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  1. The official pictures are up: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp
  2. Ah, okay. Then I'll translate my IA for them. I'll notify you when it's done.
  3. Philip S said: Your chapter has been added to the gallery (page 25). I also created an image for them (which can be found over on B+C) Philip Thanks again. I just browsed through your gallery. There is already a chapter called Archangels. I know there is another one at B&C, but with a different colour scheme ( as mine and yours in the gallery ). Your Archangels Chapter, is it also a DIY? Because there is no IA article for them. Or is it more a placeholder? If it is, I'd translate my IA Article for my Archangels, so they might be added.
  4. I read Brothers of the snake. It is post heresy as said, they are a successor chapter ). Plus it is a really good and really shows different "tactics" ( larger combats/ a single SM ). If you want to start with recruitment, Space Wolf and Space Marine is what you want to read. If you want Space Marine Scouts, read Sons of Dorn. If you want Space Maries, I'd recommend Brothers of the Snake, the Ultramarines Series, the Space Wolves series, Helsreach If you want Deathwatch, there is no choice but reading Kill Squad. Not a brilliant read, but you'll survive it.
  5. Philip S said: when you have an IA or album let me know and I'll add them to the gallery. Philip PS: 874 chapters in the gallery! Then feel notified. LINK
  6. In my opinion, Deathwatch is the perfect thing to work with. A Squad of Grey Knights fighting against hordes of Demons, CSM or posessed Humans. DH wouldn't really fit, in my opinion. GK are too powerful to be included in a normal "Warband". Background would be fitting, but the squad based thing of Deathwatch would be perfect regarding the game mechanics.
  7. Kasatka said: Yes, you CAN add all of these things into a game of Deathwatch, but they come from other sourcebooks, and as has been announced in the latest Knowledge is Power lineup, there is going to be a sourcebook covering the Greyknights as part of the Dark Heresy line - whether playable or not we have yet to see. I really hope that the Grey Knights aren't playable. I'm hoping for another Combat orientated RPG ( like Deathwatch ) where a Squad of Grey Knights purges demons. That would be AWESOME!
  8. Actually I hope that the GK are just mentioned as NPC. In my opinion they would deserve an own RPG, just like Deathwatch. Investigating in Hive Cities or even being part of a bigger conflict on a world ruled by Chaos. That would be awesome. A whole Squad of Grey knights would be better than having perhaps one in a group of Acolytes ( and it would be more fitting, fluffwise ).
  9. The Exorcists, but I think they mainly work with the Ordo Malleus.
  10. The person is still around and a Deathwatch Pad is already proposed. If it will be included is another question. B&C works on updates for the Painter, but there is no mentioning when it will be done ( and what will be included ).
  11. Because I lack the option to upload pdf I had to do it as jpg. It's not too good, but I hope it will be enough to begin with. This sheet a blanked version of the additional Characters for Final sanction. Enjoy: i161.photobucket.com/albums/t232/schmic1977/Deathwatch_RPG_Blank_Character_shee.jpg To show it: EDIT: I think I got you wrong. I thought you asked for blank Character sheets.....
  12. Sadly just 4 tiles, but maybe Space Crusade would suit you better. www.google.de/imgres Just using the SH tiles doesn't mean one square can only be occupied by 1 Character. You could say that one square is bout the disance of normal movement speed. I meant it just for having something visual that represents some sort of map.
  13. I'm no Rugue Trader Player ( yet ), but I just looked at the Forsaken Bounty adventure. So I guess you'll be boarding abandoned ships quite often. To create a map of the ships interior, you could use the floor tiles from the Space Hulk Board games. Not everyone was able to get a copy of the game, so maybe some GM want to use this fan made Mission generator for Space Hulk ( fantastic for map creation ): www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php
  14. @Phil: I will. I just have to figure out how the users did these fine IA articles ( with all the boxes and so on ) @wookie: You're absolutely right. Oh, almost forgot to show a picture with my Archangel chapter symbol: i161.photobucket.com/albums/t232/schmic1977/ArchangelsSgt1Trupp.jpg
  15. Using Space Hulk is a really good idea. Not only for Final Sanction, but also in the future as part of an adventure. I guess some don't have the Space Hulk board game. Maybe they want to use this fan made mission generator set for Space Hulk ( really good for map building ) : www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php
  16. How did you know about the chapter sign? I almost forgot, I got a picture with the chapter sign. ( Honour guard of the chapter Master, so a slightly different colour scheme ) s161.photobucket.com/albums/t232/schmic1977/Red%20Bull%20Chapter/ A few days ago, I saw the other Archangels chapter. Maybe I should start to translate some background.
  17. Sad, but thanks for the answers. But this way I should be able to plan some missions and we can start as soon as they get their translated books.
  18. I guess Deathwatch will be done in different languages. Will these versions be released at the same time? I'd have no real problem if Deathwatch would only be in english, but some of my friends wouldn't be too happy reading such a massive volume in english. And since we really want to start as soon as Deathwatch is available, it would be helpful if the core book would be released in different languages at the same date.
  19. I've got two DIY Chapters, but haven't fleshed out too much backgorund, yet. Anyway, I'll show them: Archangels: Red Bulls ( tactical Marine and Terminator): How did you get the chapter signs on the shoulder pad?
  20. Congratulations. I tried to google the CE of DH. Leather bound, limited to 200 copies and a poster. Is there more?
  21. If I wanted to run adventure with the PCs as the Deathwatch team accompanying Inquisitor Kryptmann to capture a genestealer brood to divert the hive fleet into ork territory, nobody would be flipping out about it. But if the PCs fail (entirely possible - a 40K RPG is not a happy high adventure heroes always win kind of game by any means!) that will result in the destruction of countless words .............. - it might not even survive! That's why most official campaigns won't touch the general background at all. And if they do and the final outcome isn't as GW desired ( f.e. the CSM attacking Cadia. If CSM win the campaign Cadia would fall. But from out of nowhere there is a mighty battlefleet driving the CSM back ). Female marines is nothing compared to that. Its a minor difference on a few thousand people, which doesn't change any of the existing actual backstory or ..................Scout armor exclusively or has bolters with built in lasguns ..............."Hello Kitty" 40K ork army. ............ You missed her!" Are you member in a Tabletop forum? Not just the female Marines subject, but also the Scout armour Bolter/Lasgun Chapter would bring you tons of rants. How did you put it? It is against the current official canon.... Mentioning femlae Marines would be the same. Against the official canon. A Hello Kitty army would cause two kinds of answers, I guess: 1.The official canon argument and that this army is wrong because of it. 2. Laughing because it is a funny ( but old ) idea if executed well. Personally I lack a vast group of players, so I'd have no problems battling a Hello Kitty army. But when it is against Space Marines and the opponent says "You missed her", I think I'd ask if it is a camo Slaanesh or SoB army. And if we did, the Sisters of Battle would not be the coolest, most capable, most bad-ass organization in the 40K universe. Ah, so that's it. You WANT to play a Space Marine, but the current official canon says it's a male only organisation. But the most bad-ass organisation are the Adeptus Custodes, in my opinion. Lacking opportunity to play them, I'd say Grey Knights. But again, just males ( in the current official canon). .... male character couldn't get as good a horse in Legend of the Five Rings.......... male Slayer in the Buffy RPG.... L5R eventually added an "Otaku Steed" .............Buffy RPG mentioned the possibility of male Slayers.... Different companies so I don't really care. And I guess in L5R and Buffy there was never mentioned ( in the official canon ), that there are no male Slayers and that a male char can't get a certain Horse. That's what this comes down to. We're talking about men who are getting their ego threatened by the mere idea that in someone else's game women to get to play characters as good and cool as they do. Doesn't it more or less come down to female players that ridiculoussly feel some sort of supressed because the have to create a male Character in a GAME? Again: The current official canon says there are no female Marines. ...................why the Emperor and his Scientists (or indeed any similar Imperial organisation) would even contemplate the concept of female Astrates. ..............going to include some women. First of all, I'd like to quote myself: On more than one occasion they stated that Space Marines are males, because the transformation onto a Space Marines requires the male physics. Second of all: The Emperor hasn't said that much in the past 10.000 Years ( at least not a slong as he is embedded in his golden Throne). Thrid of all: There is no progress in Science or whatever. Much is lost man more will be lost. Best etimates are, the progress is stagnant. And why all this: The current official canon says so! ..... homebrew RPGs with female marines.........RPG with a female primarch. There ARE female Space Marines,...... That's okay. You do know that GW stated very often ( so it is the current official canon ), that the primarchs were all males? But the main complainig was about the rules not allowing a female Char. And again your own answer pulverizes your argument: The current official background/ canon says there are no female Space Marines. There's a basic, simple answer to the original question. "The current official canon does not have female Space Marines. But you can do whatever you want with your game, and no rules changes are needed to include them". That should have been the simple, end of the subject answer. But apparently its too threatening to some people. Or they get too much of a thrill out of regressing to being 5 and saying "You can play with us, but only if you pretend to be a boy". I'm sorry, but does everyone have to say it with your words? Most people saying "There are no female Marines" simply don't add "because that is the official background". And the "Do what you like" part: Sure, do it. But you shouldn't complain when some Players mention the current official canon.
  22. And again: The Link to the support page: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp
  23. Uhm.... there is already a thread where the download is mentioned. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  24. I'm quite shocked about the prices people would pay. How much is a CE when bought in the shop?
  25. Will there be Avatars of the Deathwatch RPG for us to use in the forums? The shown artwork from the RPG is brilliant and I'd really like to have a Deathwatch Avatar. Please FFG, give us some.
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