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  1. Didn't really get the "age of science" part -- just make it Spd 5 Hull 55 by default with Reliquary of Mars past history and Thulian Explorator Vessel purchasable background package already included in profile (although You might wanna change the word "thulian" for something more appropriate).

    And saying that one archeotech component no matter the size is already included may be tricky as that may vary from 0 to 3.

    Finally -- was it intensional that You made its pricing very high yet available to super-rich starting parties?

  2. If You look at all of the futuristic stories of the past they will all be the same in one -- they greatly overestimate human progress.

    As we didn't have flying cars and hoverboards in 2015 as Doc Emmet Brown showed us; We had no intelligent robot uprisings in 2008 as Asimov wrote; Cyberpunk 2077 was called 2020 once, it was changed when it became obvious that in three years we couldn't progress that much; 2000AD franchise looks way different from our real 2000 AD... and so on, and so on...


    Warhammer is probably the only different though, it shows You that for every step further humanity sometimes takes at least one step back, that not everything is perfect and definitely not everyone is "good". That way I think that WH40K is actually realistic (or at least more realistic than any mass effect or star trek could ever be). And I like it.

  3. @Alex: The first part is rules as written IIRC - Shadowfields do give -40 to all augur tests against them, but I'll check again later when I have my books, and they can run silent at full speed.


    Not exactly, just to clarify -- as per RAW:


    Shadowfields (Hostile Acquisitions p.75) -- +20 to Silent Running but nothing is being said about them being constantly silent running and they impose -20 penalty to Active Augury and Focused Augury only (so no penalty to Lock On for exapmle) so as per RAW there are Imperial ships that can do better at Silent Running (with Cypra-class Drives and Empyrean Mantle) than actual DEldar which is ridiculous, all firing at it suffers -20 to Hit (so same for macros and lances and torps) but Pilot test to H&R are at -30 instead


    Holofields (Lure of the Expanse p.140) -- -40 to Hit with anything (including attack craft and even ramming(sic!)) but macrocannons are only at -20 to Hit, any extended action about detection are at -30 including Lock on Target and Focused Augury -- those two are specifically mentioned


    So as per RAW Shadowfields are essentially worthless, but as was mentioned earlier that's what this subforum is for  :)

  4. 1. Always played with DEldar Shadowfield granting their ships Silent Running all the time and gave penalties to offensive Detection-based tests like Lock On and Focused Augury of -40 (as lances), when used against Shadowfield or Holofield


    2. To have 140 on a BS test You'd have to have 80BS, as max bonus/penalty caps at +/-60 to test.

    Always allowed PCs (and only PCs) to use assistance rules to aid the Crew, but the test itself was made using Crew Rating stat, not some PCs BS.

    It's still powerfull -- up to +40 on assistance from two PCs on a successfull check plus Talents/Abilities, yet makes players care more for their crew and not dumping it for +5SP


    Never had trouble with (D)Eldar being too OP or too weak because of that

  5. So we know where You guys play and that's cool, but when do You play?

    Meaning that for consistency-sake You'd also have to say what's the date in-game.


    This is a VERY powerfull idea, but it needs cooperation between GM's in question and some more work on their behalf too, yet I know of a large group of players and GM's (120+ people in total) who have played WoD that way and it was absolutely amazing in each and every aspect, I truly believe that if handled correctly this may result in the same massively multiplayer PnP game

  6. ThenDoctor you missed the reddest of flags!


    I can't post on rpg.net

    This demands some explanation.


    Might be because of this, and mind You, I have never even seen the website as it is unreachable by non-proxy means from my whole country, and I don't even live in russia!

    Wanted to do the pic but direct upload here's forbidden so here's the copy-paste of what I see when I go to rpg.net:


    Either the address you are accessing this site from has been banned for previous malicious behavior or the action you attempted is considered to be hostile to the proper functioning of this system.

    The detected reason(s) you were blocked are:

    ukrtel, forum spambots (HN-0007). Problematic Russian Netblock (IP-043).

    Your IP, Domain Name (if resolvable), the referring page (if any), QUERY, POST, User Agent, time of access, and date have been logged and flagged for admin review. Please either 1. Stop the bad behavior, or 2. Cease accessing this system.

    Your connection details:

    Record #: 5046538

    Time: Sat, 29 Oct 2016 16:17:54 -0700

    Running: 0.4.10a3 / 73

    Host: 209-57-135-95.pool.ukrtel.net




    Stripped Query: 


    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.143 Safari/537.36

    Reconstructed URL: http:// www.rpg.net /

  7. I guess it will be rollforheresy where everyone will migrate eventually, they have made a welcoming announcement on the homepage suggesting that a lot of people are already there, darkreign creators moved there too with all their content, and even their forum looks exactly like this one.

    But I think the real reason why people go there is because they don't really have much options, the only two "old" web-sites left dedicated to WH40K RP -- scholaprogenium and ordo malleus -- have had no new content in years while having no forums, and while there's a plenty of forums that have small groups of WH40K RP people there, they tend to be almost exclusively about actual playing rather than content creation or discussion, and talking about this forum, well it has only one, yet very serious, drawback -- it's essentially a simple stack-model forum that makes navigating its almost 7000 threads (and that's only DH1 threads) kinda hard to do, let alone taking some sense of order to it...

    So yeah, for a year or so there might still be something going on here, even though actual decrease in forum activity started around 2014, yet still my bet is that by two years figuratively speaking there will be nothing but ashes left.

  8. Player Characters will always use their own Influence stat line acquisition things. There is a talent called contact network which allows you to replace that with fellowship rolls. Modifiers will always make things harder or easier on the final test based on GM discretion. 

    It should be noted that players can invoke their Inquisitors name and use the Inquisitors Influence roll. Which should at least be 75 or higher (unless the GM has determined some plot device as to why an Inquisitor should not have high influence). This action should not be done lightly, unless they are given the Inquisitors Rosette or have his permission to do so. Using the Inquisitors influence without permission should be a desperate ploy and the players should feel the action be suicidal. The rulebook even gives examples of how to handle players and parties who do so, often send a kill squad after them. Cut off limbs. Or abandon them, fiscally and contact wise.


    If a player loses their inquisitorial connections or as mentioned above is cut from them. Its up to the GM to give a penalty of probably around 5 points or so, (I based that solely off the super crappy reference charts in the gain and loss of influence points). The bigger worry from that part would not so much be the influence loss, but if they gained an enemy trait in its stead.


    I am talking about Influence as personal characteristic, meaning that we don't take Contact Network talent, Commerce skill, using Inquisitotial Influence etc. into consideration.


    So say if a character has 40 starting Inf, 20 Peer Talents (each one giving him +1 Inf), and 10 Inf earned through gameplay (and not using exp for that as in with peer talents) then how much of it is actually his?


    By starting+peers I meant that in my opinion in the scenario described above it should be at the very least 60 INF (40 from chargen 20 from peers and probably 5 from Inf earned)


    And by "cut from inquisitorial influence" I didn't actually mean situation when they're cut by Inquisition for say misbehaving, it was more like "how much influence that exact character with same amount of exp spent into same advances would have if he would of never worked for inquisition at all?"

  9. Those terms are pretty vague, so which part of the Influence characteristic is actually characters and not Inquisitorial?


    Starting Inf?

    Inf from Peer talents?

    Gained through play Inf?


    Basically how much Inf will character have if cut from Inquisitorial resources?


    My 2 cents are that in my opinion it should be starting+peers, but as it turns out there are A LOT of different opinions on that matter that I would gladly hear.

  10. Well, definitely my GM is crazy, because he saide that my family's one of the most powerful noble houses of the sector, so he gave us like 420 ship points (we are using rogue trader), so i'll buy the largest ship i can XD

    Your GM isn't crazy, but he definetly likes power play. Nevertheless those 4M thrones You mentioned would give You at least 120SP alone (and quite possibly two times more if precise calculations are to be used).


    Still I can tell You from my experience that going for the biggest ship possible is just not the best idea if You are playing Dark Heresy, for a mighty fleet WILL draw attention one way or another.


    We had that when I was a player and managed to get 37 Lunar cruiser hulls, then sell them to Navy in exchange for a whole bunch of ships and having greatly succeding in an endeavour our team had a very big fleet consisting of 26 escort, 11 transports and 10 capitals (light cruiser and up) so that our arrival into any system made all of the cultists hide in terror, and mind You, they didn't even know that we were Inquisition!


    So all in all My reccomendation for You would be... a single Viper-class Scout Sloop. Pack it with all the shiny bits from all of the books, use only Best Quality Components, crank it up with all suitable upgrades, pay a kings ransom for Elite crew, buy LOTS of atomics and install some type of Macrocannon in the only mount Viper has to be able to destroy even battleships in a single salvo, while having a ship so stealthy that the only way to find it is to literally bump into it, plus if Your GM wants it He'd be able to say that all of Your crew except officers are servitors/robots leaving You with only 75 NPC running the ship that can be used for interactions between missions, if You have access to archeotech type components from Stars of Inequity than use those too thus having a very powerful though small ship, then buy a stealthy lander so that if a target planet has any space traffic at all You can disguise as a person who came from ships that are in orbit without revealing Your ninja-like ship...


    ...but those are just my 2 cents


    Today, we have released the new free content update for the Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet App called “Elite Psyker“. In this update, we concentrated on improving the Psychic Powers section and adding one of the most asked for features: Elite Advances.
    Changes in this version:
    • added Elite Advances
    • changed Psychic Powers UI
    • added Psychic Powers database
    • added Elite Advances talents database
    • changed Psy Rating UI
    • added Ammo database with intelligent ammo detection
    • Responsive UI changes for all interactive elements
    • added page numbers to all database items and talents for easy book lookup
    • changed talents and items where necessary
    • bugfixes 


    I may be playing the devils advocate here but I have to warn You (and FFG too) that incorporating that much stuff into the app without any checking for if the owner of the app actually owns the sourcebook in question may seriously affect the sells of said sourcebooks which cost more than said app, especially if, for example, for existing characters Enemies Withing gives nothing but fluff and gear, and You basically give them all that gear from extra sourcebooks for a much lower cost.


    For all those who are gonna hate me for this post -- sorry guys but I really love WH40KRP, and, You know, pirating is not a good thing.

  12. Not sure where you're getting the "+20 to +40 to tests depending on base availability" from. The background ability  makes bionics two steps easier to acquire. That is the equivalent to +20 always. A near unique item would become very rare (-50 becomes -30) a very rare item becomes scarce (-30 becomes -10) a scarce bionic becomes common (-10 becomes +10). Always a +20 bonus.

    There is a pretty huge fluff downside to taking the psyker elite advance you didn't factor in. This character would not be sanctioned so if he got exposed as a psyker before becoming an inquisitor he would be screwed. Although I suppose if you gamed it and just bought psyker to get the aptitude and never bought any powers you might get around this mostly. 

    His big downside seems to be that he likely won't be good in combat with only offense and toughness and he'll have problems with the perception based investigation stuff.

    The first is my miscalculation, thanks for correcting. Now about how to avoid being screwed for not being sanctioned -- You nailed it -- just don't pick any advances until You get to be Inquisitor and although technically a psyker, fluff-wise You're super weak latent psyker so unless You run into some monodominant Inquisitors that won't be an issue.

    About being weak in combat I would strongly disagree -- even assuming You have 25 both in WS and BS with right implants and gear only that can go up to WS40 (+10 for BestQuality, +5 Custom Grip) and +5 to damage (+1 for BestQuality, +4 due to BQ Synthmuscles) and BS60 (+10 MIU, +10 Targeter, +10 Scope, +5 Custom Grip), while having +2 to +4 "extra" AP due to Subskin Armour/Bionic Heart/Cranial Armour, having Prosanguine which is only accessable by characters with mechanicus implants (AdMech background) that makes a character heal between battles at the speed of average FPS protagonist (read: near instantly), not even saying that if in further supplements there's gonna be something like Mechanicus Assimilation talent in DH1/BC/RT (gives You Machine trait) this character will be able to take it.

    Now about perception and investigation -- for perception You take Auger Arrays and Bionic Senses (+40 to Awareness test +Re-Roll if failed in total), and about investigation You do forget that the only skills that can't be used untrained are specialist skills (those who have sub-divisions like Lore skills), with Infused Knowledge You have all Common and Scholastic Lore skills (and possibly have crazy bonuses to it like +40 with right augmetics), and everything else can be kept in check with high enough stats alone (~45) thanks to the fact that You get +60 to stats with only two implants necessary -- Cortex Implants and Synthmuscle Grafts that is 60 points You can spend elsewhere, and then You still have at least three cheap characteristic advances.


    You're still capped by experience though. In practice you probably won't be any more strong or successfully than a more directed approach just due to that.

    Didn't understand what did You mean about "capped by experience".


    It is extremely powerful, but then all of the character bonuses are good. As Skarsnik38 notes, you've essentially built a pure fellowship test character - which is great but no different to dealing with Slaaneshi characters in Black Crusade. Sooner or later, they're going to end up in a fight, and that's when the Agri World Mutant Assassins come into play, with their space-redneck accents and ridiculous damage on the charge (Brutal Charge [2] + Unnatural Strength [1] + Sure Kill on a Great Weapon racking up 2D10+7 damage or more straight out of the box).

    Breeding Counts is good, but it's only insurance against screwing up (or, I guess, spending influence on really important stuff).

    Replace the Weak Flesh is very, very good but is incredibly specific - yes, you can make a fearsome character by loading him out with augmetics, but 'buying' one means you're in surgery for days and arguably out of commission for weeks (re)learning how to use major parts of your body... The Administratum version, Master of Paperwork, is not as dramatic but it's a **** sight more flexible because you can use it for guns, hired minions, etc.

    Sway The Masses is really powerful as a narrative tool. I would always suggest having at least one person with this in a party. On the other hand, is it really any less awesome than the Seeker's Nothing Escapes My Sight (a.k.a. The-Heretics-Are-Over-There, Investigation-Over). Remember that a charm test isn't mind control; anyone waving their hands in front of some Tempestus Scion's visor muttering "these are not the servitors you're looking for, move along" is in for an unpleasant wakeup call.

    Also, since you're getting it as a straight-up Elite Advance, rather than by taking the Mystic role, the GM is much more justified in saying "no", just the same as he is to someone wanting to become an Inquisitor - which, as an additional comment, is going to be quite hard to do; the Adeptus Mechanicus, as a rule, are rarely elevated to Inquisitors due to a conflict of loyalty with Mars (it's the same reason Techmarines are a breed apart in marine chapters and aside from the Master of the Forge, don't have any place in a chapter's command hierarchy).

    About having no fighting and/or investigation capabilities -- adressed earlier, and although there is virtually nothing stopping Assassin You portrayed to take most of that stuff, for this character will be easier to get all that stuff. Master of Paperwork is good but as addressed earlier it doesn't give You mechanicus implants meaning loosing some very tasty benefits as discussed earlier (Prosanguine is only one of them, actually). With Nothing Escapes My Sight  it's only possible to pass Awareness and Inquiry skill checks, not Scrutiny and Interrogation, so I would disagree on it being OP


    Then again I have to say that this character is Noble-class (Highborn) AND has Adeptus Mechanicus background (and possibly openly a Psyker) meaning he will probably be seen as "one of our own" by all of those groups and that gives him extra narrative power. All that, in my opinion, sums up to a character that is OP in every possible way.

  13. Silly as it may sound, still a perfectly legal character concept, and extremely allaround powerful also.

    Per RAW:

    Can outperform any other character in social interaction four to five times per game session by spending a fate point and getting auto-success with WPB degrees of success on Charm/Command/Intimidate tests no matter how hard the test actually is, thanks to mechanicus background has more access (+20 to +40 to tests depending on base availability) to cybernetics and the rarer they are the bigger the bonus, meaning high-end cybernetics like Cerebral Implants and Synthmuscle Grafts are much more easier to get, plus possibly the best starting gear there is in terms of rarity which means in can be traded for whatever needed, as Psyker has access to cheaper Willpower advances that will do actually even more by adding to social interaction thanks to WPB degrees of success thing mentioned earlier beyond the benefits of "just being a Psyker", and when character screws up he pays less Influence for that, meaning he is probably the first one to get enough Influence to become an Inquisitor in the long run, also meaning having the highest "buying capability" to get additionaly buffed up by some good gear.


    Add Infused Knowledge talent as cherry on top and there You have it -- a perfect... gamebreaker


    Any thoughts on this matter?

  14. Is anyone here interested in reading more chapters of this series?


    This shouldn't be the only place You ask that question, for I am sure that somewhere on /tg/ there are tons of people eager to hear what happend next to the team of "unlikely acolytes", but personally I can only say "yes, please"

  15. It's not meant to link to the table itself, it's just linking to the page where the text is sold.

    I got it, it's just that I had a bad gateway error, now everything's fine.

    Still that d1000 I linked is really fun to use, see no point in buying something like what You proposed - as far as I understood it is fit for any rpg, not specifically tailored for 40k, but those are just my 2 cents

  16. At least by RAW, their restrictions are not contradictory (rather, their restrictions are very similar!). Discordants disrupt technology (which Untouchables are not explicitly affiliated with) while Untouchables disrupt Psychic Powers (which Discordants do not use). Being an Untouchable does not exclude one from also being a Discordant and vice-versa, since neither one directly inhibits the other, you see? Though I think this point was already expressed and agreed upon.



    I agree that restrictions are not necessarily contradictory, but they are a bit ambiguous on stating that, for We actually don't know if any of those clarify for "Warp-based power" in themselves.

    I asked Leto because from His wording it seemed like He knows something We don't, and if that is true I wanted to find out where did he find it.

  17. You can pretty much distregard my previous post. The official statement confirms that an Untouchable can also be a Discordant, with GM's approval.

    Further, their abilites have no connection with psychic powers, and therefore cannot be blocked.

    And where is that stated, exactly?

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