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  1. Continuing with the thread, i got another question to drop about overruns. For the overrun to take effect, is enough for the vehicle to end its movement less than 1´´ from the enemy, or does it have to cross over a enemy miniature? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi there, I got several doubts about SSU and Aircraft. So… March is a double action. Theres no place in Op Zverograd book where it tells about Triple Actions, so if an Aircraft marchs without hovering, is it a 36'' march move? or maybe its a separate 12´´ Compulsory move action plus a 24´´ March move? If its the latter can an enemy react to your move in both steps? during the Compulsory and later on the march? And going further, if its the former, then can i drop bombs within 36'' range in my rear arc? The bomb rules tells about droping bombs at the end of a move action, but says nothin about marching. And even more… If compulsory + march results in being same movement… then moving 36´´ is considered part of the compulsory move? If so, can the aircraft exit the table and reenter the next turn? The book says such event occurs as part of a compulsory move, but if its not the situation, what goes on? If an aircraft exits the table as part of a move action instead of a compulsory move action, is it destroyed? Thanks in advance!! Yeah, i know… I ask too much… PS: Does anyone knows about a good strategy-advice forum or web site for Warfare? I really sucks playing Axis…
  3. Oh man, are you telling me that FFG, a company that makes Board, card, and roleplaying games doesnt uses the same dice and core rules for all?? Tsk Tsk, dunno if i like them again…. And now, seriously. You haters, should be proud of having such a company as FFG doing games for you. I live in spain. Here is no such people. No company makes games here, at least not such wonderfull games, they just translate it and usually publishing in a discontinued way. And even being in spain as i am, where we are suffering great economical issues, im still capable of spend 12 euros on a dice set even if it got use just for a single game… Stop crying please. Some of us are really happy of having FFG releasing a SW roleplaying game.
  4. The Core book says "If a player has lost the Unit Leaders of each of his Command Sections…" so, if a got an axis force and im playing two platoons, sturmgrenadiere and blutkreuz, can i nominate anew command section if the sturmpionere dies? Or the rule to promote command sections implies to lose botht sturmpionere and kommandotrup? If its for only one section lost, can i nominate the kommandotrup as the blutkreuz platoon command section? If its for both sections lost, then may i choose either to promote command section for the sturmgrenadiere or blutkreuz platoon? or may i replace both lost commands sections? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. I feel the custom dice and mechanics from WFRP a big improvement and i love em. But, its a matter of what you like and what you dont. For me, d20 stinks.
  6. Hello guys, Dou you think Grand'ma is affected by this upgrade, does it gain carry 5? Best regards!!
  7. I bought mine in france. At its normal price. And since the only thing i wanted where the minis i didnt care about the rulebook language
  8. 1. Can a jumping unit decide to move without jump? 1.1 If they can, gots sense for a grim reaper to still move 12''? 1.2 If they cant, since a vehicle cant rotate as part of a jump, does a mickey have to sacrifice a movement action to change his facing? 2. The Hans gots Scout, the skill text says something like "…alternatively can be deployed as having reserve.." so, may i choose between to move 6 extra inches in the first activation or being reserved? Or does it gots boths capabilities? 3. The axis "Lightning War" platoon upgrade gives fast for the rest of the game? 4. The rulebook says that enemy soldiers obscure LoS to other soldiers out of the edge of their base and up to the figure's height as if the where an area of terrain, but height doesnt influence when checking LoS to being Obscure, so… what does it means? is it about LoS being Blocked maybe? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Well, i've read and re-read the book almost 6 times, and played a looooot of Dust Warfare games. I love it. Simply. But i wanna know your thinking about the Jum Rules, bcause maybe im doing something wrong (better to say that, maybe, my opponent is doing something wrong) So, im in the middle of the table with my wonderful ludwig and suddenly those dirty tank busters falls from theführerknowswhere and one-shots it. Yeah, a lot of luky dice-rolling but, anyway, the tankbusters where inside a 3 story building, in the 2nd floor. They declarared move and attack and jumped across the third floor and over the building to landed right at firing range and reduced my shiny ludwig to scrap. What i mean is… please. No, really, pleeeeeeeeeease, tell me that those damned jumppacked rocketeer-wannabes cant cross the building that way. Well, and afterwards, a more serius question: The game allows pre-measuring, but my opponent gots the habit of, once a unit is moved, start correcting its movement. I mean, he moves to a place where the unit has no line of sight and says something like "then they move 1 less inch" or falls into reaction range and decides that it was too close and goes back. Im new to wargames, but thats not the usual, am i right? I think the correct way of doing it is to premeasure, but once its moved, wel… its moved. If the unit moves 5'' and decides to backup the 1 spare… pk, but if it has alredy moved 6''… Anyway, enjoy the weekend and thanks in advance for your answes!!
  10. Some of you are missing the point of my question. I give my axis platoon the lightning war upgrade, so some of my walkers gains fast. I march/charge against some enemy units, starting my movement out of the 12'' reaction range. Then i move 18'' towards the enemy, overruning it while my movement has not ended, so, as it seems the enemy unit will receive some supression via the overrun before they legally can react (movement has not ended) and then i finish, whit the unit alredy supressed. Is it right?
  11. What do you think that goes first, guys, supressions by a overrun or reactions? I'll propose a situation: I declare a charge with my Luther to an enemy unit at the begining of my movement. i'm out of reaction range, but my movement will get me into it to make a melee attack. I move over the enemy unit, so they will have to separate from me 1'' and my movement ends. Surely the enemy would want to react to me, but the overrun could place some supression tokens on the unit so it cant react. What do you think? the supression comes first? Or the reaction? The rulebook doesnt states at wich point the overrun takes place. Its just says " the moving vehicle rolls combat dice…. blah blah" so if its the "moving vehicle" its while its moving not when its stopped.
  12. Maverickg said: Fire for Effect order is given to a unit with the Artillery Strike ability. Line of sight is drawn from that unit. If the target is within the 16" limited sight visibility range from the unit with the order, then the Long Tom should be able to fire. Artillery draw line of sight from the miniature with the Artillery Strike ability. If the target is within the 16" limited visibility, then the Lothar could indirect fire. Yeah, i think so. But some pleople in the thread was proposing the Long Tom to be able to fire afar from the 16'' limited visibility as it is a Burst Weapon.
  13. Core Rulebook states in the page 116 under "Blitzkrieg" that: "Once per Command phase, the Command Section of a Sturmgrenadiere platoon may issue one “Blitzkrieg!” Order to one unit in their platoon. But in page 50, in the picture, the cloud from the zombies says: "These Axis Zombies make good use of the force’s special “Blitzkrieg” order. So, im wondering, how is it? As far as i know we cant have Zombies in a Sturmgrenadiere Platoon… :S
  14. So, a Lothar can shoot its Nebelwerfer indirectly using artillery strike with limited visibility?. Sounds odd. I think the Lothar can shoot directly, since its Spray, but not the Long Tom nor the Lothar using "A" range, since the line of sight is traced from an observer.
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