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  1. I'm pretty sure you can download the rules somewhere on FFG's website. Hold on ... (looks around) ... here's a link: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=10&esem=4 I actually picked up both the CCG and the LCG a few months ago; the gist of the rules hasn't really changed. They've added some steps here and there. A lot of the cards are reprints from various sets. And there's more of a bent toward multiplayer rather than 2-player.
  2. JerusalemJones said: I'm with you there. For as much fun as the leagues are, they just don't hold up to monthly support. And with the LCG format, it's not like we can give away packs to the winners. Single Promotional cards worked well in other CCGs. And they need not be overpowered promotional cards, either. I know it kinda "breaks" the you-get-everything-in-chapter-packs ... but, hey, it's a prize that won't break the bank.
  3. Mighty Jim said: why don't they just include the FAQs (or at least a more detailed rules explanation) in the Core Set? The obvious answer: so that players can get the most-updated-version of the FAQ ... and also become aware of updates to the FAQ and the resources they have in the FFG forums. The less obvious answer: so that players are encouraged to visit the FFG website ... and buy more games.
  4. I've taught the game using the Valyrian edition, which seems to manage to avoid the trickier situations. Dealing with Renown and Stealth are probably the trickiest situations that the decks I've pre-constructed would bring up in our games. I think it's important to get the "basic rules" down, and I think it is fortunate that there are ways to build teaching decks that don't necessarily require the FAQ. We've tried the Core LCG decks once so far; and obviously, the timing of Deadly came up, as well as the timing of the various save/cancel effects. By this time, however, we're already comfortable with the flow of the game ... and learning the "new" things added more excitement to the game.
  5. jack merridew said: heres the setup, i am now playing against 3 other players using Greyjoy, Stark and Lannister and having the choice between Baratheon and Targaryen i chose Targaryen..... ..... any ideas? i mean i understand the idea behind a burn deck but all the decks i saw used the contents of 2 or 3 core sets How about you ask your friends (the 3 other players) to trade you their Targaryen cards ... in exchange for the cards you have that match the house(s) they play? Unless all 4 of you are sharing 1 core set.
  6. Actually, the primary complaint I can make about the old Babylon 5 ccg is the fact that the most interesting cards were hard-to-find rares in booster packs. Releasing entire sets as an LCG would pretty much solve that. As it is, I actually prefer the mechanism that the game uses to resolve conflicts (similar to A Game of Thrones' challenges), and how deep the player interactions across the entire table can become. Unlike the challenges in A Game of Thrones (which typically only involve 2 players at a time), the Babylon 5 conflicts usually get the entire table involved. Plus, multiple conflicts can be active during any given turn. So this leads to some interesting dynamics between players as they try to get help from other players to succeed in their conflict ... while opposing other conflicts at the same time. I've played plenty of sealed-deck tournaments for Babylon 5, so I know that it can succeed on even that basic level of deck construction. Most of the key characters in the game are "uniques" meaning only one copy may be in play at any given time. So the "core set" of the game can be played with just one copy of these key cards. Perhaps the only cards that each player would need multiples of would be the generic aides/agents/captains/fleets. But that's like having multiple limited locations for A Game of Thrones.
  7. ktom said: I've long envisioned a "car and driver" tournament. Everyone builds the best deck they can and writes up a short explanation of what it's supposed to do. Then you randomize the decks and the players, so no one plays the first round with the deck they brought. From there, you run two sets of pairings, one for the decks, one for the players. Everyone plays a different deck almost every round. At the end of it, there is a top deck and a top players; prizes for each. I've heard of events like that; I imagine that it would be tough to pull off in a regular "tournament" setting since a lot of players are kinda attached to the decks they built. But the experienced players would be more open to the idea of "sharing deck ideas" and then playing in an environment that emphasizes more player skill than "I've got a better deck". I would suggest that the tournament be a non-elimination type. Each round, everyone plays at a different table, hopefully against different players. After a certain number of rounds (hmmm... how many games can you play in 8 hours?), tally up the win totals by deck and by player. Heck, why not have a regular tournament on Day 1, and then the Top 5 from Day 1 get to play in the final melee on Day 2. The final format is this "pass your deck to another" format.
  8. If you want to give yourself a challenge ... Play using the Neutral House ... but use characters all from Baratheon (and no neutral house cards!)
  9. That's a pretty well thought-out reasoning! Thanks for taking the time to explain all of that. Now ... if only people will accept that answer, and if we can get that into the FAQ somehow...
  10. chrassos said: Q: I have to kill one of my Chars (maybe for a Military claim effect). Can i play two House Tyrell Guards from my Hand? or just one for every of my kills? Yes ... and "no". Technically speaking, you don't play the HT Guard ... the response put it into play. There's a subtle difference. You'd also want to do each of those responses one at a time, allow them to resolve, and allow the other players to respond. But aside from all that, you can play as many responses to a particular "occurance" ... in this case, the occurance should be "one of your House Baratheon characters is killed", and you can certainly make two responses to that. (I personally think that there should be a limit; but since we're dealing with a response from separate cards (two separate House Tyrell Guards), this seems to be a valid play).
  11. Toqtamish said: Already in the FAQ (3.1) The Letter X Unless specified by a preceding card, card effect, or granted player choice, the letter "X" is always equal to 0. Further, any card with no cost of a specified type is assumed to have a cost of 0 for purposes of determining how that card interacts with triggered effects that need to count its cost. Wait... so is that FAQ effectively saying that the "card effect" of the Pirates of Orkmont would give X a value?
  12. Thanks for the responses! It helps a lot!
  13. In my humble opinion, it would probably be a smart move for Id to allow FFG to continue making and expanding the game. As it is, the boardgame may be better than the video game!
  14. I know I'm now veering off topic ... but ... Would the lack of a license mean that FFG can't print / reprint more copies of the existing base game / expansion?
  15. I haven't done enough research to figure something else out, hopefully one of you guys can answer: When FFG reprints the game (ie, "another print run"), do they stop and make modifications to the rulebook / components to account for errata, better wordings, or better examples? The only time I've personally seen a "fix" was when FFG released the 2nd edition of Runebound which has some significant changes over the 1st edition. I haven't spent as much time in Game of Thrones which is another game I've recently picked up but I know they made a few changes when they switched from CCG to LCG. Essentially, I'm just wondering if the latest print run of Descent has undergone a significant number of changes that I should wait to get "the latest" directly from FFG, instead of looking for an older copy from Ebay or a local store.
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