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  1. Should players be aware of what powers Dracula has? Thematically I've always played it as the hunters not knowing what power has been used until they discover the city it has been used in. I.e. once they find the body with holes in the neck, they realize Dracula has fed.
  2. Should players be aware of what powers Dracula has? Thematically I've always played it as the hunters not knowing what power has been used until they discover the city it has been used in. I.e. once they find the body with holes in the neck, they realize Dracula has fed.
  3. Also keep in mind that when fire spreads, you only place a single tile regardless of how many tiles are on fire.
  4. I just finished this tonight. A couple of things I did to add tension: 1. As the mission within the Alien City progressed, I had lighting pulse throughout the city. It originated from the main crystal and terminated at the sarcophagi. As time passed, the frequency and brightness increased. 2. I increased the rate and occurances off trembling through the structure. 3. I made sure that members of the Alpha Legion escaped from the encounter they had.
  5. I've just got a few question that popped up during the last game we played. We introduced mechanized units and mercenaries lately and a few questions have so far been unanswered. 1. Domain Counters. The Ground Force is already landed by the time the Domain Counter is revealed, right? If the carrier is destroyed by a revealed fighter, the GFs still make it and I still retain control of the planet, correct? 2. Automated Defense Systems. The faq says "Mechanized Units are treated as Ground Forces in regards to invading and controlling planets only, this includes cards and effects which would revert a planet to neutral if no Ground Forces are present. They participate in invasion combat but are immune to all abilities that refer to Ground Forces, such as Action Cards, technologies, Domain Counters, bombardments, PDS fire, and Leaders." This means I'm correct in assuming that Mechanized Units are immune to the fire from Automated Defense Systems, since it specifically says "landing Ground Force." We were landing a single mechanized unit to take over a planet that had them on it. I wasn't entirely sure this was right because of them counting as Ground Forces in regards to invading. 3. Same situation but with mercenaries. Since they are switched to ground when during the invasion step, are mercenaries also immune to fire from an automated defense system? 4. Say I send two GFs and a PDS down during the invasion step and all the GFs are killed. What happens to the PDS? Thank you for the help!
  6. Our TI group decided to use the new 8 strategy cards. At the same time, two players decided to form an alliance to help one of them win. They would pass notes, agree not to attack each other, coordinate attacks on other players, etc. None of this seemed to violate any rules but somehow I felt cheated, especially since one of the two really didn't seem to care about winning. The weak mechanics of the new Assembly card were proven due to this alliance. In our game of five people, Player A was in position 4 and Player B was in position 5. Player B would choose Assembly and use it during his turn. He would give Player A the speaker token and then play the political card of his choice. Then during the next strategy phase Player A wouldn't choose Assembly (as per an agreement between the two) and Player B would get it again. Player B would then take ths speaker token and let Player A play a politcal card from his hand. I'm not sure exactly what was wrong, but all I know is it felt dirty. I think this is why: 1. Player B really didn't seem interested in winning (he only had 3 VP while the top two leaders had 7 and 8.) Whenever players stop trying to look out for themselves it seems to kinda break the game. 2. Any political card or action card used by either Player A or Player B was carefully chosen so as to not hinder either of them two. 3. No one else, other than Player B or Player A, ever ended up with the Speaker token, one they figured out this manoeuver. Normally I'm all for the back alley deals but this seems to almost break the game. It reminds me of playing Monopoly with my wife and daughter where they will sell properties to each other for 5 dollars just to stop me from getting them. I don't mind losing to someone that either plays better than me or just get lucky from time to time and takes adavantage from it. Anyone run into this issue or similar ones like it?
  7. Using the Age of Empires option, players can qualify for any Stage I objectives immediately and any Stage II objective after the third round. The Imperial II SC says that as part of option a you can qualify for any number of Public Objective Cards. So is all ISC II do is by pass the third round requirement? Seems a little less powerful. Don't see a whole bunch of 2nd or 3rd round wins in this game.
  8. Pg. 194 of DW says that Iron Arm is a half action or reaction. While this power is in effect the Librarian gets an additional Reaction each round to parry. If this power is activated as a Reaction, does that mean he only gets one parry that first time, but two parries everyone other time (as long as it is sustained?)
  9. I'm about to run Oblivion's Edge and there's a part where the players get three Chimeras. I know my players would like to use these to their full extent and I'd like to set up the adventure so that they can. I found stats for the Chimera that someone else had posted but I was hoping to find out which source book that information was from. Thank you!
  10. In rewards section of Final Sanction it states that the players get 300xp for each Primary Mission Objective met. But for renown it states "All Primary Objective complete: 1point." Does that mean that if they completed both Primary Missions they only get one point? If they failed one, would they then get no points? Or do they get one per Primary Objective complete? Thanks.
  11. If my Devastator sets up a kill zone with the trigger being "Any enemy that walks into or through the kill zone gets shot at with Full Auto" what happens when multiple enemies go through it? Does he get a shot at each enemy? Or does the act of shooting at the first one act as an action, therefore cancelling overwatch?
  12. NM I found it. Should have just kept reading!
  13. In the Deathwatch manual pg. 102 under the Medicae skill it says "First Aid may only be applied to each wound once and is a full round action by you and your patient." I took this to mean that is a Space Marine is shot twice he can be healed twice. This makes sense to me. For each patch wound, the Space Marine would feel a little better. However the errata states "The First Aid use of the Medicae Skill can be used to treat any number of untreated injuries with a single Medicae Test. If successful, the Medicae Test removes damage as detailed above.Once the Medicae Test is performed, the injuries are treated (for better or worse) and cannot be treated with another First Aid Test. They may be treated with an Extended Care Test.” This leads me to believe that you can only use the Medicae skill once and you've treated all injuries currently on that person. Any clarification?
  14. According to the RT rules, players must first make an availability test based on population to see if there item they want is available before they even roll to see if they can acquire it. (Page 111) I'm allowing players a single acquisition roll per character at the beginning/starting of an adventure to see acquire something. My question is who would make the commerce/inquiry check? The Rogue Trader or the individual searching for the item? Could the Rogue Trader use his class ability (+10% to any test) to help this check? If so, would he then be able to use it on the player's acquisition roll?
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