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  1. I held out hope for a long while that the final monster minis would be released - after all, the only ones missing were Barnabas Marsh, Deep One Hybrid, Priest of Dagon and Star Spawn. However, it seems clear that FF is not releasing the final minis from the monster mini series. As someone who faithfully bought the miniatures as they came out, I am very disappointed that they couldn't finish out the series. It really dampened my enthusiasm for the Cthulhu games that have come out since then.
  2. I'd love to see 3D buildings for each location, actually, or maybe a full 3D board for each game. But they can at least just finish the monsters!
  3. I'm really disappointed that they seem to have stopped just short of releasing all the figurines. I realize it's a niche product, but for those of us who sunk money into them it's really irritating that there are just a few sculpts that were never released. Is there any information whatosever on whether they ever plan on releasing the last few?
  4. The waves kept coming out on a regular schedule - January 17, then March 13 (two months later), then May 24 (a little over two months), then August 23 (three months). Even if Wave 5 took as long to come out as Wave 4, shouldn't it be available by now? It would be extremely frustrating if the set were not completed…
  5. Stalin


    Personally, I'd like to see expansions that would be either/or - you can play the museum, or Miskatonic U, or Egypt, or South Pacific (like in the online version), but not a mix-match thing. We already have AH for the big and complicated games. Elder Sign is about simple, short and easy setup and play, and honestly, I love that about it. If I wanted to play a long and complicated game I'd just play AH instead. Elder Sign is for when a friend comes over and we have limited time for gaming or don't feel like getting out all the AH stuff.
  6. Oh, I realize it costs more because of the extra shipping, but buying about 160 figures all at once would be a major outlay of cash at one time for a game. The fact that it is broken up into 5 waves means that each one has been a mostly palatable (for me, at least) amount for game spending.
  7. I'm glad it got split into 5 waves - it makes it less expensive to buy everything. Now there are only 12 figures left to buy (or 6 if you're only buying one copy of each miniature), and half of them will be small.
  8. Yep. The Flying Polyp was missing. Only 1 of them, thankfully. 49 figures left to buy, though.
  9. I'm enjoying these releases incredibly. I do still want to see the Arkham Toolkit app have a virtual monster bag, though, because I'm keeping the monster tokens permanently in the base from now on and am using an imperfect randomizer as my monster bag. I'm wondering why this wave is smaller than the previous ones. Did they make a decision that the cost would be better spread out over smaller waves? On the one hand it is nicer to spread the pain out, but on the other it means that we have to wait longer to get the full set released. It looks to me like currently there are about 21 to 24 sculpts that are not yet out (the variance is because I don't know if the Child of Abhoth will get 3 unique sculpts or just one generic one), which to me indicates two more waves based on the size of the last one. For someone like me who's buying one copy for each token, though, the costs are going to be higher for some of these since a lot of these pieces have 4 tokens (Nightgaunts, Deep One Hybrids, Formless Spawn, Being of Ib, Servant of Glaaki).
  10. Last time it cost a bit over $300 but this time there were fewer figures occurring in large numbers so it was only about $237 including shipping for me. I am buying one for every counter, though. The whole set will probably end up a little north of $1000 (for one figure for each counter).
  11. Better yet, let's get them to add it to the app (it would be infinitely more useful than the dice roller) and permanently put the monster tokens into the base of the miniatures...when additional monsters would go to the outskirts you could just use counters rather than needing to pull them.
  12. I seriously think that a nice, streamlined version of the rules, incorporating all expansions, referencing FAQs as they go along, with clarifications, would be great. Plus, in the tradition of great RPG books, it could have pre-made scenarios at the end for specific sorts of adventures. Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be a great idea for "upgrading" the game the same way the minis have. What do other players think?
  13. And for everyone complaining about putting the tokens into and taking them out of the minis, why not just have a virtual monster bag in the form of an app or randomized die roll and leave the tokens in the monsters? That works, too.
  14. I'm amazed at how negative the responses have been. If someone doesn't want them personally, that's fine, but as for me, I bought a full set plus extras so that I could have multiples of some of the more common ones, though I stopped at 4 cultists (2 of each type) and 3 Dark Young, and in most cases have only 2 of the other ones that could appear twice or three times. Still, I might go back and buy more to get the full complement. It's fantastic as far as I'm concerned, and no one is forcing anyone to buy them. For those of us who want that added touch, it's magnificent in an eldritch way, and I can't wait to see wave 2 (based on the figures available I suspect only 2 or 3 waves).
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