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  1. Into the Fires of Battle is a free action to activate, giving Salamaders a half-move and two standard attacks with ranged weapons. It is not sustained. It has no duration given. Therefore, it is active for the entire combat it was activated in. Is this correct? This gives Salamanders Bolter Assault, but with every ranged weapon, for an entire combat instead of just one round.
  2. Thanks, I was looking in the combat section where it says a successful evasion check ignores the attack.
  3. Does it only take a successful dodge (with 0 extra degrees of success) to dodge every hit from semi or full auto?
  4. Full Doom Track said: I'll also say something useful in that Kate has prevented several monster surges be being purposly 'parked' at a high gate probability location. She can't just hang out at an existing gate though. If she's at a location with a gate during the encounter phase, she's sucked through.
  5. Deepstriker said: I know they're immune to psychic powers Daemons are not immune to psychic powers.
  6. It's crazy talk to think that daemons should have Psy Ratings so high printed and be able to push every time +3 with no consequences.
  7. It says it's an area attack, but it never mentions the size.
  8. Many daemons say something along the lines of "does not suffer psychic phenomenon." That being the case, why would they not push ever power at +3 since they have no penalty? And isn't such a thing incredibly overpowered?
  9. borithan said: Truthfully I have yet to see the Devastator run out of ammo, You've never seen one jam? It's out of ammo as soon as that happens.
  10. How do things which cause additional hits vs hordes stack with attacks that cause multiple hits? For example, how many hits does a bolter which gets 3 hits on the attack roll actually generate on the horde. What if it were using metal storm ammo? What if it were a storm bolter? What if you had that armor property that adds another hit?
  11. In the other games, pushing a focus power check always increases the severity of the associated psychic phenomenon. I can't seem to find such a thing in Deathwatch.
  12. Where do I find the rules about how much damage blasts do against hordes?
  13. winternight said: Aren't they blunt and prone to causing offence? Where do you pull +5 Fellowship from? No, they only offend people who are arrogant ****** bags. And, it's from the fact that the Space Wolves are considered THE good guys that any regular human would want coming to help them. Outside of the Ultima Segmentum, anytime a regular human hears marines are coming, they hope it's the Wolves, since they are actually heroes of the people rather than nigh-alien monsters that the rest of Marines are.
  14. Anyone have a suggestion on how to translate Warp Bane and Power Well into Deathwatch's rules system?
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