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  1. Hi guys! We return to the fray with Casterly Rock! House Greyjoy, as it is shown is several of the most recent global statistics, is going through a difficult moment. A capsize period in the middle of the surge of the current metagame. It is true that their competition rating has decreased noticeably in the last months. It seems that a non favorable metagame, very few reinforcements in the last cycles and an apparent stagnation in their way of playing keeps the house of the Kraken, traditionally one of the least played, adrift in backwaters. In this article we’ll try to see what are the main problems that House Greyjoy is facing right now and how we can confront them to see the future with a little bit more of hope Crisis in the Iron Islands Enjoy it!
  2. Hi guys! Finally here is the decklist that I used to win the Worlds and this article you will also find the process of creation and its development. If you have any questions or doubts about it please feel free to contact me anywhere. 2013 World Champion Deck - A real high class lord wears a lion crest Let the Rains sound...!
  3. A few weeks have already passed since worlds, but until today I just couldn't find the time to sit down and write an appropriate report of the games. This month of November has been unforgettable, but also exhausting. Just a couple of weeks after the worlds took place the European AGoT LCG Championship that is held every year in Stahleck, and with the jet lag of our trip back and the preparation of Stahleck, I haven’t been able to stop a single minute. I wrote down some of the info of each game, but having passed so many days my memory isn't going to be enough for an exhaustive report of the technical aspects of the game; instead it will be a succession of the games that I played, with general dynamics. I hope you will forgive me, but my head is just not enough!. But as it is said, the best is yet to come Report Wordls 2013! I will post my deck this week, so stay tunned!
  4. Hi there! As many of you may already know (Raxar made sure of that) last 9th of November I won the A Game of Thrones LCG World Championship, that took place in the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville,Minnesota. It was an incredible tournament, with 138 players and where lots of people with different playing skills and from different places got to meet. I had the privilege of being able to play in the tournament, being the first non US player to win the worlds. In this article I will try to reunite all the great moments that we lived during our stay in Minnesota and in the tournament. It won't be exactly a report; for that I am afraid that we will have to wait just a little more. worlds acknowledgements! Thank you very much everybody!!
  5. Hi there! We are back from Minnesota!! However while we were in US, Casterly Rock still worked! Two articles were published the last week, and we would like share them with you. First: We inaugurated the Rookies sections with a fantastic article written by Lady Allyia (Ingrid) about the specific cardgame terminology. Typical player's slang! Second: We had a great collaboration with an article written by Alquimista about his trip around Europe in the AGoT European Circuit, playing tournaments in Spain, Italy, Poland and France. And as Robert Baratheon would say "Making the eight!" We hope you'll enjoy reading us!
  6. Hey there guys, Finally, here you have the second part of Basic Westeros Economics 101: The Economic War. In it you will be able to read some of the key points to succesfully attack your opponent's economy while empowering your own. If you combine it with a good gold curve for your deck, your victory will almost be sure. Basic Westeros Economics 101: The economic war Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay awesome!
  7. Hi folks! Last 14th of October a new update of the A Game o Thrones LCG FAQs (frequently asked questions) was published in its 4.2 version. In these 4.2 FAQs we see how some of the cards that entered the list at that time get out again to incorporate themselves again with full power in the competitive game. We are going to try to analyze in the most realistic way how these FAQs might have an influence in the metagame and how new ways are opened in the deckbuilding process right before the two big yearly dates of the competitive year: the World Championship and the European Championship Castle Stahleck. New FAQs 4.2 Analysis I hope read your impressions!
  8. Hi guys! With this release we will start the interview section here in www.Rocacasterly.com And for this special moment that is the first time we have a blast. An interview with one of the most laurated, famous and friendly players of the world... Here I present you 2005 and 2012 A Game of Thrones World Champion, JOHN BRUNO!!! See you!
  9. Hello fellow AGoT players, You have now available a new article in Casterly Rock! With it we're opening a new monthly section, where we will be sharing our ideas about the new chapter releases, card by card. Let us know what your point of view is in the comment section below. Fire and Ice Analysis Also, we want to announce that we'll publish the first article in the interview section really soon... And we can promise, it is going to be a blast! So stay tuned for more info, releases and surprises about the Only Game that Matters. Have a great day!
  10. Hi guys! On the 5th and 6th October took place the last stop of the A Game of Thrones LCG European Circuit with the Tourney of the Hand, played in the french city of Lille. This way the route that has brought us through a good part of the European geography was closed, and that started with Battle for the Wall in Madrid (March), following MGST in Milano (May), Flea Bottom Fracas in Warsaw (August) and thisTourney of the Hand in Lille (October). Today we bring you with Alquimista's courtesy the deck that he played in the Tourney of the Hand in Lille, a really singular list Baratheon Knights of the Hollow Hill, that has received a lot of compliments because of its creativity, versatility and power. The King in the Hill!!! Beer and wild boards for everyone!
  11. Hello folks! Here you have our second entry in Casterly Rock: Westeros Basic Economics 101 (I). In this article you will find useful info regarding your gold curve: how to build it and make it stable, locations that might help you on that purpose and some advice when adapting it to the current metagame. www.rocacasterly.com/index.php/casterlyrock It will be followed by a second part in a few days, Westeros Basic Economics 101 (II), so stay tuned for updates! See you!
  12. Hello players of the only game that matters! And finally here it is: our very first article in the relaunched version of Casterly Rock! In it we analyze the character of Ser Jaime Lannister and his five different versions in the game. Because there are no men like him, no other way could be better to start this new adventure. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Let us know in this thread what articles you would like to read in the future! Let the Rains begin!
  13. Welcome, travelers from all over Westeros and beyond the Narrow Sea, to Casterly Rock! Casterly Rock is a web dedicated to A Game of Thrones LCG, inspired by the marvelous saga A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. www.rocacasterly.com We have a new format, a new web address (www.Rocacasterly.com) and a lot of will to keep building a place for all A Game of Thrones players from across the globe. We have renewed totally its visual aspect, trying to create a simple, intuitive, practical, elegant and nicely displayed website. The playing community has grown immensely these last years and, most important, it has globalized. Through the net, many players from all over the world can exchange ideas, decks, opinions and even play without leaving their house. It’s because of that, that in this new version our intention is not to reach only the Spanish community of followers, but to cross all frontiers and publish as well in English with the aim of reaching as many players as possible. That’s why the entire web’s content will be available in both languages: Spanish and English. And now… let the Rains of Castamere sound!
  14. Phew, it’s been already a week since the Battle ended and I just can’t believe yet that it’s over… I’m free!! xD After a couple of days of revival and getting back to reality, I can finally sit down to write a proper report on the event. I’ll be posting it the next days to come. With pictureesss! But first things first, I wanted to start saying thank you to all the players that participated in the event for coming. To each one of you, a heartfelt thank you for making the effort of coming all the way to the venue to make of this game the only one that matters. It has never been so true when we say that this is an event made for players by players: from the ones coming from faraway lands, to those who helped us to setup the tables. To the setup crew, the list is too long to be written, but just to mention a few: Kabe, Alquimista the Dragonbro (and the mighty chicken), Marlowe, Sato, Goblin… Long long list. Thank you so much guys for your helping hand! Thanks also to those that helped organizing the side events: Beregond and Willy and all the hackers that took the wall for one day, and to the Jedis and Siths that fought for the Galaxy. Thank you for coming and making it even more fun. To the referees, for sharing their time and knowledge. Special mention to the great Masi, our guide in our beginnings of the game, the creator of Casterly Rock blog, the one that taught us the Lannister spirit of evil and control, the man that showed us that there is no thing that can’t be solved with a Distraction. He came out of no were, motu proprio, to bring us two boxes of House of Thorns to give away as special prizes. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see him coming and supporting us in such a way. Maese Masi, we miss you! Great thanks also to those players that made the effort of coming from their countries to support the tournament with their presence. Thanks to the amazing Helmut, the very first player that was registered in the tournament! Thanks to Ross, for leaving the British rain and welcoming the Spanish rain; you’re a blast. Of course, thank you to the Italian crew for being so awesome!!! Gualdo and his communist love, Jaquen, Michael, Michele… (Alan we missed you!!). I cannot tell you how awesome it was to have you here, brothers in arms!! Also a special mention to Stefano, the current European champion, for being always so immensely supportive with us. We hope to give you back the favor in Milano! One of the biggest hits of the event was to have the cards signed by John Bruno, current World Champ; great player, great person, awesome guy. He made of the giveaways an ongoing craziness. John, we cannot tell you how grateful we are for your support and friendship!! Thanks of course to all our generous sponsors, that one more time trusted us with their support (yay for AGOTcards! Wohoo). In difficult economic times like this, it’s is specially appreciated. Thanks also to Wolfgang with his support with the bye round for the winner, and to all organizers of the European Tournament Circuit. Next stop: Milano! And what can we say of Nacho Molina, our personal Komarck. He has been 50% of the tournament (being the other 50% his house cards). He’s professional, talented, and great guy. Thanks for being so great. The truth is that these last months have been completely crazy with work and effort, wanting to do things right for you guys to enjoy at max. Everything went smooth and on time, thanks to your help and support. Despite all obstacles on the way, we had but kind words of support from everyone. I cannot express how much this meant to us, not being an official tournament. You have made this possible guys! I want to end this cheesy post giving my biggest thank you to my partners in crime, for their professionalism, eagerness and, overall, for being such amazing guys. For a much more fun feel free to check the heavy pic report posted in Beyond the Wall's International AGoT section: http://juegodetronos.com/masalladelmuro/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=779 Also, Photobucket fun: http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/Batallaporelmuro/library/Batalla%20por%20el%20muro%202013?page=1 Stay frosty everyone!
  15. Remember! The deadline of Monday 4th of March is tomorrow! The last day for registrations! To register you only have to send an e-mail with you personal data to: batallaporelmuro@gmail.com - Name and Family name: - Player nickname: (if desired) - Contact e-mail: - City of origin: You also have to make a deposit of the registration fee in the following bank account 0072 0544 65 0000101078 of Banco Popular with the concept of “A Game of Thrones” tournament and the name of the player to be able to identify this transaction. The IBAN for the account is IBAN ES48 0072 0544 6500 0010 1078. As well, we advice to keep the proof of payment, that could be requested by the staff as a physical proof in case of need. Once the payment is recieved we will confirm your participation via e-mail. Slots are limited (until completion the maximum capacity of the venue) so we recommend you to but them ASAP to ensure your participation in the event. See you in the battlefield!
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