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  1. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/anima_tactics_NVC/ Gaming group forming in the Northern Virginia area supporting Anima Tactics.
  2. Hi Steve; I am interested and would like to find out details, I currently have 18 miniatures painted up and been gaming at the local hobby store, still pretty new at thr rules and enjoy them. dluff
  3. A lot of my models I have primed black and dry brush white to bring out the lines, this process I have found lines that I could not see in the raw model or primed white. I like using black so if I do have to get lazy areas not painted are shadows..... hey, I paint to play. If I do find that I really want to lighten an area I will first paint with white before painting. I do not much with washed but a big fan of dry brushing, and yes, I know my figures would look better with a wash... I paint to play.
  4. dluff

    Catching up

    - Raith; Is there a listing of Free Agents I can see if there is one in my area? thanks,
  5. new to the game, but have played one-on-one games with each side running one main character with two agents (escorts). Scenario theme; An encounter as each side was escorting one of their main characters to other locations or missions.
  6. dluff

    Catching up

    I am new to the game and have the rule book (hardbound) and figures that I am painting up now. What is the best way to catch up to the game and the new products coming out? thanks A rookie
  7. Looking again I really like the colored glasses you gave to the Sophia Ilorma figure...
  8. dluff


    To get terrain on to the table does not need to cost a arm and leg, plus months of work. For my on-the-road demo games I use an old army blanket (from a yardsale) and cut foam from your local craft store flocked to the same color as the blanket, want roads or creeks, buy one of those $1 cans at Walleymart. There, ground, hills, water. For trees I have different kind from the pines found at the local craft store (after Christmas real cheap) and you can those in bags o'trees at your hobby store. There, ground, hills, water, trees., a few bucks and you are playing.... go to a gaming convention that has a fleamarket (my favorite online site is called bartertown) for your buildings, walls, etc. Now take your time building your real nice scenery while you learn the rules with your "on-the-road" terrain.
  9. I found some great tutorials on youtube and don't let the professional painter examples scare you away, do your best and enjoy the game.
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