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  1. Just to be helpful to future seekers—while the GM screen and "Campaign sessions" links are broken, and I couldn't find the latter on the forums when I searched, I did find Useful tips for useless traits.
  2. *Looms out* Just checking up on this place. Man, I was a jackass a couple years back. Sorry about that, guys. XD
  3. Oh, D&D, Pathfinder and obviously Grimm. Any RPG can be played in a PbP.
  4. Laughmask said: I'm gonna assume free-form means just post your actions regardless of previous posts, and play-by-post is working off of others' actions and posts? If I am correct in those assumptions I think it might just be overall easier to free-form it, but it'd be pretty cool if we could a play-by-post going. Perhaps maybe state your archetype before anything to get a feel for your character. Mind you, I have no idea how well this will work out... but here's maybe something to test: Whether entering the Grimm Lands for the first time or struggling to survive in your adventure, one thing is for certain - you are not where you remember falling asleep. The stinking alley in which you've woken up is littered with bums and the like. The exit is gated off and guarded, while farther down the alley is a simple dead end. The clothing of the bums isn't composed of the rags you would expect though, rather, they are quite nice and almost of royal quality. But they all share one thing in common, an empty coin purse that they clutch as if their life depended on it. Not long after you've woken up, a horse and carriage can be heard pulling up near by and a conversation between the guards can be made out. You can piece together a bit of what the guards are talking about including "packages to be picked up", "new merchandise, and young ones at that" and "supposed to be a wealthy buyer coming today." As the sound of the key ring begins to jingle, it is now time for you to make a move. You are incorrect in those assumptions, unfortunately.FFRP means roleplaying without true rules. One person, playing their own character, would post 'Frodo the halfling stabs at the Nazgul'. Then the fellow playing the Nazgul would say 'The Nazgul king is mostly unharmed, and slashes at Frodo, embedding a bit of the cursed blade in the Ringbearer'. You should probably look it up, I'm not explaining it very clearly. PbPs are just games like Pathfinder or D&D being played over the internet.
  5. So, would this be free-form roleplaying or a play-by-post?
  6. You are definitely right in one respect: The Wound system is very, very confusing. How I see it is that, without a weapon, you won't do any damage to creatures your size or larger, because of protection. But...yeah, I don't get much of it. They clearly want to give the NPC guards and all a big advantage over the kids.
  7. Laughmask said: Haha that made me chuckle a bit - very original. Eeyore was always my favorite simply because of the depressed attitude. But what did you mean by "dispel his brothers"? Does he have siblings that have been cursed or something? I'm guessing the Hundred Acre Woods (sounds so intimidating ) would be like the Great and Awful Forest? I was thinking his 'brothers' would be the other animals and Christopher Robin. They probably aren't literally brothers.And I think the HAW should be right in the centre of the GaAF. I don't know why, it just seems to fit.
  8. I still hold that anything childish can be twisted. That said, I hated the show, so I'm not complaining here (though I don't know much of the books, so excuse my ignorance). Here's my idea for Eeyore: He was chased off by the others because he was ruining their gruesome fun with his depressed attitude. Now he dwells in a small shack in the Hundred Acre Wood, and none (including his fellows)dare approach, for he is very powerful. Any who come within a quarter-mile of him suffer extreme sadness, which gets worse and worse as they get closer. A difficult Pluck test is required to beat it back, though some well-placed Imagination can go a long way. If the children manage to make it into the shack, though, they will meet the donkey (who will quell his effect as they enter). He is rather insane (and not unlike the Cheshire Cat, though the two actually are big rivals), but may be willing to help the children get out of the Wood (and may give them a clue on the road to Babylon). There are two possible prices: If they can cheer him up (extremely difficult, and quite unlike the Fearless King), or if they can dispel his brothers. That's all I have right now, but I may add more later.
  9. There are also other image hosts, such as Deviant Art and, of course, Photobucket, but I wouldn't reccomend them. Imageshack is quicker, and doesn't even require an account. Besides, I always prefer the underdog.
  10. Interesting. I'd change it so that the ability only reveals certain abilities (with the chance of discovering more with a good grade). This is important information, after all. What bothers me, though, is that the Gaming trait already hints at being able to uncover some statistics (Soft Spots in particular). This ability doesn't seem quite as useful as the others, and also seems a bit redundant.
  11. While not a direct insult, it was an unnecessary comment which implies that I am wrong. I may be, but the debate had no importance and it irritated me that you would bring it up again. I've noticed in that last few days that a lot of people have been flaming me for minor issues (most notably the 101 Rewards thread). I'm not saying you're flaming, but a lot of people seem to have a bone to pick with me, even though besides the post you quoted I had never shown the least sign of aggression. It's a bit confusing. I'd prefer to this subject.
  12. RED_RONIN47 said: Well moving on back to the main topic of this Forum. So gremlins as monsters? I think that can work. Gremlins are everywhere causing havoc. Technically, we were discussing Grimm, just in a roundabout way. Still, carry on.
  13. RED_RONIN47 said: Well the characters themselves would be best to have a reason for there actions. Only they dont necessarily have to. Like the Queen of Hearts. Always cutting peoples heads off. Does anyone really know why? The world of GRIMM doesnt have to make sense. With that in mind the players can imagine all sort of things and not have it make sense. You know it barely dawn on me....Has anyone suggest adding gremlins to the list of monsters.....You know like the evil looking gremlins from the movie...or from The twlight zone movie. Because she thinks it's fun. And you seem to have chosen one of the many characters who barely got any description in the book, to be honest.I never said that Grimm had to make sense, either. Please do not put words in my mouth.
  14. RED_RONIN47 said: The title doesnt really explain much.....I took it as CLASS room 101 rewards. You know.....Or like Art class 1506.03........You know from college courses and all. Just saying that of course...But Now...that we know the max of this forum is 101 rewards. Lets continue. Then it'd be Rewards 101. And it's not really a max. I would have set it to 1001, but i wanted to be realistic. When we're done here, I may make a new thread, depending on how well this one goes.
  15. Oh, holy crap, the Neverending Story 2 was so bad. I never even saw the first.
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