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  1. Thunder Darkwood


    I love my battlefoam, great stuff for the ships. Not quite as good for all the tidbits. I use a bead tray I picked up from Walmart for all the tokens. It fits in the front pocket of my battlefoam pack. I am thinking of trying to cut some of my own custom foam trays for cards and dials and such though. I just need to find some good foam to cut that is roughly 1.5"
  2. I am happy to see that most people are sensible and realize that the Thrawn Trilogy is the best and that X-wing is a solid series. I also detested the Kevin J Anderson books. What no one else has mentioned though is I actually loved the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley. Sure it may not be the absolute best writing, but it came from a time when there wasnt much Star Wars to choose from and filled a nice hole of wanting more. They are short fun reads that I still regularly go back to. Might be a bit of nostalgia though, like how no one that didn't see the original Tron when it was new seems to appreciate it.
  3. Maybe I am going slightly crazy with my ideas. But I was thinking of a campaign. You start with a certain number of planets and like risk or other games, planets produce so many points. Everyone starts with an equal amount of planets so an equal amount of points. You spend your points on supposed ships (don't use minis yet) Then allocate them to different planets. The goal would be to fight the space battles then the ground battles to take planets from the other side. This would be like a 6 month campaign. Once a month you get more points based on the planets you own and then can allocate ships and move resources between planets. You would play weekly to keep the game going as you probably couldnt do space and ground in one go. I havent figured out exact timing or how you determine who gets to attack and who defends. I may be going overboard. But it sounds fun to me.
  4. Just curious if anyone has actually ordered from them this year. I was considering them vs battlefoam two months ago. I went with battlefoam, partially because I never got any response to my emails to lasertouch and they didnt have spots for a defender. I see their webpage is still not updated with anymore new ships. Does anyone know what is going on with them? I am just curious more than anything else. They seemed like a good product to compete with battlefoam.
  5. I actually have a friend that likes playing the z swarm. Now he doesn't have the ties for a tie swarm so he has not compared the two. Our group always plays rebel vs imperial and I do have to say the first time I went against the z swarm I got smeared. I was not used to dealing with a swarm as an imperial player, and my list was weak against a swarm.
  6. Of course the Stealth X doesnt stand up to science. So little of Star Wars makes logical sense. The biggest issue to me is how the hell are they able to talk in real time all over the galaxy, much less in the same solar system? Now as far as EU goes yeah Legacy of the Force was kinda meh, but why the hate to Fate of the Jedi?
  7. First off, are you accusing people like me of being a marketer just because I have a low post count? I find that slightly offensive that my credibility is called into question due to my post count. Second I have seen all the media crap on battlefoam and yes it looks like Romeo is an ass and they have some bad tactics. But if I could get the product from a better company even if it cost a few dollars more I would. I like the foam and I am not a fan of Plano cases, sorry.
  8. Now on the topic of playing at your local LGS. I can see how it could turn off women. It has turned me off, I don't play at any local LGS. There is two I have visited and the people there may be friendly but they are weird, INCREDIBLY opinionated, and somewhat anal in their gaming. Talking to them is fine playing with any of them is out of the question for me. I play to have fun, I am not a competitive person. Half the time I am playing any game I use weird bad strategies just to see the outcome as I find that fun. When I am around people that take winning too seriously I usually bail, it is no fun to me. Instead I have discovered a group of diverse people that I can play the game with. Many of them are not friends with each other and don't know each other. It can be hard to find a group of gamers you fit in with, much less your wife as well.
  9. I got my wife to play once, but she has not played again. Now she was not a gamer when we got together and actually had it on her "list" that she would never date a gamer as she considered them losers. (Bad experience with losers that were gamers). We have now been together 8 years ( 2 years dating, 6 years married) I have got her to play MMO's with me tons of board games, and she is buying a new gaming computer for herself now. She loves games like; LOTR LCG, Star Wars LCG, settlers of catan, munchkin, etc... my obsessive reading of forums and strategizing has alienated her from playing x-wing though. She says I am way too into it for her to even try to compete. It seems I shot myself in the foot on this one.
  10. Yeah it is probably my OCD over everything that makes me have to have battlefoam. I drive my wife crazy with how I have to have everything perfectly organized with the most expensive organization system possible. Even my stupid laptop bag, could I settle with a decent one from bestbuy or Walmart, nooooo. I had to go out and buy a $250 leather one, which meant I went without a laptop bag for 8 months to save the money. I think I may have a problem...
  11. I went battlefoam myself, a few premade trays and a few custom ones with their custom tray tool. I personally think this is the best option. I have looked at the plano cases and pictures people have posted about them. I love how well they work for cards, dials, bases, etc... But I do not in any way like the way ships are stored in them. Except for the few times I have seen pics of people customizing foam in the cases. Sure battlefoam costs a pretty penny, but I feel it is worth it. If you are willing to invest all that money in those game pieces you should be willing to spend what it takes to protect them properly. It amazes me that people can spend a grand on ships but are not willing to spend $100-$200 on nice custom storage.
  12. That looks amazing, I have been thinking of doing something similar, just not sure if I wanted to build something heavy to take around. I am now motivated after seeing what you have and I will probably start on it this weekend. I plan on adding spots in the frame for tokens and the like. I will post what I come up with in a week or so when it is done.
  13. Thanks for everyones help, I have decided to go with battlefoam. I bought a pack 432 a cr90/transport tray, the 2 template/token/card trays and designed 3 custom trays for the ship I have/ want. While there is things I really like about lasertouch, the cost and what I can fit in the pack works out better with battlefoam. Now I need to decide on acrylic tokens/templates. If I had bought the lasertouch I would have just purchased his. Now I am waiting to see if this kickstarter is successful https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/azogames/azogames-premium-acrylic-and-wood-gaming-accessories If that doesn't work out I will probably buy from Cog O Two.
  14. Thanks guys for all the feedback, still not exactly sure how I will proceed. My biggest problem with battlefoam is not the way it handles ships but the way it handles the tokens/templates, cards, bases etc.. lasertouch seems more organized with that. Also as someone pointed out, why the hell do I need that many tie advanced slots? I have 2 tie advanced and often wonder why I have that many. But the 432 pack with wave 1-4 foam will fit all my ships at a decent price and I can get the templates and tokens from cog o two, which are amazing. The lasertouch costs a bit more but has a great system for the accessories and the multi ship slots are really nice. also their Perspex tokens and templates seem nice and having it all match is cool. But the problem is if I buy a medium bag deal I cannot fit enough trays into the medium bag for my ships. No matter how I figure it I am a tray short. I really don't want to have to buy another bag or the large bag. At the same time regardless of who I go with I will need more trays eventually as new ships come out so maybe two medium bags isn't so bad.
  15. I do like how the LT ones are for multi ships, and that your dials and bases are in each tray with the ships. Seems more organized that way. But the battlefoam is a better price and will the slight difference be enough in the end.
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