're doing terrain wrong. Try more terrain placed more like a WWII tabletop battle than what you see/expect for 40k, which has basically empty tables pock marked by unusable ridiculous structures. That's a trick that the 40k players have pulled on the entire industry.
  14. Agreed on this. I don't remember if there's height advantages in this game, and that hill isn't line of sight blocking unless you declare it so. So chop off at least half of that bunker's area as actual gameplay effecting terrain. The original poster should think of it this way. He describes the match as starting and ending as a one sided furball that benefited the Empire. Well of course it'll benefit the empire if you have a bunch of rebel troops that synergize well with being in cover no longer have cover to be in. What if you had placed more terrain, and that terrain was in a good flanking position to the side of the bunker, able to get angles on unis approaching the bunker. What if there was a rout completely out of Line of Sight to the enemy for one side, unless an enemy sent a unit even further to the side to get LoS around that blocker. Suddenly, you're forced away from a furball in the center. That unit parked in the cover to the flank can sit there in cover firing to suppress units. A rebel Z6 can fire at two different targets, all they need is one hit to suppress. Your opponent is going to have to send something its way to deal with it. Try a table packed with terrain, instead of what you consider 1/4, try a full 1/2 or 2/3 of the table covered in terrain. Play on it even if it seems like too much. Then adjust.
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