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  1. That is very odd. I just opened the app and every time I discard a card from the expedition deck it brings up a different location. Did you 'remove' all of the other locations with the remove button?
  2. Hi everyone. I have updated the app with a few tweaks but mostly added a "Save Game" feature. It's happened to me where the app or the device itself crashes/restarts and you lose your place in the game. This will avoid that happening from now on Anyone else excited for Strange Remnants?!
  3. @ricedwlit Glad you're liking it you can also scroll the individual decks themselves, though of course that's normally not allowed in the game
  4. Hi Psionics313. The idea is that when you draw a card and resolve an encounter you should tap on that particular encounter's text when you're done. That will "discard" the card in to the discard pile and won't come up again. If you go into the discard pile, which is a button on the screen where you select your encounter type, you'll see all the cards you have discarded. These cards will have the section that you used highlighted. If a deck ever runs out of cards then all the cards for that location are removed from the discard pile and shuffled back into a new deck for you. Try it out and let me know if it is working for you as intended
  5. You're all very welcome. I'll be working on making it fit smaller screens and making spiffier as soon as I get a chance. Glad you're all enjoying it
  6. No problem Fenyx. All I need now is to invoke the Old One of Creativity and make the app look nicer, but at least it does what it sets out to do. Thank you for your contribution, it was very inspirational
  7. Hey everyone! I have completed the app. It's pretty bare-bones and nothing as pretty as Fenyx's for Arkham, but it works https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=reynier.eldritchcompanion Hopefully I can figure out how to make it look nice on phones and not just tablets I hope you all enjoy!
  8. Thanks for your source code Fenyx. It's been helpful in getting me started on how to make the app, which is coming along nicely. So far the biggest time sink has been writing the cards up ._. wish there was a card list for Eldritch.
  9. Fenyx!!! Thanks for the Arkham app... I use it all the time, and love it Too bad you won't be doing an Eldritch one, I'm sure it'd be a hit!
  10. I think it would be fantastic if there was an app for Android that allowed us to view the encounter cards instead of using the actual physical cards. Usually the physical cards are fine but on some tables with many players things get very tight. An app would free up a lot of space. I believe Arkham has something similar that is official from FFG but it is only on iOS Spread the love!! -Rey
  11. Love that there is going to be a new line called Euro Classics and that this is the first game in it. There are many Euros I would love for FFG to polish up and make more modern. Look forward to more announcements in this line.
  12. Page 3 of the official arkham FAQ version 2.0 states: So yeah, using Zebulon on a wither in the middle of battle basically nullifies that wither. But it can be used to recast a failed spell (though this takes up another hand if done in the SAME round of combat) or to use the spell again against a second monster. Thanks for all the input
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. We shall play it where casting the spell twice takes up two hands even if it is the same copy of the spell. Enjoy your lasagna
  14. Hello I wanted to ask a question about the Dunwich Horror ally Zebulon Whateley. His text says "Exhaust to refresh one of your spells". This brought a very interesting discussion to the group. Could one cast Shrivelling (which uses one hand), then exhaust Zebulon, and then recast Shrivelling. This will give two Shrivellings, which is +12 to combat and still leave another hand free for a weapon, or another spell. The group was divided. Some thought it was ok, others that casting two Shrivellings would use up both hands, and others that it wasn't meant to be used in the same combat but for another combat on the same turn. There is nothing in the rulebooks that contradicts the first (though seemingly overpowered) idea since the rules clearly state that the printed hands on the cards can't exceed two. You're using Shrivelling twice but the printed hands are still one. Is there a solid answer on this one?
  15. Hey I read the rule book for Merchants of Venus. I saw that when you want to jettison a teach it goes back to the culture supply area on the side of the board for the culture that gave it to you. I also read that when the Market Production icon comes up because of a Market Shift or an Encounter Card that you bring back goods from the supply area to the market. My question is, how do we get the techs that go back to the supply into the market? The Market Production in the rulebook specifies goods but I didn't read a way to bring techs back. If a tech is jettisoned, is it gone forever? -Rey
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