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  1. Does Rolling Stone require three empty squares between it and the nearest hero when it is first played, or does it need only two empty squares (with the stone being in the third square) between it and the nearest hero when it is first played?
  2. This does not reflect my experience with the game. Unless the players have Boggs the Rat or Kirga none of the Overlords (myself, or other players if they desire to be the OL) have any problem spawning monsters in places that allow them to leap out and maul the players. In fact, murdering players in this fashion is a staple tactic for the OL in my group. It is not uncommon for me to have 20 monsters spawned and chasing the players by the end of a dungeon. So additional black die work great for us, and I recommend you try it before you dismiss it.
  3. All monsters gain one black power die for every character over 4 in the game. This means that all monsters are rolling 2 black power die in addition to their normal amount if you are playing with 6 people. This makes combat faster (as opposed to slower if you simply added more health to the enemies) and offers a good balance to the increased abilities of the players since conquest tokens are a finite supply.
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