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  1. It's much too late in the game now but I have a suggestion that could work if you haven't passed your first milestone: don't give the +5 bonus characteristic advance for remaining and don't apply the new talents from moving into an advanced specialty. Keep it simply a milestone gives the option to move to a new speciality for new equipment, change in aptitudes and unique comrade advances.
  2. Somonelse


    I am terrible with fluff so here's gist of it: - One of the forbidden knowledge of the Adeptus Mechanicus is the existance of a group of disputable "abhumans" prized for their void born minds. To be blunt they have big heads, as their minds are complex and rapid even before birth (a painful and drainning process only possible with C-Section but utimately leading to the death of the mother as it's drains her vitality). It's body is pathetic - after generations of muscle atrophe sitting on a desk within a zero gravity environment researching, observing and spilling uncomprehensible theorm - they require bionics to keep them alive and when necessary mobile. (indirectly like Augmentists, mixed with Tech-Priest and to a much larger degree Adepts). Did I say their minds are prized? Because of their low survival rate and difficulty socialising they are sometimes perfect specimen as expedition servitors, MIUing with a ship and maybe servo-skulls. Each mind has a fasination of a particular area of science and it can be harrowing to witness it spill out copious amounts of information once it witnesses anything that catches it's interest. Inspired from Eclipse Phase - Mentons.
  3. If this was a story and not a roleplaying session I'd say the Inquisitor will attempt to mercifully put him down, but in his moments hesitation the acolyte loses control and escapes - leaving the severly injured Inquisitor full of regrets and self loathing deserving of the grim world. Previously they outnumbered the weirdboy 2 to 1, now he is alone to not just kill Dakboom but to destroy the body and free the soul of his loyal subject.
  4. Okay, this topic is about brainstorming ideas to expand or improvise the use of existing talents. The ideas doesn't have to be concrete just yet and it can have negative effects as well. I'll start off with a few: - Meditation With a WP test of appropriate difficulty you can stop your heartbeat for a moment or slow it down for as long as you remain in the trance. This could be used for preserving limited air, holding your breath (mod suffocation rules), hyperventilating before a long dive (see 'Free-Diving') or for faking your death. I dreamt about using this for Explosive Collars presuming they deactivate and unlock if its captive is killed. Catfall Freefalling - With an Ag test you can control the direction and speed of your fall in mid-air when not using a jump pack or grav-chute. I got this from imagining about trackling someone mid-air for a jump pack. Street Fighting Extend its benefit to improvised weapons. Bulging Biceps You decrease the penalty for firing Basic Weapons and Hand Cannons single handed. Deflect Shot You may catch or parry thrown weapons with your bare hands. Enemy (Radical's Handbook) You gain a bonus to Interrogation, Intimidation and possibly Scrutiny against your enemy.
  5. We wrote down our actions in our Rogue Trader ship battles. One session I wrote that my Tech-Priest would bombard the enemy's ship when our Rogue Trader decided provided him a +10 bonus by giving him a rousing speech. I accidentally said "arousing" when I wrote it down.
  6. Although you're adding Special Qualities, some of them seems like you are modifying the ammo type (Snare, Flame, Scatter, Blast, Shock and Smoke) or simply using the gun as a caster (Outlaw Star ). I don't think the Mechanicus is going to like that, you are corrupting the spirit of the gun. I do like it! Will it still need altleast some ammo for it to fire Flame and unlimited Energy? I assume the range is touch. Don't think there is anything that need changing although I feel that it should be a seperate power to change ammo type. Was tempted to say that it causes corruption to use the weapon and it mutates at some point where it grows a mouth to start biting and licking you.
  7. OK, I'll admitt I am terrible on making specific details. The basic idea seemed simple to me and I just want them to be flexible but ended up making them complicated instead. I'll think about it some more before I post again, barring this one. Here's one more power(I got from 'Inception'): "Warp Reality" Threshold: 12 Focus Time: Full Sustained: Yes Range: You? Visual? Sphere of temporal bubble? Reality is altered to your liking (shrunk, stretched, folded or twisted). This power only affects the environment the Psyker is in (walls, path, room, etc) and not the objects or individuals within it. You can modify height and distance by up to double or down to half in any direction. You can make an elevation steaper or shallower. In a room (impossible outdoors) you can cause it to roll like a washing machine, but Agility tests are needed for everyone within to run with it and avoid tumbling objects. Take Note: when stretching or shrinking a stairway, it will not add or remove steps but make them large or narrow for example. You can spend a half action to replace the condition for a new one but counts as an attack action. Overbleed: every 10 can add another condition, eg. you make the distance to the corner in front shorter but make the distance from the pursuers behind longer. I imagined that it will be a bubble with people looking from the outside watching the world normally but seeing people getting tired easy, walking on walls and getting hurt from jumping down a single step. Or atmospheric like the walls really closing in towards you.
  8. Aye sorry about that, only remembered this is a "Minor Powers" topics when I came back later. And thanks, I'll try give it some unofficial details. OK, out of them all I think "Hormonic Manipulation" and "Horoscape" can possibly be minor powers, unfortunate I noticed that "Smoke" has already been covered by "Sculpt Flame" in Pyromancy so that's out. For now the "Henge" and "Kawarimi" will also be a minor power since they have no define discipline. "Hormonic Manipulation" You indirectly affect a target's emotions and mentality by controlling their hormones. The effects of this is varied or in some cases unpredicable like Adrenaline fueling the fight or flight reaction. You could fake a pregnancy to infiltrate a noble family or you could attract the opposite sex with phermones to give bonuses to social interactions (opposite effect for same gender), but ultimately this power is only limited by our imagination and the GM's cooperation. Take note: you'll have to have multiple treatments (eg. every hour) for a reasonable amount of time (eg. a day or a month) for it to physically change the body, like growing a beard with testosterone for example. The target will either have a T or WP test to 'resist', whichever is relevant. Failure in something by too many degree might cause horomone imbalance at a level the GM decides. Some personal studying might be required . Threshold: 10 Focus Time: Full, and 1d5 rounds to start having any effect (not immediate), but lasts maybe a minute. Sustained: No Range: 10m Overbleed: For every 5 you can affect another target (eg. phermone benefits for your team mates), or speed up the time by 1 round to a minimum of 1, or make it one step harder to resist. Sometimes people synchronise but having trouble incorporating this- eg a group of protestors might become violent and cause a riot. "Horoscope" With permission from the subject you provide a divination for the day, week or month (chosen beforehand). You mention three things: 1 good luck, 1 bad luck and chances on a relationship. Consult the non-existant table for random results. For luck it could be a colour, a number (some number represents a particular Chaos), an element, an image, anything. Luck can also amplify or counter the relationship promonition. Relationship premonition may provide a bonus or penalty for social interactions, and may indicate a unknown love rival. The divination may not be repeated again for the duration and any attempt will wield the same result. Unfortunate for the GM who have to incorporate this into a game as they must find it atleast once with the time. Threshold: 13! Focus Time: 2Full (for visual effects like palm reading, asking about DoB, eye contact, etc...) Sustained: No Range: Touch "Blink" (Kawarimi) Sorry Brother Praetus You force all those arround to blink and in the split second you disappear and replaced by a mannequin. You may swap positions with a inanimate object of roughly the same size (GM can allow otherwise though not recommended). The object must be within line of sight (partial and nearly complete covered is fine) or prepared (read Call Item) bur single use object and within 50m in range. You can swap with an unprepared object that is out of sight as long as you can remember and accurately imagine it, which requires a difficult (-10) Int test modified to become more difficult by time. Total Recall will just make it flat Int test. If the Int test is failed 5 degrees or more than your life is at the hands of the GM. Threshold: 12 Focus Time: Reaction Sustained: No Range: You, 50m within visual for the object "Hat Trick" You can disguise an object no larger than a person as something else of reasonable size and shape (GM's choice for otherwise), like a gun for a hairdrier. At the GM's disgression it might only disguise one sensory perception (smell, touch, taste, sight, sound). Upon manifesting you must imagine the disguise (Int test might be required), anyone looking at object will have a -30 Awareness test to see inconsistancies (or opposed original Int test). A Psyniscience Test will reveal its true form to the person who made the test. It can be sustained as long as the object is close, but out of the range it remains for 10 round and reveals itself. Threshold: 7 Focus Time: Half Sustained: Yes Range: Touched once then 10m range Overbleed: for every 5 might make it even harder to detect by one step, or affect an additional sense. Look like a chicken, Smell like a chicken, Taste like a chicken, but you just ate C4.
  9. You don't need another half action. Remember there is the "Tactical Advance" action for moving from cover to cover. I personally believe it is a lack of teamwork that is the reason. I rarely been in a situation where a teammate say, "Cover for me!" or "Covering Fire!" We are too into seeing who get the most kills than combining our efforts. E.g an enemy is coming through the door - one guy pins them with covering fire, another throws the grenade and the last shoots whoever is left. Or we have one guy suppressing fire, one charges forward and another covers for him with overwatch.
  10. Am not liking the Force Barrage and Bolt power, so here's some powers of my own or modification of others (mainly just possible ways of using existing powers and things other people already thought of): For Telekinetics: Juggle - You can pick up multiple objects within 10m range. Maybe as a shield to block missiles, swung round to keep enemies at a distance, thrown simultaneously to hurt or to point a lot of unmanned guns at an enemy. Max total weight is 5xWP bonus kg. Precision Telekinesis mod - Overbleed of maybe 5 for additional actions, like pulling multiple triggers from "Juggled" guns, activating a grenade then slipping it into someone's pants, or accelerator down and stearing the wheel. Telekinetic Shield mod - The rain can't touch you, or effectively protection against chemical splash. Hail stones might still hurt though. Blind Action - Mentally controlling the internal machanics of a machine (eg lockpicking non-electical types), or moving something out of sight like a barricade behind a door (personally I would combine Telepathy with Farsight from the divine discipline). Or delaying a spring activated trap or weapon. It might have to be something the psyker is familiar with mechanically and has a (or has to maintain a) vivid imagination of it too. Boost - Boosting the distance of a Leap, a counteraction to help brake a speeding vehicle, aiding in maneouvres, keeping the sails up and going further on a parachute. Rule: there must already be a force in action (just me talking crap) For pyromaniacs: Smoke - you enhance the density of the smoke by how a fire burns, this might blind and choke those in the area of effect. For biomancy: Hormonic Manipulation - emotional manipulation without telepathy or external drugs (don't overload their Chem Geld). Overload someone's testosterone to grow a beard and gain a deep voice (do it on a Sororita) or fake a pregnancy for the sake of infiltrating a noble family. For telepathy: Regression - (should be on the Shock Table) the enemy has a mental state of a baby For divination: Fortune/Horoscope - (probably need a table created for this) you mention two things to keep an eye on, one is good luck and one is bad luck. eg. "Stay away from fire" and the character gets a penalty with using or dodge flame weapons, "good luck number is 6" and gain critical damage for rolling 6. Tell them about their love life.
  11. Glad you like it Brother Praetus ! Still want to swap for a dead guy, but you can't have everything. Another would be the "Henge no Jutsu" Ultimately a minor power that allows you disguise not just as another person but as an object, like a tree or a statue. I want to disguise an object as something else like a pistol to a hairdrier. I don't think there is any skill to disguise an or as an object yet so I hope it might work. I also hope we don't overload DH with too many ninja stuff . (Just learnt how to Edit post)
  12. I am not really concerned about rolling the "9," I have a tendancy to use my power whenever the situation is simply life threating or some creative use can be involved. I don't think it's about being inexperienced, but I think it about being everything opposite from my GM, who was the Wizard in WFRP and was very close to insanity and maybe corruption. Back to business. It is only when and if we reach Ascension that the "Lucky" power might become a probem, since you can make an unfethered roll and cause no psychic phenomena. With such a low power roll you don't need to bother at all, but I guess there are other powers more worth your time. It's just that there is a way to not spend any fortune points and still use its ability.
  13. I surrender, I admit defeat and bow before you and your clan. Anyways, I think I kind of driven this off topic or we've concentrated too much on Fear. A lot of the Major Powers seem inflexible and very similar, telekine in this case. It is disatisfying but it also seem right. They are all telekine powers learnt to be used differently or controlled at different levels, therefore requires experience to buy and it also provides a number for the power roll. Gaining a Psy Rating is progression, early on you can't use Precision Telekinesis without a gamble. What I am most disatified is why I would need Force Bolt if I have Fling and vice versa. Telekinesis does not affect living flesh directly because the creature have a will of their own, therefore you can't squeeze someone's brain but can form a strong wind or ball of energy to "Push" them down. "Spectral Hand" is good for only simple tasks maybe equivalent to one hand, and so it shouldn't be able to do the offensive stuff Omnicrazy mentioned. In contrast the Minor Powers are amazing! I've had the most fun with them, just try to avoid those that just gives a bonus or a re-roll. Sure there are some offensive abilities (that don't do damage though). Here are some examples: "Deja Vu" - We were getting our arse kicked fighting 3 against 1 on a boss guy dual wielding power swords. What we did is delay (some had higher initiative), let him strike us, then step black and "Deja Vu" continuously (lucky he failed his WP test everytime). We laughed at him as we pulled up our guns and shot him (well the other guys did) till he is dead. "Don't bring a sword in a gun fight," said my team mate. and "Spasm" - Another guy tried to use blood to form a ritual for something (we guessed summoning a demon), he was drawing something until I interrupted him with this. Unfortunately, my GM allowed him to continue with it, although I thought it was my best use for it. I've been wondering about "Healer," technically I can heal an enemy and keep healing him within the 6 hours and cause damage assuming his Toughness is low enough.
  14. Well, that's where the argument got nowhere between me and the GM. He say that it is an Aura so it is not dependant on sight, then he proceeds on asking me the range of the power and disbelieving me when I say it is my character "range: you". I am looking at the description right now, now I am not sure if it is fluff anymore, but I can ultimately agree that he gains the Fear trait. It kind of doesn't make sense though that an ally would suffer its effect when my psyker is on their side and that they know about it. It's sort of like having a Dragon fighting for your side, building up morale and causing fear against the enemy. Or in Dark Heresy, a Demon meeting it's followers.
  15. ****, if I knew about this, I wouldn't have started a new topic although it is only about modification to one minor power (Alternative "Lucky"). I have a suggestion but cannot give a good profile: "Kawarimi no Jutsu" this from Naruto, I think there should be some good stuff that can be brought over. It's a "Substitution" technique where you change location by switching places with a nearby object or person of maybe roughly the same size. If it is a person then it might require an Opposed Will Power Test. A willing, unconscious or dead target may require no tests. I am tempted to make this a reaction, but it can be used to escape and infiltrate so it's powerful enough. Maybe most additional rules is needed, like there must be no obstacle in between and line of sight. I like this because my character focuses on mental (telekine, telepathy, divine), spacial (portals like Call Item, Slip Space) and time (Time Fad) powers. On a seperate note: Someone out there said that an illusion is limited by the creativity of the mind and that it can be broken if someone can identify inconsistencies, so a intelligence test might be good enough to break it. None of this is my idea
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