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  1. If it's anything like the last event, you'll receive an e-mail from FFG acknowledging your purchase, and it will ask you to reply with what specific things you plan on attending, then they will give you more information about those things.
  2. Was looking at the calander of events and wasn't seeing any nights for Dark Heresy. Is their a normal night people are running campaigns?
  3. Had a quick question about membership. The website says you can get a discount for being a member, but what does being a member entail? Is there a membership fee? Does being a member grant you other privlages besides for a discount?
  4. doesn't quite answer my question, but good to know about ZPizza (personally not much of a fan of the place, I feel it's a bit overpriced for what you get, though their lunch specials aren't too bad). Was asking if you'd get kicked out if you brought in Mcdonalds or a to go container from a restaurant?
  5. not quite what I was looking for mate, but thanks for trying to help. Got an e-mail from FFG that answered the first part at least. Cheers.
  6. is it ok to bring carryout or fast food into the event center?
  7. I just had some quick questions about the upcoming 1750 point tournament. 1) What kind of battle point system is being used? IE are their points for sportsmanship and painting? or is it just about winning? 2) What FAQ is being used for the tournament? Is this a Games Workshop sanctioned tournament? Or will the be using the Adeptacon FAQ?
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