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  1. Hey, Dragon. Try using the little button that looks like mountains, it's fourth from the right side. It should bring up and Image Properties window, then you can paste the direct link to the image there. Also, I've found that while the heroes made with Antistone's generator are a bit powerful, it levels out fine in the Advanced Campaign. And that's with us playing with full skills, and feats, rather than the limited amount the Advanced Campaign normally gives the players. I'm currently at 107 Conquest, with one town Razed, and the heroes have 61 Conquest. I've yet to upgrade a monster category, because I'm being a sport and letting them get good gear. Edit: I'm playing the Sorcerer King and have all my lieutenants.
  2. Put it on Board Game Geek, they have a section for Descent stuff
  3. You should get together with Antistone and conspire to create the best Descent Hero Creator evar :3
  4. Hey all, was wondering if I could get some links to blank versions of Descent cards, I have a friend that's willing to create templates for them for the Magic Set Editor program, but I'm not entirely sure where to get a hold of all the different card types. Any assistance here would be appreciated!
  5. Ah, I'll have to ask him about them, thanks. As for the skill cards, the Villains will be asked to draw first, then to write down the results and shuffle their skills back in, mostly because the villains have so many skills. I may, depending on how that goes in Play-Testing, design an entirely new set of skills for the Villains. Also, thanks for catching that. They originally were going to be called Cultists. I'll fix that, though I'm probably not going to upload the fixed versions just yet.
  6. I like the new versions, and I would say if they took up an Other slot and a Hand slot, they're very balanced, and maybe just a tad bit powerful if they only take up a hand slot. They're nice, useful items, though I do agree a flat +1 Armor is a bit overpowered on the Copper-level ones, perhaps... "Whenever you lose wounds from an attack, roll a power dice and prevent one wound if you roll a surge."
  7. So, I was looking around the internet, and I found a wonderful program for Arkham Horror called Strange Eons. I was curious if anyone else has seen it or not, and if anyone would be willing to come with me, so to say, over to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay part of the forums and see if anyone over there would be willing to make (or at least help) with some Descent templates for it. They've made WHFR templates for them, so maybe if we pitch in and give a team effort at convincing them it's worth their time they'll help us out, or at least let us know how it's done. Anyone up for such a daunting task?
  8. 1) I'm going to be using a modified version of the Hero cards later for Villains, for now these will have to do. Also, there's no easy way to edit the AC cards, or to make your own, at least not without complex digital graphics programs (Photoshop. Okay, so not so complex, just out of my budget). 2) Fire Spirits are meant to be used in tandem with another planned card (Ambush), or used as bombs of sorts. Heavy hitting, but only likely to get one hit off. 3) Those are the base stats for the Villain. As with RtL and SoB there will be upgrade cards which make him more powerful (though not quite as drastically at a time). The Villain will be able to train, equip themselves, and gain upgrades, eventually being on par with the Avatars of RtL, without being overly powerful early on (Since you can use them similarly to Lieutenants). As it is, the base stats (At least to me) look beatable by a group of heroes with little to no gear (As it should be). Tough, but beatable. Also, if anyone knows of a program that allows you to create your own AC cards, I'd love a chance at it. As it is, that's the major roadblock for this project. Even a blank template would be helpful.
  9. So, I've gotten started on my project, and I've got some spoilers for people... Introducing the first Villain. At the beginning of the game, the Overlord chooses a Villain, which functions as their will on the mortal realm. Villains function similarly to Lieutenants in RtL and SoB, except that they are figures of extreme power. Villains purchase equipment just as Heroes do, from their personal reserves of gold which is earned from razed cities and from certain locations. A Villain may equip two hands worth of weapons or shields, one Armor, two Other items, five Potions, and may carry up to ten items. When a Villain is defeated by the players, and equipment they had is given to the players, and the Villain returns to the Overlord's Keep and must recover before they can continue attempting to conquer the land. Akiatoth was once a humble priest, but when the overlord possessed him, he began to take a dark twist down the road to evil, taking his entire priesthood with him. Akiatoth is a powerful melee combatant with a great deal of magical prowess as well. Akiatoth is difficult to keep down, and is a fast, hearty opponent. Akiatoth's minions are Heretics, Hellhounds, Fire Spirits, and Demons. Heretics are Akiatoth's footsoldiers, fanatics of his dark cause, willing to lay their lives down for their master. The masses are composed of cannibalistic zealots, whose pain only brings them greater power. The high priests constantly produce power for their master, stealing it from those they strike in combat. Heretics are tough, and difficult to take down, but are comparable to Beastmen. Fire Spirits are dangerous creatures, conjured directly from the outer planes. Fire Spirits are weak creatures that can deal great amounts of damage in single bursts. While not terribly tough, Fire Spirits make great ambush combatants, and are mobile in addition to having great range. Aaaand the associated Spawn cards for the Heretic and Fire Spirit. Each Villain will also have one General and four Lieutenants to choose from, as well as the generic lieutenants. Generals act similarly to the Villain themselves, and Lieutenants act similarly to a party of Anti-Heroes. I am accepting suggestions for additional Villains. This one was generated using Anti-Stone's hero generator, with a score of 507 BP. If you have a cool idea, feel free to donate :3
  10. In the project I'm working on, I'm including "Portable Glyphs", Other items which the heroes may carry that allow them to transport themselves and all adjacent heroes back to town, or back to their home town if they're on the world map. They're, of course, one use and cost as much as a potion, which I thought fair since towns are easy enough to get back to, and there are other ways of getting back to the home town in this AC that I'm working on. Eitherway, I have mine trigger immediately after use, rather than waiting. The hero uses it, and then the affected heroes are instantly transported to town. In playtesting, I'll see how much it's used and abused, and what changes I need to make to it... Thinking about making it usable only at the beginning of one's turn.
  11. I'm currently working on a homebrew project (Which I'll be releasing some spoiler for soon), and I'm trying to find an updated card creation program for it, preferably one that allows Advanced Campaign cards...
  12. Sir Valadir's Improved - When making an attack, you may spend 1 fatigue to upgrade all power dice to the next level of dice, from black to silver, and silver to gold. That seems pretty balanced to me, all things considering. That's a virtual 5 points, but depending on how you use it, it ends up just slightly more powerful than normal Valadir's ability... Or alternately "<Insert normal Valadir AC ability here>. Blanks count as enhancements when you roll them." That would be better than Valadir's normal ability, and give the Advanced Campaign version a slight edge without being useless or over-powerful necessarily. Tava the Talented's Ability - I would have all costs halved, honestly, just to make the ability more useful. Skills in the AC are expensive >.> Wild Strikes - I think the +3/+5/+7 is more fair than the +3/+6/+9, because the second one could really get rediculous >.> Eagerness - Perhaps letting the hero start anywhere in the initial area? In other words, anywhere the heroes have sight of when they enter the dungeon? Most dungeons that's not much, but it's handy, kindof... Ambush - I'd have this limited to any area the character could normally reach. I.E. Not behind locked doors and such, otherwise that seems good. Perfect Skill - I'd make it the single starting skill. We play a variant where heroes start with all their skills eitherway, and I don't see what's so powerful about heroes with all their skills. I still end up ahead of them in conquest and power eitherway most of the time >.> Tinker - "You may buy items and potions as if you were in town." That's what I'd change it to for AC. Honestly, I don't se this being any more broken in AC than Vanilla, and I don't see there needing to be much change. Just don't allow them to train in the dungeon, is all. Untouchable - "When you drink a potion, instead of the normal effects you may gain +3/+6/+9 Armor and you may immediately place a dodge order." Perhaps scaling with the campaign level, as noted above... That will make it less "Hi, I'm not completely invincible" and more "Hey, look at me, I'm tough as hell!" Tincture of Fate - "When you drink a potion, instead of the usual effect, you may choose to discard 3 of the overlord's threat tokens" Perhaps versatility at a lack of some of the power? Miser - "Your group gains twice the normal amount of coins from master monsters, and 25 coins from non-master monsters." Perhaps? That would make it useful in campaign, and probably end up equalling roughly the same amount (Most characters with Miser are kindof wimps eitherway), and would less encourage players to go die to earn some extra money.
  13. Elric of Melniboné said: Swift Talnir: look, I love Dwarves...And what I know about dwarves is they should sport high Armor, low Speed, average or higher Fatigue. I also love this Dwarf Picture and I've made a sheet for him worth 358BPs which gave him the Grian Ashbringer Bleed Ability variant, Bleed to his attacks and (I modified my editor a bit allowing an additional perk on Grian's ability) the Immunity to Bleed...AND completely different stats. 12HP 0Armor isn't a Dwarven build...at all. 3Fatigue, 5Speed make things even worse. The build is that of a friggin pointy-ears, not a proud stout! Also, I don't believe he carries an axe on his back for show. For 356 points, I'd modify him like this: 8HP, 2Armor, 4Fatigue, 3Speed, 1Melee+2Ranged traits, 1Fighting+2Subterfuge skills, abilities and CT the same. Much more dwarven, slower but has more fatigue and 8HP 2Armor is much stronger build for 3CT than 12HP, 0Armor. Loses one trait die on Ranged, but having Bleed and Elixir of Wrath he should be able to inflict serious damage to anyone anyway. Having access since the very beginning to Fighting skills, instead of just Subterfuge may be very nice since there are skills like Unmovable or Knight that would make him just monstruous combined with the Elixir and his now 2Armor. And like that he'd be much more dwarven...definitely. These are just my opinions, by the way... I made Talnir the way he is because he's different. The idea behind him is that he was supposed to be far removed from his dwarven racial norms. After all, there's always gonna be someone that's different. As for Hataya, I didn't make her, my friend who's Overlording did, which I forgot to mention, and one of the other hero players made Zara. Also, anywhere I put the skills or stats in the ability window, it's because the version of Iams I managed to come across doesn't support skills or traits higher than 3.
  14. Derp derp. I'm still learning, and therefore occasionally make a mistake like that. Also, as to Hataya, if she ends up with the right skills she's a very mobile character overall. As is she is a bit slow, but has a tendency to place Run orders fairly often eitherway.
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