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  1. The description for Accordion Wire doesn't state how much of an area you can cover with it, or how one can use things like wire cutters or explosives to clear it. It also doesn't seem to give any guidelines for how long it would take to deploy it. Most of the time it wouldn't matter, but when you have an attack incoming and you need to toss up an improvised defense, every moment counts. Time to remove is even more important, given that you are probably going to be shooting at those doing it, or being shot at by those who don't want it removed. I'm assuming that Accordion Wire is the 40k name for Concertina Wire. There is some details about the stuff there. One relevant section is - A barrier known as a triple concertina wire fence consists of two parallel concertinas joined by twists of wire and topped by a third concertina similarly attached. The result was an extremely effective barrier with many of the desirable properties of a random entanglement. A triple concertina fence could be deployed very quickly: it is possible for a party of five men to deploy 50 yards (46 m) of triple concertina fence in just fifteen minutes. Optionally, triple concertina fence could be strengthened with uprights, but this increases the construction time significantly.[7] Based on the numbers I've been able to find, it looks like half a kilo of Barbed Wire would be between 3 and 10 meters long.
  2. ... I spent ALL day yesterday first looking for, then making a fillable character sheet for the Deathwatch Convention game I am running this weekend. HOURS were spent at this task and the filling out of the sheet, as I couldn't find a fillable sheet and my hand writing is not as clear as it might be. Then you post this right after I go to bed for the night. Thank you for making it. I'll be glad to have it for next time.
  3. Reading comprehension right after crawling out of bed is somewhat less then it would otherwise be. Oh well, someone's going to ask for the link in some context anyway.
  4. This journal has some information. Such as the following ling "During the creation of the Storm Wardens, I took a lot of notes about what I learned along way—because I knew that I could apply these lessons towards making a thorough create-your-own-Chapter system for an upcoming Deathwatch supplement."
  5. I'm currently running Final Sanction, and I'm planning to run Oblivion's Edge afterwards. I plan to allow the players so spend some of the earned XP. I own Rogue Trader, but do not know it very well, not having a chance to play before. My plan is to allow them to spend their XP according to the tables in the RT corebook. Perhaps Arch-Militant for the Tactical Marines, Sensechal for the Apocathery. There will need to be tweaks to ensure everything works right, but I think it's worth a shot. Thoughts?
  6. It doesn't. I read a suggestion somewhere here that 3 mags for each weapon. That is what I went with. It seems to be working so far. Rogue Trader also suggests the rule of 3 for reloads.
  7. Jalinth

    Hordes Combat

    Well yes. For a more worthy foe, I might consider the righteous fury suggestion above. I'm all for the players having moments of unspeakable carnage. Still, I'll wait to decide until I read the full rules on the hordes.
  8. Jalinth

    Turning Points

    I simply described it narratively. I said something to the effect of the following. "The rebels are building up for a charge. They have melta bombs." "The rebels are pushing across the killing ground." In the game I run, the next line was "The few survivors break and run", but I had planned on a couple more. "The rebels have reached the walls and are placing the bombs." "The explosives detonate, tearing a tremendous hole in the walls. The rebel scum pours through the gap, forcing the PDF to retreat from this position with heavy losses." I did the same with the other turning points. I didn't outright TELL the players how long they had, but it was obvious to them that if they didn't act then bad things would happen. Of course I was playing with experienced RPG players. They were well able to read between the line. If your players do not have years of experience, then some more out of character information could be useful. One must always adjust for the players one has.
  9. Given the scale the Imperium produces and stockpiles war material, I decided that the Imperial Ammo Stores does have ammo for the marines. Why? For just such a situation as this. The Imperium is in an unending state of war, and hot spots can spring up anywhere. If the Astartes need to deploy to a world, it is quite possible for them to do so on short notice and without proper supplies. Even if they have proper supplies to start a campaign, ammo runs low. Local sources for key supplies can be essential. It's not enough to run a company for a sustained battle, but there is enough ammo and equipment in a sealed armory for a small force of marines to at least renew their basic loads. I've ruled the supply of Kracken Bolts is very limited (perhaps a single magazine for each of the tactical marines, and the presence of such ammo is unusual), but there is plenty of standard bolter and heavy bolter ammo. They will also be able to renew their supplies of grenades. With the forces attacking the stores, I'm not going to be just giving the ammo away, but it will be possible for them to renew their supplies. Of course with the fact that Oblivions Edge has just been released, being able to resupply is even more important
  10. Jalinth

    Hordes Combat

    I started running the game yesterday. The minimum damage for all of the marine weapons (save for the frag grenade) was greater then that of the damage reduction the hordes had. Because of this, I just had them skip rolling damage for hordes. For single targets I had them roll. After all, even a rebel leader has the slightest chance of still standing a punch from a power fist. I found the 5 marines I had quite capable of tearing through hordes without trouble.
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