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  1. I think the Tannhäuser Setting is great, but don't like military campaigns in RPGs. Are there any sources (e. g., books) that can serve as inspiration for other kinds of campaign in this setting? N. B. I own the board game, but this definitely focuses on the combat side of things.
  2. Wow, your generator seems to be exactly what I was looking for - I always thouht Shadow of the Beanstalk was lacking some more predefined Network layouts. I'll have to toy around with it more to get a better feel for it, but so far it looks really useful. Thanks for the work you put into it!
  3. I think the optical camouflage suit should give a bonus to stealth checks, as most of the time pcs (as opposed to npcs) are doing the sneaking, and thus are the active part in a check. Luckily, Genesys easily lets you switch active and passive roles in opposed rolls - I'd just upgrade the player's stealth skill, which (statistically) will lead to very similar results as upgrading difficulty for spotters (as this difficulty is directly informed by the stealth skill anyway).
  4. Awesome work! Didn't you do a SotB Player's Guide, too? I cannot find anything in the files.
  5. A more appropirate answer might be: I think Shadow of the Beanstalk's default power level and supported adventuring background is one where you don't run around "kitted", so relying on public transportation and renting a hopper as needed makes a lot of sense to me. This is not Shadowrun.
  6. Because in New Angeles, everyone gets around using public transportation? It's a lot more plausible, in such a densely populated city. I think you have a valid point concerning the Ristie, though.
  7. Two Jinteki clone lines from Free Fall: Hoca (homo caelum fabricata), adapted for zero-g environments - "Each was smaller than a normal human, with a large, bald head, deep-set eyes, dark skin, large hands, and [...] an extra set of arms instead of legs and feet, and extra shoulders instead of hips" (p. 54f.) Turtleback (homo vacuo operae), adapted for working in hard vacuum - "[He] stood one meter tall, and looked like he was wearing a turtle shell [...]." (p. 180)
  8. But you expect others to do so - that's... interesting. I will check out Reddit.
  9. Excuse me, but can you point me to the post this was discussed? I cannot find any news (let alone official announcements) about warped covers on this forum.
  10. I think several types of ICE come with rules that don't make a lot of sense when looked at from a "realism" angle. I guess it's because they are modelled on the way they work in the Android: Netrunner game, where plausibility was less of a concern than in an rpg. I also think porting this approach to Shadow of the Beanstalk was a mistake...
  11. In the Monster Slayer novella, two additional lines of bioroid are mentioned: a "Frank", "some sort of labor model", and a "PX", "a versatile design popular with Martian pioneers and in space exploration" (p. 28).
  12. If you have enabled messages from publishers at DTRPG, you will get an email announcement every time a document gets updated.
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