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  1. I'm all for the assassin temples (culexus is beastly) but eversor wouldn't be a good fit for dark heresy. they're roid raging psychopaths that kill everything around them and work alone. when they don't have a mission they're placed in cryo suspension so they don't kill everyone around them because they have to constantly take the drugs that turn them into a berserking lunatic. not really suitable for an rpg that requires team work and investigation.
  2. Hey, I've got a friend who absolutely hates humans in rpgs so he's been playing an eldar (known only to our very, VERY, radical inquisitor and his acolytes) so it would be cool to have an eldar supplement. e-mail sent.
  3. I don't know, the "used to be an inquisitor but was mind-wiped" thing sounds just like the plot of knights of the old republic.
  4. Probably not, my friends generally just play it straight out of the book.
  5. During one of our sessions, my friend set up a trap on the entrance to our base of operations. He forgot that one of my friends was in the bathroom and hadn't gone into the room yet, so when he goes to open the door my friend that set the trap yelled "IT'S A TRAP" good old Admiral Ackbar.
  6. Do you still have room for one more, and are you playing online or in person?
  7. I wouldn't make the main character a null if they're supposed to be a great hero by the end. People hate nulls, I love them (Frakka from ravenor was BAMF!) but I don't live in the 41st millennium
  8. Tribok


    Tribok - Western Mass. local 40k gaming group - www.the131.com
  9. Oh, and I should probably add that I own all of the rulebooks for Dark heresy so there wouldn't be any "WHAT, I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THAT RULE!!!" moments from me lol.
  10. Hey everyone, I just started playing dark heresy about 5 months ago with my friends, but the problem is that we can usually only get together for a game once every month or two. So I was looking for a group of players and hopefully a gm that wouldn't mind accepting me into their online sessions, or maybe even some of my friends if they'd be into it. Let me know if you'd want to do something like this. Thanks
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