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  1. Hey, does anyone know which products it's safe to use to strip paint from legion models, without damage? Thanks
  2. I'm not really sure what your getting at. The cards are part and parcel of the game. Even if it ends up being WYSIWYG, I'm sure in tournament you will still need all the cards present and next to the battlefield. If you don't like component crowding then your going to have a problem.
  3. The cards are there to track what's on the board, this is not war40k where you have to read through a printed list, these are highly visible cards placed right next to the playing area. As a player you should always be looking at your opponents cards, you will need to keep track of what weapons or abilities are exhausted or not. Its probably easier to spot your opponents weapon card than it is to see which weapon is on the model. WYSIWYG is pointless with the card system legion has.
  4. So if it is WYSIWYG, you might as well chuck out the other two weapon cards that you didn't attach to your at-rt, that seems ridiculous.
  5. This is a very good point, I would love to switch between multiple planets, especially if we get campaign play down the line. I may have to do more research. Hehe. Thanks for the help.
  6. They do look amazing and my reason is rather silly. It's just that I prefer to have texture to the gaming surface, like the grass or the snow flock, the smoothness of the gaming mats is what I don't like. They also sometimes seem to be a bit sheeny? But this is just from what I've seen online and is probably wrong.
  7. I want to build a specific board for Legion, including all the terrain and the board itself being flocked ( I don't want to use a gaming mat). Originally I wanted to do a Hoth board, but looking online it seems creating good snow effects is quite difficult. Would any experienced board makers, point me to a planet that is more beginner friendly?
  8. Wow, really? What were you going in expecting, lol
  9. Does anyone have any ideas for rules regarding bunkers and strongpoints in the game?, I don't think the cover rules in the game are enough to cover these features. A quick idea I had was maybe treat them like armour, with a chance of troopers inside getting killed upon the bunker taking damage, and everything inside getting killed upon its destruction.
  10. Ahh that makes sense, I was hoping I could sweet talk my flgs for an early copy. Your video is actually one of the really good previews, some of the others tho are bad.
  11. Has anyone else noticed on YouTube alot of really small channels have managed to get there hands on an early copy of the game. I understand that the big channels got an early copy, but some of these channels have next to no subscribers. How on earth are they getting a copy?
  12. These pictures are great, thank you. Is there anything missing from the rules or is whats posted the whole thing? (Ignoring the learn to play stuff at start)
  13. Bloody ****, just from that screenshot you can tell the atst is gigantic, definently a centerpiece model.
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