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  1. Sorry Tragic, I sold it on Ebay a few days ago. And no, there was no tragic event in my life. My friends just never liked it as much as I did, and I got sick of trying to beg them to play. I have no interest in trying to go to a local card shop to play, so that pretty much meant I wasn't playing anymore. Mallumo has been steadily taking over the rules work I used to do, and I'm going to pass off the OCTGN module to Wytefang shortly. Its been fun talking with all of you on the forums, and I hope you all enjoy Cataclysm as much as I did in playtesting.
  2. This is still a need (not cheap gold, but the WHI OCTGN dev). Please PM me if you are willing to take this project over. People expressed interest in this thread, and in the one on the OCTGN forums, but no one replied to my PMs when I actually tried to pass it off. I have Cataclysm mostly done, but it will not be released unless someone takes it over and does some card scans.
  3. Forgot to add a price, looking to get $250 for it.
  4. **SOLD on Ebay for $200** I feel dirty even posting this here, and like I am somehow betraying this community by selling my cards, but its time for me to let them go. I don't get to play anymore and having them sit on the shelf is sadder than just not having them at all. I have: Core Set X2 Deluxe Expansion Assault on Ulthuan Deluxe Expansion Legends Deluxe Expansion March of the Damned The Corruption Cycle The Skavenblight Threat X2 Path of the Zealot Tooth and Claw The Deathmaster's Dance The Warpstone Chronicles Arcane Fire X2 The Enemy Cycle The Burning of Derricksburg The Fall of Karak Grimaz The Silent Forge Redemption of a Mage The Fourth Waystone Bleeding Sun The Morrslieb Cycle Omens of Ruin The Chaos Moon The Twin Tailed Comet Signs in the Stars The Eclipse of Hope Fiery Dawn The Capital Cycle The Inevitable City Realm of the Phoenix King The Iron Rock Karaz-a-Karak City of Winter The Imperial Throne The Bloodquest Cycle Rising DawnAlso includes 650-750 high quality card sleeves (in 9 different colors) and 100-200 high quality proxies of useful cards. Gonna put it up on Ebay in a couple days.
  5. I am the current developer for the WHI OCTGN plug-in, and I'm going to stop updating it. I'm looking for someone to take up the torch, more info here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=140&efcid=1&efidt=813199. I won't be keeping an eye on this thread for replies, just the one I linked. I just wanted to advertise here as well.
  6. I am the current developer for the WHI OCTGN plug-in, and I'm going to stop updating it. I would like to pass this project off to someone else, but I have gotten tired of maintaining it. If you are interested, please contact me. At a minimum, it will need additional sets to be made as each new expansion is released. This can be accomplished with no programming knowledge, since the set files are simply XML. There are a number of other changes that can be made to make the plug-in more advanced, but they require you to write Python scripts. I am not a programmer, didn't know Python, and still really don't, but I was able to muddle through by looking at some of the other OCTGN plug-ins (dB0's Star Wars, Doomtown, and Netrunner plug-ins are excellent examples). I have it set up to support multiplayer in a rudimentary fashion (fulcrums, dominance), but the phases are set up for the 2 player game, and the phase stepping/notification code would need to be changed to properly support multiplayer. Also, it doesn't lay out the capital boards well in 3+ player game when you use the "Setup Capital Board" function. If anyone is willing to take over the plug in, I will provide you with the tools I've made to help automate the process. OCTGN is receiving a big overhaul on Weds though, and the old game/set formats no longer work, so some of my tools have become obsolete. I spent all my free time this weekend getting the plug in converted over to the new format, and have basically hated it so much and gotten so frustrated that I realized I don't want to work on it anymore.
  7. Mallumo is getting an official response about this from Lukas, so he can post it on the intarweb for all eternity. And then point and laugh at me forever if he says they have no loyalty.
  8. For the purposes of card effects, Neutral cards loyalty cost is 0. Otherwise Paranoia would not prevent neutral cards from entering a zone, and it does. There is no written record that I (or Mallumo) can find that says whether Neutral cards are "zero loyalty cost" or "no loyalty cost", but there is an old answer from me on these forums about Paranoia that says neutrals have 0 loyalty, and I still think that is correct. The rulebook says "loyalty cost (the number of loyalty icons under the printed cost minus the number of matching race symbols the player controls in play)" Neutrals have zero loyalty icons under their printed cost. Developments, however, have no cost and no loyalty.
  9. I also think you get to choose the order yourself, but I can't find a written record of that being a rule. If this didn't let you choose, the order would be ambiguous.
  10. Horatius said: If I'm the active player, and I'm in the Realm Phase, and my opponent plays an Action that deals 2 indirect damage to both, who assigns first the damage? It should be me who are the active player, right? The damage is technically all assigned at the same time, but as Mallumo said, the active player is the one who makes the decision first.
  11. Virgo said: Entropy42 said: I don't think that is correct. Can you give me an example of why you think it works this way? Hit Points: The amount of damage a unit can take. If a unit has as many damage tokens as it has hit points, that unit is destroyed and is placed in its owner’s discard pile. Q: What happens to any excess damage after a legend is destroyed? A: Whenever a legend is attacked and destroyed, any excess damage will not be assigned to that zone or anywhere else. It is ignored, just like damage that is assigned to an already burning zone. Why there is an excess damage when you attack legend? Shouldn't you be able to deal as much damage to it as you please? "The amount of damage a unit can take" is just how much it can take before dying. The use of "take" there has no bearing on how much damage can be applied to it. Yes, you can deal as much damage to the Legend as you please, but there can still be excess damage, since you only *have* to deal enough damage to destroy it. There is excess damage when you destroy a Legend the same way there is excess damage when you attack a zone and destroy the unit defending it. People thought maybe the excess damage on a Legend would "trample over" to the zone, the way it does when units are defending. That question tells you that you can't assign that extra damage anywhere else. I think the answer probably should have been worded slightly differently though, and not say to ignore the damage. I see how that answer would have made you think it works differently, but the section of the rulebook I quoted is very clear that you can deal damage that exceeds the current HP of a unit or zone. I'll put that Q/A on the list of things to bug Lukas about in the next FAQ though.
  12. Virgo said: As I understand this it's just like with units: you can assign infinite amount of damage, but only number equal to hit points will be actually dealt after applying. I don't think that is correct. Can you give me an example of why you think it works this way? The rules say: Any unit that has as many (or more) damage tokens on it as it has hit points is destroyed (and discarded). If an attacked section of a capital is dealt damage that surpasses the number of hit points it has remaining (remember that each development in a zone adds one hit point to that section), that section is now considered burning. Given the sections I bolded, I would say you definitely can deal 20 damage to a unit or a capital in a single attack. You can't assign ID that surpasses the current HP of a unit/zone, but thats not the scenario here.
  13. Virgo said: It would be nice to know when this January FAQ is coming out Probably in February
  14. Entropy42 said: I suspect that all of those effects would lower the cost, since they are all constants effects that modify the cost of the card. The only ones that are questionable to me are stuff like Star Dragon that references "your" discard. I would assume that 'your' refers to whoever is playing the card. Wouldn't hurt to pose this question to Lukas and post up what his response is. That ruling seems a little weird to me, but I guess costs and cost modifiers have always been a little confusing to me in WHI. I just wanted to point out an error in my first post. "Your" refers to whoever controls a card, so in this example "your" would still refer to the discard pile of the opponent, since he controls the Star Dragon until you play it. Its mostly irrelevant here, since apparently the cost can't be modified anyway, but I just didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea.
  15. You are correct. If you can't target a unit to move with the Coach, you can't move it.
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