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  1. I can confirm physical stores are only getting the pre-order bonuses for half the games. The owner of my local store showed me the info on their pre-order site. There is also a game mat if the store orders 20. I don't know any stores near me that will be ordering that much.
  2. I did a little more research and am a bit worried. I haven't been to GenCon since 2013 and there were 475 FFG events that year most of them board games. Last year there were only 150 events. This year is 70 so I wouldn't be surprised to see more stuff added, but I am not expecting much more than last year. Which is sad, I found the FFG volunteers excellent teachers of games the highlight of GenCon for me. Not sure what I am going to do this year other than the in flight report now.
  3. I see very few events for board games? Whats the deal the entire reason I go to GenCon is to be taught FFG games. Same with Origins. You guys finally go back there and all that is listed is tournaments?
  4. I always heard good things, but didn't want to pay outrageous prices. Who is the designer behind the revision?
  5. The dice announcement was brutal. I saw a headline about imperial assault and jumped out of my pants. Only to put them back on and walk away depressed after clicking the link. It was like the first time dating a girl and getting her bra off knowing what was next. She insists on heading upstairs first and as you follow her up you slip and land on your balls putting you out of commission for a few days. Both these events are sad true stories.
  6. I've limited myself to checking the upcoming page only 5 times this morning. I'm making progress.
  7. What makes this even more torturous is that the new x-wing wave is out. And I have all my imperial assault stuff on the same pre-order.
  8. hourly? I just keep hoping it moves from on the boat to shipping now. Or at the very least getting a release date on the expansion packs. I just can't wait.
  9. I am playing in a casual 225 point tournament using standard rules. I have been out of the game for the past 6 months or so and haven't used any of the wave 4 or 5 models. However I have just picked up 2 decimators and I will probably pick some more stuff up before the tourney. So given so many points what kinds of weird and powerful combinations would you come up with? I was thinking something with 2 decimators, but not sure where to go from there.
  10. Played it last night. It plays a lot like elder sign. You start with 7 dice, roll them, and try to complete one of the rows on a location card. Then you repeat trying to complete each row. If you don't complete a row you lose a die and reroll. Just like elder sign. If you fail to complete a location your turn ends and the next person goes. It seems fun enough as a quick filler, but I could see it getting boring waiting for 5 people rolling dice 4 or 5 times between turns. We played with 4 and it seemed paced well enough. The game ends when all locations are captured. But you can steal locations from opponents so near the end that becomes more important than completing the last location.
  11. This is one reason I stopped going to GenCon. Last few years have been nuts. She's a bloated baby. I can't wait to see the new announcements, though. Me too. Even though Origins isn't "officially" supported by FFG a lot of the same people who run fantasy flight games at GenCon run them at Origins too. They don't usually have the new hotness, but I can at least get in events of last years games. At GenCon I either get in almost everything or entirely shut out due to how their event system works.
  12. Went to GenCon in 2012 for the first time in nearly a decade and at the last minute. Everything FFG was sold out except intro x-wing events because they were late additions. Played the game and it was a lot of fun so I bought it when it was released.
  13. I would get the 720. You can hold everything in it. I customized my trays after wave 3's molds were available. You need pluck or to do a mass update yearly for the new releases. I am going to do some more custom foam after wave 5 since I will have a full tray worth of new models for it at that point. Also with epic I may need to add another falcon and firespray slot. 720 can also handle the CR90 and and rebel transport. The custom tray creator is incredible. It takes some careful thought and planning, but its worth it IMO.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/1505441279669239/ $5 entry. Prize support will be Fantasy Flight Summer 2014 Kit. Standard Fantasy Flight tournament format. 100 point set up. Registration will be 1. Tournament begins at 2. Squads built on http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build will be accepted if you have it printed out.
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