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  1. I have taken to running this adventure whenever I have a new group of players to WHRP. A few groups have had interestingly evil ways of dealing with the beast men threat once they found out about them. What one group did was to take the family of inbred farmers that had been sacrificing people at the hag tree and tie them to it. Then they put a lovely amount of tar, blackpowder kegs, and kerosine on that very convenient cart and threw a bit of canvas over it all to keep it from getting wet. Then the dwarf engineer of the party tried to guess roughly how long it would take for the beast men to get from thier camp to said tree, if say, they were attracted by the sounds of horns. Cut fuse to length, sound horn, light fuse, go to edge of camp in round-a-bout way. Justice served, evil tree and family relocated to morrslieb along with a few beast men. And perfect distraction to begin an assault with. Mind you getting out of there with the stone proved a… shocking experience. A different group that had a celestial wizard in it went with a more obtuse assault path with the beast man shaman. They had the celestial wizard doing "cantrip" to pull lightning bolts down on the beast men around the stone from hiding. Pretty much playing sniper with lightning… until an unfortunate mis-cast. At that point it changed from zap them from afar to, the jig is up kill everything while we get this stupid stone down. As is it boils down to this: your players will always surprise you, be ready for anything. Have fun!
  2. Thanks for the response! Her ulterior motives are multi-faceted; Thanks to the witch hunters killing her parents but missing her (a burn them all let Sigmar sort them out type) she has an axe to grind against the witch hunters. She hopes that by using a group such as this she can make the witch hunters look like incompetent fools, and hopes to implicate a witch hunter or two in the list she gave them. In addition she wishes to prove to Tzeentch that she is worthy of Deamonhood and by having the heroes kill these other cults/witchhunters by her manipulation she hopes to earn it.
  3. Has some really good advice in general on his channel. As for your problems #'s Five and Six will probably help the most.
  4. I have all the things that have put out, I swear its a plot by the ruinous powers to make me broke . In seriousness though the expansion/adventure I liked the most was "The Witch's Song" had such a great basic premise for a villian. I made her into my groups arch-nemises for about a good 6-7 months.
  5. Greetings to all you fellow GM's out there! I just finished around a two-and-a-half year campaign with a group and have started up a new campaign with the same group. I don't normally do this but I thought I would see what kind of ideas I could gather from the community here. Feel free with the imput and ideas if you please. Slight spoilers ahead for "The Gathering Storm" so fairly warned be ye. At the moment I have a group that consists of a High Elf Swordmaster, a Human Priest of Morr, a rarely attending Dwarf Iron Breaker, and a Human Celestial Wizard. They just finished "The Gathering Storm" and are rank 2. They faired well enough in it and saved the town from drowning but were run out of Stromdorf. Afterwards as they were licking thier wounds a beggar they had met inside the town approached them, and handed them a sealed sheaf of papers with the seal of the witch hunters on it. He told them it was important that they have these papers as "She is after me and wants to kill me! The most important thing you must remember is to…" and his heart exploded out of his chest. Naturally they are outraged at this and want to hunt down the killer. As for what is in the papers: They contain ten names and locations in the empire each of a cult/conspiracy/enemy of the empire. As it is the "She" reffered to is a powerful follower of Tzeentch and has decided to "weed out" the competition so to speak. So she heard of these up and coming "heroes" and decided to make them her cat's paw by making a puppet out of a beggar they had grown to like to deliver the "message". Thats the basic synopsis with out getting too detail heavy, feel free to steal for personal use. The plan is the kind of have a "villain of the week" approach where they go to these places try to find the person, figure out the problem, and figure out how to deal with them. And once they finish off the competition, well what do you do with tools that no longer have a purpose? Anyways I was hoping to get some ideas/input from fellow GM's on ways to spice up the various villians, the plots they may have going on, ect. Also if you want more details on the background of the Npc's that I already have just ask away! Let us plot together to create a masterful evil brew!
  6. Just thought to add my two cents here. First with any MMO go to the forums for the game and take a good look at the community around it. If the forum makes you want to bleach your hard drive stay away from the MMO. Sadly the forums may only be the vocal minority but they are the ones that you probably are going to have to deal with at the worst possible time. As for EVE online… It is… Hardcore would be the best word to use I think. The fact that if you die your ship and all equipment is lost can really hurt even if you have insurance for your ship. Also put on your paranioa hat with EVE the Developers for the game have pretty much lost controll of thier player base outside the high security areas. Even inside the high security areas there are scams that are run that will get you. The player base is free to for example: "Post a mission that has you frieght an item from point A to point B. BUT when you pick up the mission there is a high fee for taking the mission to ensure you deliver said item. Then when you accept mission you find the item is something worthless that you can not possibly fit in even the biggest freighters. Thus you just got suckered out of the mission fee." Not to say that EVE can't be enjoyable my god can it be fun when you are playing with friends just be aware that there is a huge portion of the player base that is apparently Chaotic Evil. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/208-Eve-Online
  7. Also there is the whole "You use the winds of chaos and hellfire against itself you evil heritic." That the sigmarite dogma preaches.
  8. Hero's call and all the religion/wind specific p.o.d. have rank 5 spells. As for higher than 5 those would be the perview of either High Magick which they haven't, and probably won't release for game balance purposes considering higher than rank 5 would be Old-World shattering spells. No reason you can't think up some rituals of some sort and just GM fiat it if you want though. TL;DR: Nothing above rank 5 exists and it is unlikely to ever exist.
  9. My personal favorite Chaos star was when the bright wizard was trying to blast skaven and hit their stash of warpstone instead. Ended with the party running away from warpfire and yelling at the wizard about "This is why nobody trusts wizards!".
  10. The first, and most important rule of our hobby ladies and gentlemen and the thing that should always be at the focus of it all is thus: FUN We are playing this game to have fun. If it is not fun to us we should try something else, and be free to do so without fear of critism of other players. For all of us are gamers, we get enough flak from idiots who belive the whole "mazes and monsters" thing. That being said, I like this edition and will continue to support it with my money until the rule of fun no longer applies.
  11. Huzzah and glory to Sigmar! Finally got mine on wednesday! Now to plot on how to unleash this upon my players! *insert evil cackle here*
  12. witch hunt: noun; an intensive effort to discover and expose disloyalty, subversion, dishonesty, or the like, usually based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence. ^Go full paranoia on them, the witch hunters are the warhammer equivilent of the men-in-black meets nuke-it-from-orbit. They have been threatening to tell the witch hunters, ok, fine. You have a few options: 1: Have other people use this tactic on them, and don't bluff about it. Nothing like a taste of your own medicine. 2: Rumor starts to spread that a group are presenting themselves as witch hunters without the backing of the church! See above definition and aim at them. Rumor and doubtful evidence is really all the hunters need to come calling. Then "Did you say you would summon the witch hunters?" "Yes." "THEY ADMIT TO LYING ABOUT THEMSELVES! AS WE ALL KNOW LIES ARE THE WORK OF CHAOS! BURN THE WITCHES!" It is just too easy to twist someones words when you are dogmatic. For an example of this watch Black Adder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTGjv8kXzK8 around 11:30 3: As others have mentioned, actually have the hunters come calling and do thier work for them... but, the hunters decide to "kill them all and let sigmar sort them out" say good-bye to any contacts, bases of operations, and resources they have built up in that town. 4: The weak hearted person, (personal favorite) "Tell us or we will call the witch hunters!" *person being interogated has heart attack* have someone else see this and yell out "By Sigmar! They killed that man with just a word! They work evil magic!" Even if they don't call the hunters who is going to be seen talking to someone who is obviously a chaos sorcerer? 5: A servant of Chaos over hears them talking about summoning witch hunters... "By the bitter-sweet ever-changing heart of Tzeentch! They must know about my sinister plan! I must act first! " *starts sending daemonic assasins after them to kill the agents of the witch hunters* Just a few ideas!
  13. I am enjoying this because it is allows some more options for my players at a cheap price. Most certianly ordered!
  14. Honestly it seems to break down into two general groups: 1: The Tacticians prefer the grids 2: The Roleplayers prefer the gridless Just use the system that you have the most fun with after all thats why you are playing right? As for 5e using gridless.... I find the situation amusing.
  15. 1:yes 2:Using logic mainly. 3:somewhat in town I just make them subtract X amount for the meal quality they want each day 4:yes I would Like to actually get my hands on campaign coins as that seems a neat Idea to try ( someone give a review of those once you have tested please) 5:Roughly again using logic (no you don't have your armor and great axe at this party unless you want to be bounced at the gate)
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