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  1. Well, the Daemonic trait says they count as having a force field providing up to 4d5 absorption in addition to their defenses, which can only be bypassed by holy weapons or sanctioned weapons. ****! That is pretty gnarly. Which reminds me - I like what they are doing with force fields. That being said, I hope that won't be indicative of what they do with their monsters. It fits warp spawn but just making big bad guys harder to injure without actually being able to TAKE more injury is uninteresting.
  2. ****. I hadn't even considered this, excellent point. The system is structured to make someone more resistant to damage, but I haven't seen anything that helps take MORE punishment once damage is inflicted. So really if someone comes up with rules for a Carnifex it will either be one-shotted by a lascannon or will be impossible to kil.
  3. For my two cents I think the suggestion that the Nimble talent REPLACES Toughness with the Agility bonus is the way to go. I also think that all Eldar NPCs should have this by default.
  4. I think this is what I would be most happy with. I just don't think such a frequently recurring mechanic as game mechanic should take more than 15 seconds. I am sure the way they have it set up in TIME we would learn it by rote and draw up handy-dandy handouts to make it roll smoother, but the fact that you can learn a mechanic EVENTUALLY doesn't make up for it being a poor way of doing things to begin with (IE - THAC0 from AD&D, Starship creation in GURPS space, and everything to do with FATAL)
  5. So, my friends and I who are reading through this are so far underwhelmed by bolt and melta weapons this edition. Armor universally got a bit of a boost, and cover got almost ten times better. Self-propelled missiles that could punch through most conventional armor now are having a hard time with flak, and ray weapons that are used to tear apart tank hulls and bulk heads can't even blast straight through balsa wood. So without dicking around with the damage and pen too much (which I'm sure are there for a reason...scratch that I HOPE are there for a reason)- BOLT - Give bolt weapons their own special rule that either grant a +5 on wound charts if the person has not yet been injured in the current combat. Alternatively it could automatically inflict a fatigue point the first time someone takes damage from a bolt weapon. MELTA - Take the current special rule for meltas - "When fired at a target within half the range or used in melee, the target does not add his armor points to his defense value" and add... "Unless the individual would be able to benefit from cover. In this case the cover is bypassed instead of armor. Cover bypassed by a melta weapon has its value reduced in the same fashion as if the weapon had done damage to surpass its AP bonus." Alternatively it could read "In addition, any cover the target benefits from counts for half its normal protection against melta weapons." NOTE - On the off chance I am not conveying these ideas as clearly as I think they sound up in the ol' thinker-box; I am not saying the rule would be written as an 'either/or' situation. I am saying these are my proposals for how the rule COULD read.
  6. I really liked the aptitudes I saw in Only War (Haven't really played Black Crusade, so this was my first exposure). HOWEVER, I am currently undecided on whether I liked that or if I like DH2e's way of doing things better. That being said, I WOULD like to see a better balancing of Background and Specialtiy special abilities. Specifically it feels like Desperado's ability to get +20 on their second attack seems a little OP. The Imperial Guard background ability of increasing carrying capacity by 2 feels pretty weak. I can get what they are doing from a fluff perspective, but in practice carrying capacity is rarely something that people worry about too much. Even with the re-haul of how they handle capacity in DH2e, it is still a micro-managment type system that I think would only be enforced when the DM is trying to punish someone.
  7. I am still making my way through the rules but so far I have found Injury section the most polarizing in my mind. I really like how fatigue works now. It now has some tangible effects and is something player's have to worry about. When player's are in messed up situations and are being exposed to great hardship and horror they become worn down and haggard. I really HATE what they have done with the wounds. I can see what they are TRYING to do. I like the idea of making injury something a little more dynamic than a static figure on a character sheet. However, if you want to do this I think you need to have a method of handling it a lot more streamlined than being forced to consult one of sixteen charts every time someone takes a shot. To 'fix' wounding (without scrapping the concept completely) I think they should break it down into one general chart and then critical injuries can have their own charts like previous game systems used to do. Thoughts?
  8. I have fallen into the habit of before/after every mission having people spend some time back in their main camp or station and describe their day to day life, normally focusing on what players are doing in their off hours. From there stories and RP just tends to flow from itself as characters deal with the horrors of War and the 41st millenia. - We already have a Weapon Specialist who lost his leg get hooked on pain killers, which put them in conflict with the Medic. - Our Ogryn developed a fondness for the camp's chapel (Where da ladies in white sang pretty things about the Big Man on the Chair…) and when it got bombed during a sorty took it upon himself to start gathering materials and rebuilding it. - A rivalry has started between the Player's regiment (55th Vostroyans) and another in the warzone (3rd Samsion Royal Hussars), which culminated in some folks being hung out to dry while taking a border town. The squad set up a 'visit' and wound up getting into an all out brawl, which ultimately resulted in new found respect between the two. - Our Ratling started a still with the Heavy Gunner and the Weapon Specialist…a black market grew around it until the Sgt found out and shut it down before it would catch the eye (and bolter sights) of the local Commissariat.
  9. This is a great idea, and actually would be a good chance to work in some of the less common combat tests like maneuvers, feints, takedowns and stuff like that. Should make some fun RP opportunities (So long as abhumans are banned from the tournament, less the Ogryn breaks everyone with one hit).
  10. Dude! Fantastic work! Thank you for making these. I like the layout of most FFG character sheets, but it is impossible to find many that don't have all the ornate backgrounds that take up a gallon of printer ink per page. I like this clean and straight-forward template.
  11. borithan said: ie: Four extra degress of success: 4 hits from Full Auto + 2 from Scatter, total 6 hits NOT 4 hits from full auto, which then each produce an extra 2 hits from Scatter, total 12 hits. Of course there aren't that many full-auto shotguns anyway (unless there are in Only War?), so you normally wouldn't even get that high. The Ogryn's Ripper-gun is a full auto shotgun. So your attempt at an explanation confuses me. Does full-auto and scatter stack or not? So if Lenny the Ogryn sprays full-auto at advancing Ork boyz and rulls a 16 out of 46 he would score 3 full-auto hits and 1 extra hit with scatter?
  12. Outstanding work! I was pondering on this the other day, and you saved me a crap load of work. Honestly, I don't even think I could have done 1/10th as good a job! Just one thing - are you planning on doing a Mind-cleansed origin? If so you could probably pull it off doing almost the same thing you did for Imperial Worlder, except for their talents grant 'Infused Knowledge' with the dark nightmares and trigger-word as drawbacks to balance out giving a Tier 3 talent on creation. Just a thought.
  13. So just to make sure I have things 100% straight in my head…The 'burst mode' is in fact supposed to be 'Incinerate mode' and it retains the S/-/- RoF in exchange for a shorter ranged, more hard-hitting shot. Correct? Also, does this mode consume any extra ammo in the same way that the M36 variable settings do? If that is the case I might have to encourage a player to pick one up to see how it works. Our weapon specialist has been enjoyed playing at being a Marksman, so might enjoy these new options Thank you all so much for your assistance!
  14. I need some clarification help; reading the description for the Triplex Pattern lasgun (Page 176) it reads: “When fired in precision mode, the Rate of Fire is changed to S/-/-, the Range is changed to 150M, and the weapon gains the Accurate Quality. When fired in burst mode, the Rate of Fire is changed to S/-/-, the Range is changed to 50M, and the weapon gains Proven (5), and Felling (4).” That second part does not sound right at all. Is this a misprint? Does anyone know the proper rule for this weapon? Does the RoF for ‘Burst Mode’ stay true to the rating listed in Table 6-9 (S/3/-) or does it change?
  15. Drop Bear 2.0 said: Ok that makes me a little bit iffy about picking up OW, I've got some players who on occasion turn Munchkin and when they do they love their Extra Chease, this lossning of the structuere looks like it may be open to abuse by those sort of players. I was also skeptical at first, but trust me in that this is a good thing. After making at least a dozen characters in short order for the one-shot I hosted last Saturday, I can definitively say it makes things much faster and more efficient. Almost everything you need to advance characters is on page 102 or 103. The only outliers are psychic powers and the chart for talents. Considering the fast, brutal, and dirty lives of Guardsman having a quick character creation is essential. As for munchkinism, I think it is harder to do with this system. So long as you keep a fair hand on the XP rewards and what the player's want to requisition, then it shouldn't be a problem. Those that want to min max like hell can go ahead and try. They will just wind up with some very big gaps in what their character can do that will inevitably lead to their swift demise.
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