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  1. The biggest miss or, i would call it the biggest letdown, is not having the fifth class set, that for rogue, thiefs, and so on, with stuff for forging an criminal empire, and flesh out the criminal and/or demagogic careers combined with skaven/the horned rat lore. That would at least leave the product line somehow look rounded up for 3 edition. We already have priest, wizards, nobles and warriors, combined with the 4 ruinous powers. The horned rat serves as the 5 faction in the expansion to the boardgame chaos in the old world, and is the obvious choice when looking for a 5 th power that threaten to destroy the empire. Anything they have of actions, characters careers i really want to see in a pdf. ( i know of LBF7 (i think) theme of the criminal empire! thats a little comfort that it exsist!)
  2. FFG can be silent for several reasons. The two most obvious is because they are trying to negotiate a better deal with Games Workshop or because Games Workshop ask them to. The rumors that float around is mostly about the last situation. Remember that Warhammer Diskwars get it's love thesse days and that's the fantasy setting of Warhammer Invasion and 3ed. So it doesn't exsactly looks like there is sign of a strained relationship between the two companies. I think it's most likely that Games workshop is up to something and FFG have to coordinate with them. That's something could very well be related to the table top gaming part. But i for sure can't accept that we didn't get the rogue/skaven supplement to finish the classes and round up the chaos powers in the game. That's such a shame, that part was not done. Besides that i think Games workshop really needs to do something to bring their IP out on other platforms in a ways that actual works to reinforce the interest in the IP for a new audience.
  3. thanx - now i have something to start with. Yeah Border Princes is a very likely place to set this up, but i am actual given it a thought to put it in the Empire somewhere in a weak war torn province bordering mountains. ( could be during the enemy within campaign).
  4. I am looking for ideas and material for a Gold Rush scenario, something like in the wild west. Thinking of something like an old abandoned dwarven mine that has been rediscovered because of landslide giving access to the valley it entrance is found in. Adventures, criminals, merchant, outlaws and workers are rushing in creating a camp (and soon a city). Everyone knows that the local barons are going to claim ownership, if not the merchant houses of the nearest big city. Some fears the mine is not really abandoned and someone even thinks the dwarfs might return. So everyone is in a frenzy to earn a profit while there is time. Lots of reason to have social encounters and small stories that follows some of the wild west movie plots, and space for some dungeon crawl as well. Anyway is there any material that comes to mind as aid to set this up. I am looking for something that takes the players off the beaten track and is thinking of using it at as break for some of the more city oriented campaigns (the enemy within.)
  5. removed entry! as it doesn't belong here sorry!
  6. I have mostly let the players organize and use it them self, specially when it comes to the characters internal relations. It is mostly only when story line itself orders it i have forced party tension on the group Then i have thrown some fortune dice in as rewards occasionally for good, fun or "staying in character" roleplay involving party tension. It has been a rare evening where the players didn't manage to push the tension up where there where a penalty at least once.
  7. i like to see most of the stuff streamlined aswell, but agree that there is no need for a 4ed atm, at least from a regular players point of view. A rougue book combined with the horned rat/skavens serves perfekt as a 5'th source set complimenting the 4 chaos gods and the 4 human power factions. A campaign or at least a bunch of scenarios dealing with undead is something that i see missing aswell. A set of magical items- print on demand should be a sure sell also.
  8. mystic is absolutly the most obvious career for a wannabe magic user- that havent transisted into any apprentice wizard yet, if DM allows it. Now i like to highjack this thread with my own progression question How does a Mercenary moves further? I am kind of missing a mercenary sergeant role. It really looks expensive in terms of traits that there is nothing that comes with both combat and rogue among the advanced careers options, or am i overlooking something? Basic of cause have to be paid for and menial as well.
  9. I am New on the forum! could find this idea when searching , so forgive me if it's already here somewhere I am planning on running a circus campaign in Warhammer 3 edition , with the players connected to a small circus, as artist, jugglers , acrobats, strong man, magicans or whatever character they may fit in! The goal is that the group should want their cirkus be succesfull. a circus could give alot of NPC options , flavor and storyline, help and support, background for PC's easy acsess to trainers and information. And an obligation and a group goal as well. i like to ask what roleplaying sources anyone have run into that that do involve a circus? If anyone have thought on or worked with such an approach for 3ED, pls tell about your findabouts aswell. ----------------- NB. And as you could imagine i would just love to see you from FFG come with an Circus campaing box. with tools to run a circus from small to big! as both a PC operation , or a NPC sidestory With a circus main story campaign (eksample where a group choose or is forced (by some terrible curse) to perform and succeed as circus artist/helpers while working on lifting the curse, while investigating the whole circus very diverse bunch of NPC and revealing one secret after another) with iconic circus charackters, to use as PC's or background with stats for animals like Lion , tiger, bear, monkey , and maybe even some monsters and maybe special skills like linedancing, fire blowing, juggling and maybe some more animal handling skills. As well as some social skills and talents specific for performers and some performing oriented group sheets. and a few small events to pull out, like "wild animals are loose , pls resque the animals before they harm someone!"
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