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  1. Wow, great answer Mal. I gotta ask you, is everything you said your own interpertation or does some of if has basis? It just sounds like the whole buisness with the college of light is pretty straightforward and not open to interpertations...
  2. I'm actually not looking for an answer dependant on editions, but more from a lore point of view.
  3. Hi, I'm new to fantasy Warhammer, and wanted to find out a few thing (mostly lore wise). As far as I know wizards are... Disliked, to say it midly, across the Empire. But then again, there are formal schools of magic for wizards. My question is, how do wizards walk about without witch hunters turning them into hamburgers? Do they have some kind of "liscence" papers (which can then be forged, lost, torn, burnt or w/e. Being totaly unrelieble)? Or maybe some kind of other mark of wizardry? Also, once a wizards legal status is established, how much enfluential power does he wield? I mean, who has more say a witch hunter or a journeyman wizard? A master Wizard or a priest of sigmar? An apprentice wizard or a captain in the emperial army? Thank you.
  4. Thanks man, it really did help alot. I do however have a followup on question 5: It says in the tactical advance description that that during the duration of the move, you are considered under cover. The only case (as far as I can see) that anyone can attack you during the duration of the move is if someone delayed an action or you are crossing an overwatch zone. It also says in overwatch that if you make a shot during another creatures turn, then agility determins who acts first. So do I get an attack but either way the target is considered behind cover? Why then would I make the shot while he's moving (at a harder difficulty) when I can shoot him through his cover at easier difficulty with the same results? Or maybe I do shoot him on the move and he's considered in open ground? But that contradicts the tactical advance description, and also makes it quite useless. What I would suggest is making an opposed agility test. If the shooter winds, he gets a shot while the target is not under cover. And if the target wins, then the shot is through cover. Either way it's made with the -20% difficulty. How's that and how do you guys play it? Thanks for your time .
  5. Brother Praetus said: Honestly; and not to sound elitist or smug or mean, but, if you're looking for realism, why are you even playing an RPG? -=Brother Praetus=- Well, that's easy. I am always looking for realism inside the laws of physics a certain world/setting has. In W40k for example the laws of physics (or nature if you will) allow the existance of psyckers and elves in space and whatnot. But no where does it state that creatures are so fast and (and have all the other attributes needed to dodge), they can dodge bullets... On the other hand, your explanation about positioning yourself in a way that makes you less likely to be hit is fine and was exactly what I was looking for (although dodge can pretty much halve the chances of hitting you and I find it a bit high). Kinda like in Equilibrium . Anyway, thanks for the answers, and for not sounding elitist or smug .
  6. Hi, Got a few questions about these two: 1. What exactly is the difference between and ordinary "Suppressing fire" action, and when you make one as part of overwatch? A bit confused there... 2. It says in Overwatch characters caught in the kill zone make a pin test. All characters and not only my target? And even if I don't use the suppressing fire as the action? 3. Can I attack more than one target using overwatch? i.e. If ten targets meet the condition of my overwatch can I attack them all? 4. Can I use the overwatch attack in the same round I set the overwatch up? Like if the conditions are met on an intiative lower than mine, but in the same round? 5. What if I overwatch an open area between two covers, and my target tries to use tactical advance to move from one of those covers to the other? Do I get the shot, or does he make the move? Thanks for your time
  7. Hi, I'm a beginner to the warhammer rpg systems and just reading through the rules. The dodge rule in DH and RT struck me very strange. You can dodge bullets? Really? Even multiple hits from auto fire? All the while in WFRP (e2) you can't even dodge a thrown object... Does this make any sence to you guys? The two not only contradict reality, imo, but also each other... How do you guys deal with it?
  8. Alright, thanks. I will read about the economic and battle systems of the two to compare more closely.
  9. Thanks guys, I will use DH since the players themselves said thety would prefer it to get to know the universe better. But as far as rules and stuff, rre there any section I should import from supplements or RT (ie the battle system in RT may be more accurate, or the exp system better or something like that)?
  10. Thanks for your input guys, it really helps. When the encounter accured, I held the position that the priest wasn't in the right. It just seemed wrong to me to me that a priest of Sigmar would use deception to win a duel with a dwarf. I picture them as a more straightforward type . The thing is, from my point of view, it was not a duel invloving all skills and talents from the characters, but an unarmed duel. Meaning without armor, weapons and other things not directly connected to unarmed fighting. To me the priest clearly didn't give the dwarf a fair chance at this (but that may have not been the point). Then again, if you don't look at the buff as simply that, but a prayer to Sigmar, and if Justice and law are more important to Sigmar than fairness, then yeah the priest is alright. (I think I like Ulric more then Sigmar after this discussion )
  11. Hi all, Me and my party have access to several Dark Heresy books, as well as Rogue Trader and was wondering what system/setting better to use as a first timer to W40k rpg (Veteran in RPG's in general, and have some experience playing wrpf 2e)? I've looked at both (but not played them) and they seem very similar, except the setting (in one you play a lowly acolyte and the other a ship captain). Also, maybe it's a good idea to somehow combine the two? What I mean is maybe it's a good idea to start in the acolyte setting with DH professions, but use the RT combat system cause it's more balanced or more realistic or something? Or maybe integrate some other system from the two games? And last, are any supplement recomended esspecially that can enrich the game? Thanks for your time guys
  12. Hi, Me and my friends are playing Warhammer frp2 and following the next encounter, had a disagreement: The facts: 1. A dwarf insulted a priest of Sigmar and accused him of theft. 2. The priest of Sigmar is not guilty for a fact. 3. The priest of Sigmar wanted to both teach the dwarf a lesson and prove his innocence in the eyes of everybody present. 4. The priest of Sigmar challanged the dwarf to a bare knuckle duel (Undoning their armor, no weapons, ect...). A sort of "Trial of the gods". 5. Just before the battle the priest casted a buff on himself that considerably lowered the dwarf's chance to win the duel (the dwarf didn't understand it was a buff, but instead a simple prayer to Sigmar). 6. The priest of Sigmar won the duel without harming the dwarf (stunning him). Now the question: Was the duel fair in the eyes of an average man? Was the duel fair in the eyes of Sigmar and his followers or did the priest use deception to win? And finally, is the priest of Sigmar in the right according to their codex? Thanks for your time
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