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  1. Hello and thank you for doing the Q&A's Don't know if this is something answerable... but do you guys intend to have any kind of bound book for the L5R stories? Or say a "yearly" book of stories? Also, will there be more opportunities for the community to effect the story in the future outside of larger tournaments? Thank you!
  2. there are a few ways you could look at picking a clan. Do you want the gameplay style? do you want more of a aesthetic style? A mix of both?
  3. I do know he already has a playset of toturi full art from the events. If you still wish to donate one I can get his address for you.
  4. i've never done anything like that before but if I/we can get some general guidance on that i think it would work.
  5. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has been assisting with helping my friend who's wife passed away a few days ago from a seizure. Many people have reached out to me and are offering assistance in many forms. I have been collecting all the information and putting together a list for my friend. At this moment he has no idea of any of this and will be presented with everything so far as well as a list of what is to come on thursday. Again, thank you all. This community cares more than any other game or group i've been a part of and on behalf of him and his family, thank you.
  6. Anything helps. So far we have the following in action/working on setting up Donations (non tournament just general donation) Daycare/babysitter(s) to help at least during the funeral stuff Funeral service assistance As far as L5R related stuff we have the following Naming the first Stronghold tournament with his family as the winner and decorating the store with lion garb Various 3D printed Lion stuff including a Lion emblem Velcro strap for deck box the Lion playmat This is where we are right now. I know he really enjoys the fiction so i'm going to see what we can find for any of the books. She had a seizure a few days ago and in less than a day her liver and kidney shut down and then it turned into a waiting game that only took minutes for her to pass.
  7. So as the title says, a Player's wife at our venue lost his wife a few days ago. She had a seizure. We are trying to come up with ideas of what to do. He loves L5R. We have a few things setup to help with daycare and stuff for a while (they just had a 3rd child). He is a lion player and we want to do something related to his favorite clan and not just help with funeral stuff. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do?
  8. Big Kids At Play 602 S 4th St, Van Buren, AR 72956 We play every Thursday at 6:30 p.m
  9. This is my first FFG game so I am only guessing at this point. Best I can assume is that all the characters will have a big event for them for the tournament
  10. This just may be a me thing but... I am terrible with names. I am a face person. Would there be any possible way to get a "character link" or something to make it easier to know who is who? I mean google is a thing and it's not a big deal but it may be helpful for people if there was a link to an image of the person for the "appearance" characters. Again, its a me thing but starting out for someone to try to get into the fiction and story it could help.
  11. The point is... Crane still wins... even if it loses.
  12. The only other viewpoint to point out is what all the Tournament contains. Its entirely possible the tournament is being rewritten into something like a "team" effort. Where you need X number of player types. say round 1. is general bushi swordsmanship round 2. courtier skills round 3. magic round 4. melee w/o swords If it was being reworked a bit to be like this then it would make sense. a roll for each player to have a dedicated section and at the same time allow all the characters to be used evenly.
  13. I don't know how accurate it is buy some stated that it was based on property and measurement of sales. ie: Starwars is starwars. it's going to sell to someone so they want to sell more at a lower price. on the other hand L5R is "new" so they printed less so the price is higher. Thats how i understand it anyway.
  14. Our store is getting a copy for the store to use as a demo. the rest of us may go in on it together so its in the group. I mostly just want a set of dice for the new system
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