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  1. The lack reprints is definitely disappointing. Hopefully things will change in a positive fashion soon.
  2. Is virtually everything from the first 3~4 waves out of print? I was looking forward to getting a Gladiator after next payday but...
  3. Back on topic. I would love FFG to add this ship to the Empire opposite a Dornean Gunship flotilla expansion for the rebels and/or, the Assault Frigate Mk 1 opposite ECHenry's Incursor SD design. But then I'd also like to see a Rebel small ship collectors set with many of ECHenry's other designs (Rebel Tug [flotilla], Rebel Tanker [flotilla], etc.) as the Rebel's "SSD" release (good games do go for parity in releases). Although, being a collector more than a competitive player I do have some bias towards blurry canonical ships whose true shape is debatable just from the Pokemon angle. More than both of these though, I still want a squadrons 3 expansion. My Profundity needs U-Wings, needs them I tell you (also the Raid mechanic is a great one which could be well served by being more wide-spread in the game). That's my ha'penny's worth. P.S. Would be cool if FFG made a stealth-release tomorrow for Force Friday! (Not holding my breath though.)
  4. Would love to see the Rogue One fighter craft (TIE Striker, U-Wing, etc.) as squadrons. (My MC-75 feels incomplete without a couple of U-Wings to go with it.) Dornian gunships would also be super cool.
  5. Interesting fixes. Am wondering how you would fix the #1 weaksauce character -- the Ghoul.
  6. I would also love a new Arkham Horror expansion with more investigators, more heralds, and more ancient ones.
  7. ...or is Arkham Horror a thing of the past now that Eldritch Horror is out?
  8. I would like this especially if they also included updated cards for the base game (i.e., making potion of strength and magic ring into trinkets). This was done for BSG with the Pegasus expansion. As for more characters, I don't know. It's really not the same without the minis. I could always use more alternate endings though but like my wish that they'd publish one last Arkham Horror expansion that included a ton of Heralds, I doubt it'll happen.
  9. Sounds good. I do love the alternate endings though, since we use them to manage which expansions to use in a given game. Printing them out myself is easy. Figuring out what they should do / be like is hard.
  10. I might suggest you roll an additional die in combat and choose the highest instead of roll two dice, otherwise the warrior cannot benefit from that part of the belt.
  11. So I'm thinking of picking up the Deep Realms pod expansion. I did some research via the Talisman wiki and it doesn't seem to come with additional alternate endings. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? If so, has anyone made up some good homebrew endings featuring this expansion?
  12. I think we agree to disagree. The Magus is a strong character. Perhaps the Warlock is stronger but neither one is as weak as the Ghoul, Elf, or Dwarf.
  13. Honestly, I doubt this is necessary. Talisman is a very random game. I continue to think that the Ghoul is a bit deficient but one of the overwhelming victories I've seen in this game involved the magus (who worked the spell deck and stables to acquire 3 warhorses). The only thing I think the game really needs is more reset cards like Cursed by a Hag or Horse Thief.
  14. Thousands of years ago there used to be lions in Europe too. It's not the temperature of the climate but the relatively large numbers of prey animals and small numbers of humans to compete with that constrain Lions (and other big cats) to the territories they are found in.
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