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  1. Hello, I've just read a topic about small cards. To me there's something more irritating : The small fortifications where you cannot place all units ! juste try to place, on a palace area : 3 space marines, one hero, one defense laser an an activation marker !!! Except this (and the fact you need about 10 games to understand all rules), this is a wonderful game !!!
  2. Dam said: I would say JK can't join in from an activated area, even if the order allows the Imperial player to attack from an activated area. JK isn't attacking from the area he starts his move from, he would "only" be joining the battle at that point. That's what I thought. It seems logical. He must move to join the fight and can't move from an activated area (even if the order allows to attack from an activated area). Thanks for your answer.
  3. That's a possibility... Summer comes to an end... And this "boat" (probably a pedal boat like you said) is lost... Somewhere... More seriously, does anybody knows why FFG is that late ?
  4. Hello ? Am I alone lost in the warp ?
  5. Hy everybody ! Last night I played HH and we had a problem with rules. Actually my opponent did cause I'm pretty sure I was right... He attacked me with RELENTLESS ATTACK order, which allows to attack even from activated area. He has 2 origin areas with units near the target area and he wanted to join battle with Jaghatai Khan (Jaghatai was 3 areas from origin areas) BUT Jaghatai was in an ACTIVATED area. My opponent wanted to join battle but I said he could not, because the area where Jaghatai was, was activated, prohibiting any move. This is what my opponent said : - The RELENTLESS attack allows me to attack from activated area, Jaghatai special ability is a sort of "distant attack" so his area is considered as an origin area ! - I said ti him : No ! Jaghatai must move to join an origin area (that is his special power), like flying units do. So his area (not adjacent to the target area), is NOT an origin area, otherwise his ability would be writen like this "Jaghatai can launch distant attack from a not adjacent area". My opponent then said : The "joining battle" rules for flying units (and Jaghatai) are in the combat chapter, and not in the "movement" chapter. So it is not a movement !!!! - I said (in a friendly way but a little bit irritated) it was dishonesty. He finally won the battle, without using Jaghatai, but telling me his interpretation was as good as mine... I need other opinions !!!! Thanks ! Miles PS : Excuse my bad english, I hope you understood my point...
  6. What kind of boat is it ??? I thought DW was available at Games Day Indianapolis. These ones were in a faster boat ? (excuse my engllish, what I'm trying to say is : To much teasing kills the teasing)
  7. Thank you so much 1. For having read my message in an approximative english 2. For your very accurate response. I think I will considere port landing and boarding action ordres as exceptions, allowing to move to the vengeful spirit even if occupied by ennemy. Otherwise it would be easy for traitor to keep Horus alive by letting just one unit in catacombs, and easy for Emperor to win, taking the catacombs and staying here, waiting for the end of the game. Thanks a lot again !
  8. Three Headed Monkey said: We play it that Boarding Action can be played to move units into the catacombs, even if there are units there otherwise it would never be played and Horus would be invincible. Also, the Imperial player ordering a combat to be fought from the catacombs would ignore the Traitor units there, as only traitor units in the target area become engaged. This is not unfair. You have to get a sizable force to the vengeful spirit and attack with them in one turn otherwise it would be too hard to kill Horus, as he could just leave if initiative gets back to him. It is supposed to be a suprise assault. I agree with that.: Horus would be invicible ! So, Boarding Action should allow imperium to move in catacombs even if there are traitor units there. Then, you resolve a COEXISTENCE BATTLE between units Imperium brought there and traitors. Rules p.21 are not plain. It is said that "Secret Routes" & "Boarding Actions" are exceptions, but not regarding to ennemy areas. How do you play that ? And, to finish with 2 questions : - What is the way for emperor to board Vengeful Spirit if there are traitor units there ? - If Emperor takes the catacombs (with one ore more units), how can traitor player can come back to fight him if command center is under his control -If Emperor occupies all the vengeful spirit (catacombs & command center), how can traitor player come back in those ennemies areas ? thank you ! PS : Hope my english is not that bad :-)
  9. Three Headed Monkey said: Oh, and the traitor player does not have the secret passages order. Only the imperial player can draw that order. Thanx a lot for your answers ! I didn't check if traitor had the secret route order ... If he has not, how can he goes back to Vengeful Spirit if area (catacombs) once it is occupied by Emperor (even if emperor is alone). In other words : If I play Imperium : 1. I protect one spaceport (just one with many armies and space marines around just to prevent traitor to get the 4 spaceports. 2. I place a big attack with boarding order on VS's catacombs, destroying its occupants and forcing Horus to runaway from Command Center. And traitor has no way to come back on VS cause it is considered as ennemy areas ! R U agree with it ? (The more I write on forums, the badder my english is !!!)
  10. Three Headed Monkey said: Remember port landing and pods can be used to bring units from the vengeful spirit to terra, so if the Imperial player boards the vengeful spirit and doesnt attack the command center straight away, the traitor player can use either of those orders to bring horus to terra, making the assault a waste of time and units. Yes, but there are two conditions for Imperial Victory : - Killing Horus - Reaching the end of initiative track with emperor alive; I thought it was easy to keep emperor alive on catacombs, since there is only one card allowing traitor to come back on VS to kill emperor...
  11. Ok thank you, So, there is only one way for the Emperor to board the VS : Boarding action And only one way for Traitor to get it back (if occupied by ennemy) : the Secret Routes order. So I guess it's a good way to win (for emperor player) : To take the VS's Catacombs and wait here (and hope the traitor won't draw the "Secret Route Card") AND to place all other units defending a spaceport... In this case, good luck to traitor to draw Secret Route order card before game ending !!!! Hope this time my english was not too bad... What I'm trying to say is : Once you've won the coexistance battle in Catacombs with Emperor, you've almost won cause traitoir has only ONE way to bring units back on Vengeful Spirit (which is an ennemy zone) : The "Secret Route Card". They may say traitor can attack from Command Center, but you can only put 3 units there.. Miles
  12. Hy everybody, I'm Fench, so excuse me for my bad english :-( I was playing for the fouth time yesterday and I wondered : If the emperor boards the Vengeful Spirit (catacombs, using the boarding action order) and kills everybody there, Is there any way for traitor player to bring units in catacombs (which is now an ennemy area) ? If not, it would be an easy way for Imperium to win : Emperor just has to wait here not to be killed, until the end of initiative track. Hope my question is understandable... Thanx ! Miles.
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