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  1. I WILL definitely want big box expansions and I WILL definitely buy big box expansions for this game. We have now played through all of the stories, except Story #5 due to the fact that we did not have 4 players. We have played them all once except for Story #1, which we played twice. Although some people are concerned about replayability I think this game has got replay value. The second time we played Story #1 I only changed my first choice and the game turned out a lot different. If it really starts to become a problem, FFG can always introduce additional clues and/or objective cards for the existing stories/maps. They can also include new lock cards, obstacle cards and exploration cards (items) that can be replaced with those currently in the keeper setup. Including the use of other keeper action cards with certain story choice would also increase the replayability. I would also like the following in big box expansions: -additional investigators like Leo Anderson, Dexter Drake and Mark Harrigan (at least 4 new investigators); one or two additional trait cards per investigator might also be good. -additional tiles; woods, parks, docks (Kingsport) themed tiles would also be great. I also thought that some tiles can include other dimensions. (Even though it's mansions of madness it doesn't necessarily need to play out in a mansion) -additional monsters; I don't have to say much here - I'm sure everybody wants more monsters (there are so many cool and different monsters in H.P.Lovecraft's themes) -additional stories with lots of choices for the keeper (choices = more possibilities) Aside from all of this, how about a book of community created stories/ideas? Mansions of Madness is AWESOME. Great job Corey. Thanks.
  2. Don't laugh at me... hehe I'm quite new to this game, my sister bought it a week ago and we only got around to playing it on the weekend. We were starting to notice the fact that we should add heroes, because the heroes kept losing. I saw that the attributes of monsters only slightly increases as more players (heroes) are playing, while when the amount of heroes increases they have the benefit of making more attacks and they also increase the targets for the overlord player. Thus the overlord will definitely have a harder time, especially since he can't only focus on one or two heroes. We'll definitely increase the amount of heroes, thank you!
  3. Hi, we were playing Quest 2 as two players. I was playing the heroes. You start in a room with four doors, two of which are rune doors and the other two are normal. Behind both normal doors one of Narthak's brothers are waiting for you. We had the problem where the Overlord player knew that the heroes must get in the giants' rooms to retrieve the runes for the rune doors and to obtain treasures (to improve the heroes). These named giants are almost impossible to kill this early in the game and there are also no treasures to be found in the starting area. These giants can then block each long corridor to their runes that will lead to a certain defeat for the heroes. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening? I suggested a rule that states that Narthak's brothers MUST move in the direction of a hero. Please help.
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