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  1. I'm currently GMing a Dark Heresy chronicle, which is advancing fairly quickly: I give the PCs a lot of XP, because I want them to reach the Ascension level soon. The first part of the chronicle was in a planet in a remote corner of the galaxy, where they disrupted a series of chaos cults, calling the eye of an inquisitorial cadre in the process. One of the PC's is a Techpriest obsessed with commerce and the development of combat drones. His hook for being on the planet was that he had managed to steal a small container filled to the brim with extremely valuable items: a daemonhammer, a demon weapon, a few incredibly potent xenos drugs, sacred texts, etc. This called the attention of the inquisitorial representatives on the planet, who told them to investigate who were the original owners of that container and, should they be and heretic cult, gather as much intelligence on them as they could. ... Which in turn has led them to Scintilla, where, thanks to their patrons, they have passed themselves as the scions of a wealthy Rogue Trader, gaining access among the high society of hive Sibellus. This is how far the chronicle has gone. I recently finished reading 100 Bullets for the second time. I have the idea that the container might have been stolen by the Logicians in order to carry on their nefarious experiments, and that they in turn are being manipulated by the Lord of Change Marabas, who will be the Big Bad one they reach Ascension level. I wanted to include a series of figures akin to the Minutemen of 100 bullets, and I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the matter. Maybe they are the liaison between the Logicians and Marabas? Or they are in a position of power inside the Logicians while secretly serving the Lord of Change? Or maybe they'd have a role similar to those of the Minutemen in the comic, serving as a way of protecting the Logicians from themselves? Any feedback on both the chronicle itself or the Minutemen idea is more than welcome. I realize some of the things I've included might be a bit off-canon, but I prefer to be more flexible for the sake of my PCs having fun
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