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  1. I would say your interpretation is correct. Your can't succeed, or fail, a test unless you can take it in the first place. The power of Seeker of Lore depends on how often, and how important, lore tests are needed that your party cannot take their time with. If they don't come up, which is probably the case, then Seeker of Lore will not be particularly useful. How powerful the skill is is in large part up to you. That being said, it would be improper to look at balance in terms of caree skills versus other career skills. The Seneschal has access to a number of skills that other careers do not, or at least do not have access to as early as the Senny. The Seneschal also has the best experience cost spread for characteristic advances, with only two super-expensive stats, one of which being quite unimportant for the Seneschal (strength). The Seneschal, in many ways, is by design able to plug holes in the rogue trader's diplomatic and commercial skillset while offering some other useful but not terribly necessary skills. If your party's RT is focused on trade and negotiations, a senseschal will be of fairly limited utility, while a more millitant RT will benefit greatly from a skilled seneschal.
  2. It looks like it, as long as torpedoes are considered starship weapons. If you need a really concrete answer, you should probably just send FFG an email. They are pretty good about responding in a timely manner.
  3. Memetix said: I think you are right, I have been thinking for a while about redesigning the equipment sheet and now could be the right time. I think it should include a complete shop with all the weapons, armour and equipment items listed with a quantity owned column. Then for each item owned I could list them with the option to assign item quality and location (i.e. carried, backpack, quarters). This could then total up carried weight and allow assignment of weapons to a hand meaning I could add on bonuses to damaged dependent on bionics for each arm.. I'd need space for custom items too and then work out how to cope with current saved characters in the old format....... Before starting on the this - any more thoughts or ideas? Custom items would be pretty easy, just add a box or something labeled "Custom" that when checked will allow the user to fill out all of the information manually instead of picking an item from the list. Maybe throw in an option to save the item and add it to the equipments lists if you like extra work. If you really want to go all out with a shop of some sort, it would be nice if there were ways of sorting the list, like looking for just exotic pistols or SP basic weapons. Some indication of whether or not the character possesses the appropriate talents for the weapon would also be nice. And, of course, some way od showing the rarity/acquisition mod of an item. I wouldn't worry too much about location except for carried in a hand or carried in storage, because there is no uniformity between groups as to how items are carried, or even if they care at all as long as they don't break the encumbrance limit. Some way of indicating where an item not being held is carried would be enough.
  4. The Xeno Hunter option for Lure of the Void should give the choice of either Tracking or Scholastic Lore (Beasts) as a trained skill, but doesn't. Now that equipment is in, are you going to have the equipment page automatically include basic starting equipment? Additionally, if I can have a third wish, a slot in the weapons table on the equipment page for craftsmanship would be nice. Of course, with the way the weapons table is implemented, redoing the equipment page entirely might be for the best. I;m sure you have noticed that finding weapons in the weapons table drop-down is, to be polite, cumbersome.
  5. A landing bay comes with 3 squadrons per point of strength. The core RT book says the ship comes fully stocked.
  6. Part of the issue is that Sunsears are just too good compared to the other macrobatteries. One less strength, one worse crit rating would do a world of good for opening up options for starship weapons.
  7. The RT corebook is missing the overcharged power-pack from DH. Also, does anyone know which book has the rules for adding chameloline as an armor upgrade? I saw it once and haven't been able to find it again.
  8. Throw more enemy ships at them, and make it harder for them to abuse the long range of the sunsears. A single ship is always a liability, and celestial phenomenon are too much fun to ignore.
  9. The blurb about the Warsphere makes it pretty clear that the Kroot are not typically in the business of hiring their warspheres to serve as battleships. If you wanted to get a Warsphere, you would have to hire all the kroot on it and they would use the Warsphere as their own transportation.
  10. You forgot the Firestorm-class Frigate, from either Into the Storm or Rogue Trader, depending on how you see it.
  11. The one problem I see is with Hearth & Home from Former Chartist Vessel. There is no distinction in the rules between the attacker and defender in a boarding action. The Tenebro Maze has earned quite a few posts in the rules forum due to this issue, if memory serves.
  12. How many men the barracks comes with should depend, in part, on what type of troops you want. Better troops, like armor or mechanized infantry, should come in smaller quantities than feral world light infantry, for instance.
  13. ANYONE can start out with power armor and best-quality muscle grafts, but you can't get both from the freebie acquisition.
  14. Vandroiy said: The ones in the book are probably just the ones that would be of interest to a Rogue Trader as their Flag Ship. Probably closer to the settings equivalent of the Millenium Falcon instead of a bulk freighter. Hygric's proposed hull would be pretty handy to have as a support vessel, but I doubt many players would take it as a first choice. I'd say the Orion is closest to the Millenium Falcon. The other transports are a bit slow for the role.
  15. This is an issue I have encountered in my group as well. Our solution was to simply tie the PF and SP to the last choice. the SP is 100-PF, or the PF is 100-SP, whichever means of calculating you prefer. Any unused SP is lost. Infamous will give the party 60-70 PF, and 30-40 SP. Unknown gives 45-55 PF and 45-55 SP. Famous gives 30-40 PF and 60-70 SP. Additionally, the party may one archaeotech or xenotech component for normal SP if the GM agrees the chosen component is justified, or double SP if not (you should probably not use that last bit). This overrides the archaeotech component allowed by "Age of Rebirth" and the xenotech component allowed by "Halo Artefacts". This system has worked well because it gives the party a bit more freedom to pick warrant path options that fit their background and makes no longer strictly superior to PF. The party has a great deal of control over how much will be invested in their ship and how much will be invested in their dynasty, which is something I have enjoyed as a player and found players enjoy as a GM.
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