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  1. damnit - ignore me sorry - I was getting confused with Forgotten Gods, which I did manage to get on eBay - go about your business nothing to see here! thanks for the help
  2. It's not complete though because it doesn't list the adventure - so I wondered if there was a better list!
  3. Hi folks - on a mission to own all the published pieces of DH2ndEd if possible, I already have the core and the GM kit, looking for the rest of it but I cannot seem to get a complete list from anywhere. Also if you want to sell anything I'm buying! Cheers
  4. Sadly, to a SJW it's irrelevant how much said the thread makes. All that seems to matter to them is that they can twist something innocent to the point where they can then either claim victimhood, or play the role of Knight in Shining Armour. We shouldn't be forced into a situation where we have to go over everything we say with a fine-tooth comb, lest the SJWs find some way to twist it to claim victimhood. Firstly, having to do so just ruins the atmosphere of the community, and secondly, it's a pretty pointless exercise anyway - they will find some innocent comment they can twist into a meaning you had never imagined. (Seriously, I was reading recently about some SJWs who are now claiming that the statement "I believe the most qualified person should get the job" is aggressive against minorities.) The phrase social justice warrior is not a perjorative. The world is not out to shut you down or stop you talking, it's out to try and give everyone the respect they deserve as human beings. You might not be offended or upset by word XXX other people may be. They aren't wrong, hell, you aren't even wrong, but if you're to communicate with the wider world then you need to show some respect. All users need to do is be respectful and thoughtful. Think about how your comments could be perceived by someone you don't know thousands of miles away, possible more (or less) mature than you. Don't use offensive words, don't use offensive stereotypes, remember we're in the 21st century and this is public, not a school yard. We can all play nice, respect each other's opinion and be courteous can't we? (Edited for my own aggressiveness and quickness to point fingers, I hope this is more thoughtful )
  5. There's not enough meat there for FFG. Plus, the show is past its prime unless there's a new series or movie in the works. While I'm not a fan of Warhammer 40k/Battlefleet Gothic (which is more of a hatred for GW's business practices), that universe offers the highest probability for some sort of similar game considering the licence. There's so many different ships there that FFG would have years of easy ideas before having to scrap the bottom of the barrel. Yes very true, now if this just was not under GW license that would even be better. Does anyone really see FFG and GW come together in any way to do this? I don't!But they are already more closely aligned than almost any other pair of companies in the industry - why wouldn't they?FFG are pretty much GW's third arm and whatever the internet likes to gossip about regarding GW, there a pretty goodcompany with great IP that's always looking to sell more to more people. FFG and GW doing a reskin of armada within a 40k setting is an absolute shoe in and unlike the majority of other suggestions here has enormous traction in the community. What's really stopping it?
  6. Please don't throw that phrase around without good cause. This is good cause.... And stow your political correctness. It's a word. I cannot believe you'd be such an staggeringly unsympathetic person to think using the word **** is acceptable when buying toy soldiers, that's disgusting.
  7. Please don't throw that phrase around without good cause.
  8. Of course not - but there are recurring themes and tactics which crop up, some of us(me) are looking for concrete strategic principles
  9. This is turning into an epic and epically useful thread for dealing with all shop fleets thanks all. If ou have a concrete strategy with examples of tactics, what to move, when, in response to what, especially regarding rebel all ship fleets (we have concentrated a lot on empire ship only builds) then that would be really useful to all of us I think. Any takers?
  10. Oh I'm with you have no fear, so much that I think FFG missed a trick by not making the squadron requirement 50-100 points, not 0-100. I'm just concerned about the number of all ship builds I keep facing (though I have started to get a lot better at beating them now!)
  11. GW license their IP to FFG to do board (and card) games. They are very specific that no one else is allowed to produce miniature games in their universes. Unless you have something concrete to back that up it's just internet rumours and hearsay. Forbidden Stars contains a load of stuff that looks exactly like miniatures and in case you didn;t see the whole age of sigmar thing, GW seem to have turned over quite a new leaf
  12. What about the concerns of investing that many points in fighters which are frankly almost useless against a ship only fleet? And two bombers? You can't do much real work with two bombers can you?
  13. but GW do constantly licence their IP out and the biggest success with that licence is FFG - there re's no reason why they would;t do this as a joint venture at all.
  14. Armada has the same problem I think Gothic has. That there is not much of a boarding mechanic. IMHO BFG should be half boarding, after all that is the whole idea of space marines jumping from their battle barges and orks loading up in a boarding torpedo smashing through the hull and fighting everyone by getting stuck in there. Heck the climatic end the Horus Heresey is the Emperor challenging Horus on the bridge of the battle barge. Then the mechanic is built in - I would;t want an unchanged copy of Armada, after all we already have Armada for that!
  15. Last night 258 vs 24. To me. Boom. Almost same list, just changed the lasers
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