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  1. For clarification: when a character is exhausted, you can not use his exhaust ability, however you can use any other ability on the card that does not involve exhausting. For example, in the introduction video of the game you can see Eowyn get exhausted and then using her ability where you can discard a card from your hand to give her +1 will power.
  2. I believe the FAQ clearly states that ALL cards that have ability's starting with "After your turn begins" should read "At the beginning of your turn", so yes, Vile sorceress' ability triggers in phase 0.
  3. If you are not a big fan of co-op games, maybe you haven't played any good ones. I'm a huge fan of Pandemic and Ghost Stories, so I'm very interested in LOTR. I will probably buy the base-set and then see how it turns out. If I like it, I'll also start buying the adventure packs. The game description promises a lot of variety in each game you play, something that makes a game more playable over a long time.
  4. jogo said: I would definitly like more Capital boards. And I would like extension packs for single factions. I am not interested in Chaos/Dwarf/HE/DE cards, but my BPs are filled with them. Why cant I buy my Orc/Imperium Pack each 3 months with less cards and for less money? And some introduction boxes for new factions. I think FFG point in LCG is to offer expandable cardgames that you can easily keep up with in having all available cards and to keep it affordable. A lot of players will be dissapointed if they should quicken the amount of cards released in a month.
  5. Making more factions would only lead to more cards, and I don't like the idea of 2 BPs a month instead of 1. I think the balance of 6 factions is great, and the idea of starting with 4 and then releasing 2 more in a large expansion was awesome. Also, factions are allready showing very similar cards, so what is the point of even more factions with more of the same cards? PS: what is your problem with people who don't agree with you? How old are you, 9?
  6. When you have 3 of those buildings, you get 3 resources when you play a spell. Every card's effect is triggered, because they all have the same effect. You shouldn't think of them as "the same card" but 3 different cards.
  7. No, you can play as many cards in each zone that you like, with the exception of Heros and unique cards.
  8. That's correct, all damage done during the battlefield phase is canceled. You can see the card here: deckbox.org/system/images/whi/cards/1-25.jpg
  9. Power enhancers surely count. For example: Shrine to Taal gives 1 unit extra power for each development in it's zone. This extra power counts towards the gaining of recources/cards.
  10. I hope this game makes it to Essen 2010, it will be a must-buy for me.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's meant to last longer. Look at the new card of the week. The clarification of the card sure mentions you can get enemy units out of the way for good, not untill the end of the turn. For the DE Epic spell, it's even clearer, since they also have a tactic which can take over just one unit, and it specificaly says "untill the end of turn". It would be a horrible waste of 10 recources to just gain control of some units until the end of your turn.
  12. Yes, you can. However, if you have more then 1 development, you are obliged to spend at least as much recources as you have developments. For example: if you have 4 developments, you must spend 4 recources.
  13. -The effect lasts past the turn you played the card. -You have to choose the unit the damage is redirecting to when you play the card. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe if the unit you chose isn't in play anymore when the effect resolves, the damage is just canceled.
  14. In the Deathmaster's Dance BP, there is a Dwarf Quest card called "Reclaim the hold". I don't know if all the cards have this, but mine has the core set symbol on it, with the Corruption symbol behind it.
  15. Overseer Lazarus said: ventura72 said: Uncle Sam, You can play attachments on your opponents units as long as there is no limitation on the attachement about having to be played on one of your units. For example, Choppa has to be played on a unit in your BZ, on the other hand a Warp Lightning Cannon can be played on any unit in play. Sorry, Charlie, that dog don't hunt. Not to be an arse or anything, but on page 10 of the rulebook - section 3. Capital Phase, 1st paragraph - it states that "a player is allowed to play unit, support, and quest cards from his hand to his three zones..." It goes on to say that "the controller of the card chooses where (amongst his three zones) the card is placed." Because an attachment is a support card, it CANNOT be played into another player's zone. The ONLY reason hexes and the like are allowed to be played into an opponent's zone is because it explicitly says so, and cards trump rulebooks - per The Golden Rule on page 5 of the rulebook. If that were true, the Dark Elves would have some really useless support cards.
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