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  1. Hey guys I was looking around various FFG or Board Game forums but I can't quite find what I'm looking for. Basically the other night I was wondering 'how well' I was doing compared to other players versus various quests. I looked around the LOG but that only compared my scores to friends, not the community as a whole. What I was hoping to find was an 'official' Fantasy flight 'bar' for more scores especially under the newer scoring rules. I understand that the difficulty can vary wildly on certain quests as well as victory points. but if there was a place that held 'said' scores that I could try and beat. Basically I'm looking for whatever the 'par' for the course may be and see how well I could swing it.
  2. No Aesop's Pawnshop? IMO that has to be one of the better financial options a runner has, and can only get better as more cards are released.
  3. Awesome, these were pretty much along the lines of what I was going to do for my 1-2 potential female players that didn't want a Space Marine. They only other addition I was going to add was a handful more Fate Points, to represent Acts of Faith and what not. Or potentially adding more powerful versions of what you could get out of one.
  4. Lol as far as 'Female' Space Marines are concerned, I came up with the following exuse: With a Slaanesh/Tzeentch team-up anything is possible!
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