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  1. That was my deck at Days for melee, except I forgot the 3 Flogged and Chained at home so I had to sleeve up three cards right before the tourney lol
  2. I've been running hellholt engineer in a joust shadows deck for a year. Its a fun card. Never sat across the table from one though.
  3. Dobbler said: I can also say, "Dang, I can't run HoD with my existing KotHH deck". So saying "I can't run KotHH with my HoD deck" is a silly argument. It goes round and round with all of the agendas. The opportunity cost of running an agenda relative to choosing any other agenda only has value in the inherent power level of ranking agendas. EVERY SINGLE AGENDA HAS AN OPPORTUNITY COST!! When you add in the fact that I believe that the Maester, Summer and Winter agendas are overpowered and need to be banned to refresh the metagame, then yes, HoD is a problem because it has a power level comparable with those three. I agree. Just like every card in a deck has an opportunity cost; it just happens to be more significant in the agenda slot (and House Card slot and restricted card choice). It isn't a silly argument, it is part of deckbuilding that limits what you can do with your deck. The rules embodiment of opportunity cost is in the restricted list. I agree with the overpowered nature of some agendas (and themes), but I don't think HoD is comparable to those agendas you mention. The simple reason is that you can still have that powerful location in those other decks, while you cannot have those agendas in your HoD deck. It is very good, but until we see play how do we really know. I personally do not consider it on par with TMP, Kings of Summer or Kings of Winter, but I might be wrong. My expectation is that you will see it in a ton of decks that previously ran no agenda (or chargenda). I think it will also do a lot to flesh out the field - I'm looking forward to rebuilding my Stannis nedly winter Wall deck that I stopped playing because I couldn't play a 4 gold location consistently. Yes, people will find out the best locations to run with it - those Bear Island decks will be losing Siege of Winterfell and those Aegon's Hill decks will lose Kings of Summer - and we will see optimal HoD decks for every house. What I expect from FFG is a bunch more agenda related cards (like Daemon/NCF/etc.) to balance the use of agendas. At least I hope.
  4. I will reconsider my above post Both are running Lannister and using misinformation.
  5. You are my forums hero. Mitt: GJ Raiders -lots of card effects -doesnt get you a win condition Obama: Martell Bounce -he would have no problem being a troll -has a better chance of winning
  6. Can someone tell me of this agenda everybody seems to be talking about that is coming out? And I love the Brotherhood agenda, super fun.
  7. I'm moving to London, Ontario in August and was wondering if there was any play down there or in the close US locations like Detroit. I can probably make the trip down to Detroit for tournaments and such.
  8. Maester_LUke said: Another thought to keep in mind, Craster does have the most blatantly negative ability to counteract his strength. In a dedicated Wildling deck, he's a 1-cost, 6 STR, stealthy INT icon, which is, as pointed out, incomparable short of attachments. (Hrmmm, Cores Set Aemon + Devious Intentions with 4 power on him ? <2 gold for the self-save & non-negative ability?>) As to dcdennis' comment, I think his ability would reflect 2 or 3 crows coming down from the Wall (or back from the Fist) and "ignoring the Old Bear's status quo" to attack Craster. Throw deadly in for "flavor" and the card draw is just "plundering his pantry," however necrophiliac an image that my conjure. All of this
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